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Cleaning and Caring For Your Josef Seibel Shoes and Boots

Updated on December 16, 2010

Cleaning Smooth Leather Josef Seibel Shoes and Boots

The below instructions are ideally suitable for Josef Seibel smooth leather shoes and boots; if you have a different material incorporated into your shoe, please take due attention and care and always read manufacturing labels. Different leathers require different treatments; e.g. suede or nubuck leather.

Josef Seibel Palmira Leather Suede Lace Up Ladies Boot
Josef Seibel Palmira Leather Suede Lace Up Ladies Boot

Top Tips For Cleaning Mens and Ladies Josef Seibel Shoes

Caring for your Josef Seibel footwear couldn't be easier; due to the high-quality materials employed by Josef Seibel in their production process, with a few simple caring tips, you can maintain the exceptional quality of your footwear. As with all leather products, without care, they can become cracked and scruffy looking. Therefore, it is important to treat your leather shoes correctly after purchase, allowing for the maximum life out of your shoes.

  1. Allocate a space in which to polish your shoes as polish can stain and damage surfaces and clothing materials. It is always recommended to put old newspaper or cloths down where you intend to polish to protect work surfaces.
  2. Ensure your shoes are clean before you begin polishing, by carefully removing any excess dirt. This can be carried out using a soft brush or cloth, and it is always a good idea to remove laces before doing so, as dirt can become trapped in the eyelets. If your shoes still aren't clean after scrubbing with a soft brush, it might be a good idea to use a leather cleaner or damp cloth to try to remove the remaining dirt.
  3. Apply a small amount of polish to a cloth; there is no need to purchase a special polishing cloth at this point, an old cotton item of clothing will be sufficient. Generously apply the polish to your shoe, carefully rubbing the polish into the leather. Sometimes you may find that there are areas that are hard to reach (the seams to the sole for example), if so, take a small brush under the cloth and work the polish in that way.
  4. Once applied, leave the polish to dry for around 15 minutes; this allows the leather to soak in the polish.
  5. Once dry, remove any excess polish from the shoe with a cloth or soft brush.
  6. To buff the polish on your shoes, take a clean cloth and rub over the leather to bring to shine. Again, take a small brush under the cloth to any of the parts that you find you cannot reach with the cloth.
  7. After buffing you should have a pair of shoes that look just as good as the day you bought them. However, if you do feel as though there are certain areas that aren't as shiny or healthy-looking as the other parts, then you may wish to re-apply the polish and repeat the process.

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