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Fun Christmas and Winter Santa, Elf, Reindeer and Snowman Sock and Slipper Ideas

Updated on February 27, 2015

Winter Christmas Socks and Slippers to Keep You Warm

With the cold weather always ready to chill our feet, and by extension, our overall body, it's always a good idea to have a good stash of socks and slippers handy to ward off the old.

And a great way to do that, even sometimes in the off season, is to buy some pairs of socks or slippers with a Christmas theme.

While those always work in the cooler fall and winter months, putting on a pair of Christmas socks, even in other months, is a fun way to elicit a response from unsuspecting family and friends.

Even though it sounds like it would be very hot during certain parts of the year, there are places in the house, such as a cooler basement or finished basement, where warmer socks, at least for a period of time, wouldn't warm you up too much.

But socks or slippers including a winter or Christmas theme are really built for the latter part of fall, winter, and early spring, and so that is when taking some themed socks with Santa, reindeer, elves and snowman as part of the experience is a fun way to express yourself and get a smile out of those who are fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough, to see you wear them.

What works really well is to combine a set of socks and slippers with a similar theme to make it even more noticeable and enjoyable. There's just no way you won't get smiles and responses from the viewers of your interesting footwear.

Best of all, they will also keep your feet and the rest of your body nice and warm.

Christmas Sock and Slipper Themes and Designs

Along with the already mentioned Santa, reindeer, elf and snowman themes used for winter and Christmas, other design styles include Christmas trees, Jack Skellington, Christmas bows, Mickey Mouse, Christmas bears, snowflakes, and slippers with a Holly design.

All of these slippers can then have a pair of complementing socks to complete the unique foot fashion that is being displayed.

Depending upon the color of the slippers, a simple set of a solid color pair of socks can work well with, say for example, a pair of Santa slippers with the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Color combinations like that can be worked in with any slippers.

While they would still look great together, what will generate more laughs and delight would be socks that have stripes or polka dots on them that can either go or not go with the color scheme; either way they'll look really funny, and will probably garner a few more comments than you expect dependent upon the type of social situation you're in.

Homemade Christmas Slippers

Another type of Christmas slippers you could wear, are those that are homemade, with the majority of them being knitted or crocheted.

Of course someone could always add some accessories with a Christmas theme - like the head of a snowman or Santa, etc., but most of the time these are slippers that are made to be appreciated for the work that was put into them, and they are very nice looking and comfortable and warm to wear.

Sometimes you can even eschew the socks because they're made so warm and comfortable to the feet.

For the crafty, this is a great way to enjoy slippers and the satisfaction that comes from making them.

Some people that make Christmas slippers consider them to be a combination slipper-sock.

Turkish Knit and Green Homemade Slippers

Speaking of homemade or handmade Christmas slippers, let's start there with our look at the many styles of Yuletide footwear there is to choose from.

Both of these are outstanding examples, as you can see from the quality and interesting designs.

The green slipper with the red trim looks beautiful, and that reindeer clasp to hold it on the foot looks fantastic. Choosing the dark green hue was a good one, as well as the deep red around the top of the slipper.

Below that is a Christmas design many of us are familiar with, specifically for those who have knit, or have had their mother or grandmother knit, a Christmas stocking to hang on the fireplace or stair rail.

It's known as a Turkish knit, and the red and white color is probably the most popular I've seen in this particular style of knitting.

Homemade Christmas Slippers

Green and Red Christmas Slippers
Green and Red Christmas Slippers | Source
Red and White Turkish Slippers
Red and White Turkish Slippers | Source

Christmas Elf Slippers and Socks

As far as Christmas novelty slippers go, there is probably none as funny looking and interesting that those pointed slippers worn by elves. No matter what else you were to wear, just having those on are sure to draw out a number of laughs and comments.

Elf slippers look great by themselves, but as you can see in the Selena Gomez photo, having a pair of striped socks like she's wearing, or the polka dot socks like her friend is wearing, are a great choice to add some more humor and spice to the foot wear.

There is a hint of that in the photo of the elven slipper with the accompanying red and white striped sock.

Elf Slippers and Socks

Elf Slippers
Elf Slippers | Source
Selena Gomez in Christmas Striped Socks
Selena Gomez in Christmas Striped Socks | Source

Christmas Santa Socks and Slippers

Technically the pair of socks of Santa Claus on top are in fact slipper/socks. They're a combination of the two, and work very nicely for those not interesting in putting on a pair of matching Santa socks, or another type, with a pair of Santa slippers. In that regard they work great.

While the bottom sock isn't a combination of a Santa slipper and sock, it can be worn without a slipper to show the nice design on it. But if a person wanted to wear them in a pair of slippers, the image of Santa and his sleigh on top of the sock would add a nice touch to the overall look.

Santa Slipper and Socks

Santa Slipper Socks
Santa Slipper Socks | Source
Santa Sock
Santa Sock | Source

Christmas Slippers and Socks with Snowman Design

An image of a snowman on a pair of slippers or socks are one of the more popular Christmas motifs, and you can see why with all the fluffy snowman body and the smiling face seeming to always offer goodwill to those he interacts with.

That is reflected in the pair of Christmas slipper and socks below, with the wonderful smile conveying best wishes to everyone. As for the slippers, who couldn't help smiling when seeing these two guys looking up at you?

Snowman Slippers and Socks

Snowman Slippers
Snowman Slippers | Source
Snowman Sock
Snowman Sock | Source

Christmas Reindeer Slippers and Socks

Reindeer slippers and socks are another awesome design choice for foot wear, and the pair of the two below show how you could combine them nicely when the designs work together.

I mean by that the reindeer slippers are low on the feet, and so if you were to wear a pair of reindeer socks with them as the one shown, the reindeer would easily be seen above the slipper to make it a nice, complementary effect.

Looking at a variety of reindeer slippers and socks, it's possible there were more different styles with that theme than any of the other themes talked about and shown in this article.

The slippers below were included because of them being low on the feet in order to show how you can put on a pair of socks in any theme to add a nice touch to the look and feel of the slippers and socks.

Reindeer Slipper and Sock Designs

Reindeer Slippers
Reindeer Slippers | Source
Reindeer Sock Designs
Reindeer Sock Designs | Source

Christmas Slipper and Sock Themes

Wearing novelty slippers and socks for Christmas is a wonderful way to create a fun atmosphere for the day, and those shown here, among many others, confirm why it is a great practice which will delight family and friends at special Christmas events, as well as be good for warming up your feet.

What could be better than that for the Christmas holidays, as far as providing a little foot entertainment for everyone. And for some of these slippers and socks you could even add a Christmas costume to complete the overall look you're looking to achieve.


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