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Coach handbags to have: purses that are functional and reasonably priced

Updated on November 25, 2011
Coach Poppy Glam Tote
Coach Poppy Glam Tote

Coach, an American handbag maker, is a great brand for all your handbag needs. Coach produces a variety of handbags to suit every woman's wardrobe and her taste. This hub shows some of my favorite purses from the past and present.

Tote – a tote bag is usually pretty big and can carry loads of stuff. If you have a baby, this is a great diaper's bag. However, the tote is not limited to moms. Students can carry their books and other essentials in this bag and still have tons of room leftover. Coach offers a variety of totes from fabric to leather and from plain to vivid colors. This Coach tote from the Poppy collection is my favorite. However, it was released earlier and no longer available on the Coach website. Not to worry, Coach has a variety of totes currently available on their website, at the Coach store, Nordstrom and Macy's.

Satchel – a satchel can be used for important / formal occasions. My personal favorite is a well made, classic, chic, leather satchel from Coach. They currently released a limited edition reissues of some past favorites. I love all of them, but the satchel from that collection is just a classic piece that will last many years. I love the tan color out of all the colors.

Clutch / wristlet – a clutch can be used at dinners, company parties and other occasions where you don't need to carry the whole closet. Anyways, Coach offers some fun little clutches that you can carry. My personal favorite: The Zoe clutch which was released several years ago. I love the variety of colors, shape and the simplicity of this little clutch.

hobo – a hobo bag has only one strap that is meant to be carried on the shoulder. If you are someone that is into the bohemian style, hobo handbag is a must. Even for women that are not into the hobo carefree style, a hobo purse is a nice bag to have just to match some of your outfits. Here is my favorite one from Coach; this is a signature print Coach hobo bag that was released several years ago. I love the classic look, the canvas / leather combo. It also looks like it fits over the shoulder well.

Flap – This handbag is a flap handbag that resembles the Chanel flap at a much lower price. These days, the Chanel quilted and flap look is very popular. Every single designer has there own version of what looks like a Chanel bag. If you cannot afford the Chanel classic flap, the Coach flap is a very nice alternative that is very classic as well. My favorite one is this green tweed flap from Coach. This bag looks very chic and causal. I see myself using it for many occasions.


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    • profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 6 years ago

      My new daughter in law is all coach all the time. Feel like I got an education from this hub. Thanks.