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Clothes for Nerds

Updated on August 13, 2013

"Smart" Fashion: Clothing Gifts for Nerds

Clothes for nerds is self expression at its finest. Here are some of the nerdiest articles of clothing for some of the best known in the dork kingdom (be proud!) Though we will be looking at clothes for nerds, some of these ideas may ring true for you as well.... even if you are obviously incredibly cool. But I suggest you leave your preconceived notions of what to wear to impress and what message you may actually be conveying with your choice of t-shirt. Not everyone can pull off a star trek outfit or an Einstein shirt. But there is something for everyone from nerd books to math nerds with some quotes thrown in for fun.

What exactly is a Nerd?

We are all "nerdy" in some area....time to embrace it.

I would not harp too heavily on the exact definition of a nerd as I really think the meaning itself has changed to mean someone who is really into a particular subject, more so than any average person would consider normal. But that is to say we are all pretty much nerds in our own rights. I have heard football players refer to themselves as sports nerds, I have heard people call themselves musical nerds, math nerds, etc. The point is that we are all nerds and this word has outgrown the age of "Revenge of the Nerds" there is truth that the nerds rule the rest. Look at Bill Gates, I would call him a computer nerd, and mean it as the highest compliment in the world.... and him being one of the richest people to boot!

So the next time someone calls you a nerd I would say that more likely than not you have expert knowledge in some area, whether you be a math nerd or a Star Wars Nerd... wear your calling proudly!

Are you a Nerd?

Do you take insult to being called a nerd or do you wear it as a sense of pride?

Have you ever been referred to as a nerd?

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Nerds and Suspenders - The Calling Card of the "Classic" Nerd

I used to where suspenders on occasion. I went to all male Catholic High School growing up with a dress code... my need for self expression was quite evident at an early age. Always trying to find and manipulate loopholes in the dress code to push the limits a bit. I decided the 90s needed a flashback to the 60s at times and would dress in my father's old shirts, or make it to the Goodwill and find some classic "button-downs" fulfilling the dress code, but clearly not a white or blue oxford. Suspenders were another interesting article that was allowed in place of a belt. But because of the "nerd" stigma attached to this article of clothing, not much was said other than they were allowed. So I became intimate in the vast variety of suspenders that actually exist and found different ways to express my views, or simply just to make a statement. Here are some of the finer ones I have found recently.

I want to meet the nerd who can pull off the Ganster $ Suspenders... if you can please post pictures.

Famous Nerd: Steve Urkel - Gotta love the Suspenders

A Classic nerd from a great television, Family Matters. Steve Urkel was a loveable nerd but took the role to the extreme, the large glasses and ridiculous outfit, coupled with a huge brain, made for an instant sensation..... Do the Urkel Dance

Clothes for Math Nerds - Making sure it all adds up

Math nerds probably have the market on inside jokes. They disguise the craziest and "punniest" ideas for all to see in their t-shirts and hats. They make the rest of us either feel incredibly smart or incredibly stupid depending on whether we "get it" or not. Most of us will understand a good pi joke especially if it involves pie.... a connection easily made. But when presented with imaginary numbers and integral signs I have seen people melt down in confusion with no QED in sight.

T-shirts for math nerds is probably the number one way that these inside jokes are disseminated...a clever ruse right under our noses to poke fun at our ignorance. Enjoy!

"Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true." -- Bertrand Russell

Accessories for Math Nerds - The Equation for Looking Good

While math nerds have been quietly spreading their jokes on t-shirts, this does not mean that fashion statements (proofs?) have not been found in the accessories worn by this rare breed. Take a look at some of the finer specimen...

Clothes for English Nerds - Their Own Secret Garden of Fashion

I think that the often enigmatic way math nerds express their wit can outshine the fact that English nerds are just as capable pulling a fast one of the less advanced literary members of society. Some expressions are funny and others clearly a joke that only Chaucer and about 7 other people would find hilarious. But that doesn't mean you can't have the best of both worlds. We will start here with t-shirts for English Nerds and then move on to a vew other accessories to round out the well spoken look, for an English Whiz never wants to be misread ;)

"Me fail English, that's unpossible!?" ~ Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons

Accessories for English Nerds - It's Cold out there without your Oxford Comma

These particular accessories will bring satisfaction to those inner playwrights and outer grammar police. Take note that one can never be too proud to be a reader, a writer, or a candlestick maker: So don't be shy in your expression.

Clothes for Star Wars Nerds

The possibilities are endless...

Star Wars changed an entire generation and made Jedi's of many of our society... or at least fashion Jedi's. With conventions and clubs devoted singularly to Star Wars there have been costumes and clothing made that mimics the movie. You can find a costume for any character but pulling off your devotion on other days besides Halloween and Star Wars Celebrations takes a little more tact and subtlety. We always start with the best t-shirts for your Star Wars Nerds

Star Wars T-Shirts

Star Wars Accessories - Amazing

You can live out your fantasy on every different levels as the possibilities are truly endless to Star Wars Accessories available. The Chewbacca Hoodie has to be my favorite.. though not an accessory it is necessary to be included as an excessory :)

Clothes for Star Trek Nerds - Beam me Up

I am a closet Trekkie... what I mean by that is I love Star Trek. I don't own any memorabilia and I can't speak Klingon. I love Star Trek more for the spark of imagination it would ignite in the minds of young scientists. We think it was just a tv show, just entertainment, but it was a glimpse of our future. The cell phone does all the gadgetry that Star Trek Amazed us with... a tricorder, a navigation device, multiple sensors (weather, temperature, etc) this was all just fantasies of the Star Trek nerd not long ago.

Let's take a look at a few of the nerdiest Star Trek T-Shirts...

In the Works...

Bookmark this page for upcoming showcases: Clothes for Star Trek Nerds and a little post about Geeks vs. Nerds

We have all done something considered nerdy... attended a comic convention? Spent 2 hours watching Modern Marvels or some amazing Earth Program? Do share.

What is the Nerdiest Thing you Have Done? - Share your inner nerd

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