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Citizen Eco Drive Watches

Updated on January 20, 2013

Introducing Citizen Eco Drive Watches

Welcome to Citizen Eco Drive Watches Lens. I am so happy you came! Three types of citizen men's watches are featured here: automatic watches which are powered by the automatic caliber 9010 movement; diving watches which are great for underwater excursions and time can easily be seen when you are deep under; and titanium watches which are made of strong durable metal well suited for daily life - they are also noted for being hypo allergenic - suited for those who cannot wear gold, silver or nickel. As mentioned in Sports Watches for Men, the common feature among Citizen men's watches is the Eco drive technology that makes them able to recharge using sunlight and indoor lighting. This results in battery life lasting for years.

Click on any of the featured Citizen Eco Drive Watches below for more information at Amazon. Don't forget to read my summary review on what folks are saying about Citizen watches from around the web. Watch one of these in Action to see how it works. Finally, eBay has a great selection of Citizen Eco drive deals for you to save extra on your purchase. Happy Shopping. Please come back soon.

Citizen Automatic Watches

All powered by the exclusive citizen automatic calibre 9010 movement.

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Citizen Men's NB0040-58E Signature Collection Grand Classic Automatic Watch

Features recessed dial and clear lines. 42 hour power reserve. Water-resistant to 330 feet.

Citizen Men's NB0040-07A Signature Collection Grand Classic Automatic Watch

Stainless steel watch with silver dial and black crocodile strap. 42 hour power reserve.

Citizen Men's NB0040-58A Signature Collection Grand Classic Automatic Watch

Stainless steel watch with silver dial; 42mm case. 330 feet water resistant.

Citizen Diving Watches

Great for underwater excursions

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Citizen Men's BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Diver Black Rubber Strap Watch

Features bold luminous hands and markers to easily read the time under water. Water-resistant to 984 feet.

Citizen Men's BN0095-08E Scuba Fin Eco-Drive Scuba Fin Diver's Watch

Features an all-black ion plated stainless steel design; ideal for underwater excursion with its luminous hands.

Citizen Men's BN0000-04H Eco-Drive Professional Diver Black Rubber Strap Watch

Water resistance of 984 feet. Luminous hands, markers, date display; comfortable black polyurethane strap.

Citizen Titanium Watches

Strong, corrosion-resistant metal; hypo-allergenic

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Citizen Men's CA0265-59E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

Black ion plated titanium, chronograph, water-resistant to 330 feet.

Citizen Men's CA0020-56E Eco Drive Titanium Watch

Strong durable titanium bezel and case; ultimate anti-reflective scratch resistance.

Citizen Men's AT0940-50E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

Sporty sophisticated; hypo-allergenic alternative to stainless; scratch resistant for daily wear.

Citizen Watches Review

What folks are saying from around the web

So I did some digging around the web on reviews on the citizen eco drive watches. The top complaint is the wristband; that it doesn't fit. Individuals had to get their watches adjusted at their local watch store. Other complaints were mostly based on personal preferences and expectations on a particular watch they bought. In my opinion, these issues can be overlooked or it just depends on how one cares for their watch. The big plus, however, is that the batteries never need to be replaced. Overall, the product ratings on the citizen watches were positive; averaging between 4 to 5 stars. Please read below for more specific reviews. They are summarized in pros and cons.

  • Very impressive watch: solar-powered, syncs nightly with the atomic clock, perpetual calendar, and easy switching between time zones
  • Because it's eco-drive, you will never need to replace batteries. It holds a 6 month supply of energy to power it. Solar battery is good for 20 years.
  • Setup is not too difficult and only done once; like a "set it and forget it" item.
  • Believe this is the most accurate watch in the world. Very accurate timing - incredible 9010 movement.
  • Watch is lightweight and perfect for active lifestyle such as surfing, diving, paddle boarding, running, and working out. Fantastic build quality. Looks great..feels great. The face of the watch illuminates perfectly when you are at peak depth. Very easy to see the numbers on the face of the watch
  • Citizen Eco watches are reliable and the eco feature makes it a pleasure to own
  • Wristband is too long. If you have a small wrist you have to adjust to a smaller size. The band is somewhat stiff when you first get it but it does seem to be breaking in and softening up a little.
  • Be careful where your wrist flies as any hard bumps will leave nicks on the watch. Had it for a week and it is scratched. It simply did not last long enough under normal wear
  • The glass is highly reflective and a little cluttered making it difficult to read the time and date. The night glow does not last as long as hoped.

Citizen Eco Drive Watches in Action

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