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Beautiful Christmas Nail Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on July 31, 2015

Chistmas Nails

Around the world Christmas is celebrated by Christians as the day the Savior Jesus Christ came into the world, and all sorts of traditions have been started because of that fact.

Among those is the implementation of beautiful nail art to celebrate that time of the year, with a wide variety of designs and themes incorporated into the seasonal look.

One nice thing about Christmas, contrary to Halloween, the other major holiday, is it's celebrated, by some, for about a month, whereas most people celebrate Halloween only on the specific day; although some do put out lights and yard decorations ahead of time.

What that does for nail art is provide numerous opportunities to create fun and unique Christmas themes for the nails during the season.

Chistmas Nail Designs

The number of Christmas designs used by women for their nails seems endless, although there are a number of traditional themes that are a large part of the genre.

Some of these include Santa Claus, snowmen, bells, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, penguins, elves, gingerbread men, candy canes, snowflakes, reindeer and gift packages, among a number of other designs.

They are also done in a wide array of colors, providing all sorts of styles and results for the creative person.

Whatever your desire, Christmas offers all sorts of inspiration and ideas for those wanting to make a seasonal statement through their nail art.

Nails with Different Christmas Design on Each One

For those who may want to only do one attempt at designing a Christmas theme for your nails, here is a great one if you like to put together a variety of designs, as the woman below did.

This will also work of course if you want to try different designs throughout the Christmas season, as it's virtually unlimited as to the themes behind this seasonal art.

It's a pretty nice bunch of nails below, with the red and white striped candy cane, Christmas tree, Santa head and cute wreath. I like the way the colors were dispersed so it didn't look too blotchy with one color. That's especially true with the two middle nails separating the red of the outer nails.

The white Santa beard and fur on the hat helps offset the red of Santa's hat being next to the red foundation of the wreath. It's something to keep in mind when designing your Christmas nails.


Snowman and Snow Nail Art

What I really like about this nail art is the way the blue foundation is lit up by the falling snow. It's such a wonderful and whimsical effect, celebrating what many of us love about the Christmas season.

Add to that the cute snowman and you have an awesome set of nails anyone would be proud to wear. The way the snow is designed beneath the snowman really enhances the look of the nail.


Christmas Nail Art Video Tutorials

Next we'll see several video tutorials showing how to design some fantastic nail art to celebrate Christmas with. All of them are different and are done very well. Any one of them would be a good choice.

More importantly, they offer ideas on how to put together some Christmas holiday scenes and related themes.

Acrylic Nails Tutorial - Christmas Tree

Christmas Giftwrap Nails

Christmas Nail Art Design - Santa Claus Tutorial

Christmas Tree Nail Art - Oh Tannenbaum

Basic Christmas Candle Design

Christmas Fingernail and Toe Nail Art

Sometimes we're so focused on our fingernail art that we forget we can use complementary designs on our toe nails, as seen in the Christmas nail art below.

I think it looks cute and delightful, and love the traditional green and red Christmas colors and the simple but effective design.


Variety of Christmas Nail Art Designs

In some of these photos I'm deliberately including some with several Christmas nail designs in order to help readers to generate as many ideas as possible for a variety of nail art options.

Here there are a nice grouping of nail designs, put together in a way, again, which doesn't make it look like it's overly represented by any one color. That's important when deciding on nail art with a different design on each nail.

Notice the foundation colors are all different, as are the objects of the design.


Christmas Tree and String Lights Nail Art

This is a very unique set of nails, of which I'm specifically referring to the string of lights design. How cool is that? They really look great.

While it's a little hard to see how the designs of the nails are put together because of the overlapping fingers, the Christmas trees are on the middle finger while the strings of Christmas lights are on the rest of the individual fingers. Pretty cool effect.


Various Christmas Nail Art Designs

Here we have an example of Christmas nail art using a partial clear nail background. It really makes a wonderful design, and the etched images really stand out in a unique way.

The use of white against the clear canvass is an excellent choice, as it does in fact present a look of being etched into the nail. I like the tree and snowman the best in that regard.


Christmas Nail Art

This should give everyone quite a few ideas for Christmas nail art designs, as there are well over twenty different types when including those displayed on individual nails.

There's not one of those shown that I didn't personally like, and with a little practice you can be quickly designing your own Christmas nails to help celebrate this fantastic season and holiday, to the delight of family and friends.


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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      3 years ago from India

      beautiful collections

    • jule729 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub here! Its more fun to celebrate the season with these kind of nail designs. Thanks!


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