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Types of Sewing Decorations used in Dressmaking

Updated on April 25, 2012

Decorative Designs Used To Make Stylish Clothes

Clothes decorations in dressmaking is an art, therefore designs in decorative forms shows creativity with which the dressmaker has applied in making a stylish finished garment. Decorative dressmaking shows how ornament or decorations is applied on the right place.

Any type of decoration that is used on garments should add beauty as well as color harmony to the main fabric. You can find decorative designs on materials from all over the place such as kitchen utensils, clothes, linen and in our homes.

Types Of Decorations Used In Clothing


Embroidery is a type of clothe decorations that is stitched into fabrics. The decorative designs should be in the right color and form. The most used kind of embroidery designs on clothes are flowers such as wild rose, lily and daisy.

The reasons many dressmakers prefer simple embroidery flowers are that, the designs have a strong form as it comes from a central point. You can also use few stitches to make an embroidery flower and both new and intermediate dressmakers can make it.


Designs In Geometric Form

Geometric designs need advanced sewing knowledge to be able to apply them on clothes. These designs come in different forms such as in bands, chain stitch, braids and outline stitch. You can combine these designs to make the project more effective. Some of the geometric designs are used to make children's frocks. French knot can also be used in making geometrical designs on clothes.


Passementerie designs are the most beautiful on clothes, that is, if you are able to find the right one for your clothe. You can use passementerie to decorate sleeves and neck edges. These are made in such a way that it extends beyond the edge of the main fabric.

Bands On Clothes

It is a great idea when using bands as a decoration on clothes to use velvet band or embroidery band. You can also use French knot and outline stitch which has the same design as the garment you are making.

Laces As Clothe Decoration

Laces are also used to decorate clothes. Machine laces are now very common in the make and design even though they do not come cheap. Laces are applied to run in harmony with the garment.


Bows are frequently used as decoration, especially as ribbons to tie as a bow. Ribbon bows are used on clothes, gift boxes, cards and on other things.


Fasteners come in different shapes and designs. Many of them are used on clothes as ornament or decoration. Using good fasteners of buckle, jewelry, brooch or any decorative item to fasten or secure embroidery bands, hold folds or collars should be satisfying to the eyes.


Trimmings are used when binding edges, piping and on frill clothes. Using trimming as a decoration on clothes should mean something especially in dressmaking. Although trimming technique is always used to cover up edges, it is mostly used to beautify clothes. If trimming is used to mend worn places, it should be done in a good way so as not to show the defect area.

Harmony In Placing Decorations On Clothes

Because decoration in dressmaking is an art, it is therefore subject to three rules which are applicable to art beauty. These rules are, order, proportion and harmony. It does not matter whatever decoration you want to apply on clothes, whether ribbons, lace cords, embroidered bands, a diamond pin, jeweled buckle. These ornament should be able to fit wherever it is placed on clothes.

Simplicity and harmony in color and designs should be applied on clothes that you want to decorate. The use of simple stitches can create a more satisfying design than the one with a variety of decorative materials.

The most recognized natural places to find ornaments or decorative designs on clothes are the shoulder, neck and waist.


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