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Coach Poppy Tartan crossbody bag review

Updated on January 19, 2013
Coach poppy tartan handbag close up
Coach poppy tartan handbag close up

It's time for another handbag review! This time the review is for a new Coach handbag that I purchased three months ago. Coach is a very popular American brand that women love all over the world. They offer handbags in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. It is easy to find the bags that you like in their regular stores and outlets. This hub is a review and overview of the Coach Poppy Tartan cross body bag.

The Coach Poppy line is full of colors to cater to younger customers. However, it does have some pieces that are more refined. Overall, this line is great for women that like handbags and fashion. The poppy line is also one of the least expensive lines in the Coach store. They have a wide range of sizes from very small to very large. The handbag that I bought is called the Tartan cross body.

Size and space inside. The Poppy Tartan cross body is not a very big handbag. It is small to medium in size and perfect for a petite woman to carry. That's the reason that it fits me so well (I am only 5'3''). The handbag is relatively deep for its size and has lots of spaces to fit your everyday essentials. It is sufficient for a woman that don't carry a lot of stuff with her. This handbag has a zipper at the top which makes it secure. It has two open pockets and one zipped pocket inside; you can organize your items easily with these compartments. There is another zipped compartment on the outside of the bag for things that you need easy access to. This bag is not recommended for women that carry lots of things because it doesn't have as much space as a tote.

love the red lining inside.
love the red lining inside.

The colors and who is it best for? Unlike some of the Poppy handbags, the Tartan cross body is suitable for all ages. This handbag reminds me of a Christmas themed item and is especially fitting for the holiday seasons. Furthermore, its dark colors are great for fall and winter seasons. Although it can be used for spring and summer, a lighter color handbag would be more suitable.

How to carry it? It allows you to carry it as a handbag and also cross body. Like its name implied, it can be carried cross body with the strap that comes with it. The strap is removable so you can use it as a handbag as well. Unlike some other handbags, the strap does not change the shape of the bag when you carry it as a shoulder bag. This Coach bag looks amazing regardless of how you carry it.

super close up of the Coach Poppy Tartan cross body bag, notice the holiday color combinations!
super close up of the Coach Poppy Tartan cross body bag, notice the holiday color combinations!

The price? For a coach bag, it is on the lower end of the price range. Like I said before, all handbags in the Poppy line are comparatively cheaper than some of the other lines. The handbag is definitely worth the money because you will get so much use out of it. For those that travel frequently, you can use it as a traveling bag because of its cross body strap.

Other cross body bags? If you like this handbag's shape but not its color, you can opt for another color instead. Coach offers the cross body bag in different colors to satisfy everyone. Like I said before, the one that I have is better suited for fall and winter. You can find another cross body bag (light color) in the Coach lineup that is fabulous for the summer.


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