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Code Geass Zero Costume

Updated on October 9, 2011

Wearing a Code Geass Zero costume for the anime reality show is a theme loved by lots of modern males and also females at present. Since there is no fixed rule on the gender, age and figure of cosplayers, anybody can be an excellent impersonator for Zero. Just make sure what you plan to wear looks extremely similar with the style people saw in the original anime or movie. Then, it’s of great importance to know this: like fashion clothing, cosplay costumes also follow some rules. Various trends are triggered and weeded out. In order to make sure you will be confident with your cosplay look, it’s often a safe bet to choose a popular anime outfit. Then, will a Code Geass Zero cosplay costume enhance your self-assurance?

About this page: Code Geass Zero cosplay costume carrying amazing similarities will make you feel like the real Zero and feel confident about your performance look. Then, how can you make you look the same with Zero on the coming show? Below, some excellent cosplayers for Zero may bring you crucial inspirations. Besides, important accessories on Zero are reviewed in following words.

This man succeeds to bring Zero to reality by such an excellent Code Geass Costume. It seems like amazing similarities are carried on each element of this suit. Even though his face is totally covered by the helmet, I can feel he is so confident with his cosplay appearance. The purple tuxedo with silver strips, purple trousers with feet completely covered and the black shawl decorated by red layer inside complete such a masculine appearance. He pays close attention to every detail of his cosplay look. The white shirt shown on the collar definitely speaks for this, right?

Cosplay styles usually do not fit work or any other formal or usual occasion. This also makes sense on this Code Geass cosplay look. Two peaked wings are added onto the masculine overcoat, making the entire look better fit the fantastic sense of performance art. Once again, this man does a good job in imitating Zero from top to toes. The cosplay costume seems wonderfully adorning his body shape. To be honest, Zero offers anime lovers who feel troublesome in making up and dealing with the hairstyle great choices. You can do nothing on your face and hair because they will be totally covered by the helmet.

Personal ideas used by this cosplayer add chic spices to his look. Honestly speaking, the special helmet looks great with his Code Geass Cosplay Costumes. But certainly, the big mask must be lightweight. Nobody will want to add unnecessary weight to his/her body on the day when everybody tries to enjoy themselves. Alterations are also made on the suit. Silver strips are replaced by white fringes in wider patterns, making his entire look more exaggerating. Since cosplay is a kind of fantastic performance art, don’t be hesitant to try your best to make your semblance odd enough.

It’s really nothing new to see a style like this. Most cosplayers are prone to remove the shirt inside away from their Code Geass Zero costumes. Only the purple tuxedo and trousers connecting with shoes will be worn. This man exactly shows us an excellent cosplay look, which seems amazingly similar with real Zero. But if possible, boost your male property please. In this case, you will charm the crowd with a more masculine appearance undoubtedly.

Helmet: it seems so cool, right? Nowadays, most anime lovers tend to make their cosplay accessories personally. And lots of them are glad to share you with detailed making tips. Thus, it’s not difficult to find a site where information on how to make the helmet for Zero cosplay is offered. While spicing up your Zero cosplay appearance, this helmet must be a crucial element. But if you really feel troublesome or difficult to make such a cool accessory, you can buy it directly. Many dealers engaged in cosplay costumes will offer you weapons, shoes and accessories like this.

Boots: it’s true Code Geass Zero cosplay costume carries shoes along with it. But for a more comfortable fit, most Zero devotees are prone to put on a pair of boots inside. Or since custom made service is available in most stores at present, some people tend to remove the shoes away from the Zero cosplay costume and then put on a pair of purple boots separately. Anyway, a pair of comfortable boots will be significant for your cosplay Zero.

Gloves: a pair of black gloves is needed.

Cosplay Wig: even though both men and women can be excellent impersonators for Zero, there are still more men who show strong favor in imitating this role. Then, they do not need to spend lots of time in dealing with their hairstyles in most cases. Only with small alterations on their usual hairstyles, they will look similar with Zero. But if this does not make sense, you may need a cosplay wig. Certainly, a comfortable yet inexpensive cosplay wig for Zero can be found within only minutes’ researches.

Have you gotten some crucial inspirations on how to spice up your Zero cosplay look till reading here? Certainly, except a comfortable and extremely similar Code Geass Zero costume, you will need to pay close attention to your hairstyle, shoes and some other accessories carried on your body to guarantee an excellent cosplay appearance. Just improve your consciousness; you will do well in bringing Zero to reality. Most people made lots of odd fun on those shows. Probably, you will not be an exception either.

About the Costume


With this Code Geass costume, you will do a vivid Zero cosplay performance! It’s sold on $117.57, with fast shipping (in 48hrs in most cases). Hardly will you find another costume that has better accuracy level than this one. Being strictly designed and sewn, it’s extremely faithful to the original manga. What’s more, it delights you by really desirable comfort and durability.

The Zero costume is made from cotton – the most popular cloth for cosplay costumes. Take a closer look, you do find texture of the cloth can be clearly seen. Besides, the cloth is easy to be cleaned. It won’t go out of shape easily. After being worn over and over again, it will still keep a smooth shape. Since it’s faithful to the manga, this costume includes a high-collar t-shirt, jacket, coat, overcoat, trousers and bowtie. Loose or rough needlework is disallowed on any costume offered by us. So put all worries aside please.


Code Geass Zero costume will be shipped out in 48hrs in most cases. Except regular size S, M, L and XL, we also offer you Custom-Made size. Both adult and child sizes can be made here. To celebrate the upcoming Halloween, offers you big discounts during these weeks. To save more, don’t be hesitant to check out this high-end replica Lelouch of the Rebellion costume please!


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