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Different Types Of Collars Styles For Women's Dress

Updated on April 24, 2015

Collars On Women Dress

Types of women's collars are part of fashion styles. Collars are very important on any garment as it is a kind of focal point and it frames your neck as well as the face.

The different styles of collars give it its different names. Collar has 3 main types: there are flat, rolled and stand collars.

Just as you can have any type of collar on any garment, dress. top, blouse or shirt, there are some collars that fit well with certain fashion clothing than others. For example, shawl collars do look nice on blouses, coats and jackets for women. Some other women blouses or children's clothes look great when they have sailor's collar or Peter Pan collar on them.

Collars are made from either one piece which are folded in half to make the collar or two pieces which are sewn together to make a fashionable and stylish collar.

Collar On A Woman's Blouse


How To Sew Collars For Ladies Clothing Basic Instructions

The shape of a collar can be worn with any shirt or top of any type and is usually a popular neck finish. A close fitting collar that is made of heavy material with an interlining is necessary. You should cut one fourth of the interlining by an inch smaller if you want to blind stitch collar is to the shirt.

If you want to sew the collar to the neckline, in a seam, make sure the interlining should be the same size as the collar at the neck side. Tack this interlining to the collar fabric, slash out the corners of the fabric, and hem the extending part to the interlining. The interlining should always be bias cut. Always hem the collar lining to the collar , it does not matter whether it is bias or not.

When you are ready to sew the collar to the neck of any garment, first start to pin at the back seam and tack in the direction of the edge end. You can leave the lining free at the smaller edge and bend over the neck line after you have stitched collar to the garment, or you may stitch the lining in the seam, the seam push open a bias facing if you use fine thread to hem on over the seam.

The beauty of any collars and cuffs is found at the exact turning of corners. You may line and seam the outside of collar and turn. You should place the right edges of the lining together, place the interlining close to the lining and sew around the top and and finishes of collar, turn and press.

Different Collar Styles For Women

Shirt Collars:

This is a type of women collar that can have one or two pieces. A one piece collar folds down over the stand. And a two pieces collar are the ones the collar stand are cut separately and are then joined together to form a collar stand.

Mandarin Collars Or Chinese Collars:

Mandarin collars are types of stand collars. As the name implies, this kind of collar are also found on chinese attires. The collar stands upright around the neck. The center front edges of the mandarin collar may be squared or curved as the collar is seamed with a slight curve to give it a close fitting.

Shawl Collars:

A shawl collar is a combination of the lapel and the top of the collar that gives it that rolled image. It is a type of rolled collar that has a stand and a deep v-neck. This type of collar neckline can be found on women blouses or jackets.

Rolled Collars:

Rolled collars are collars that stand upright at the edge of the neck and the rest of the collar folds downwards. the line that divides the collar stand and fall is referred to as the roll line, hence the name rolled collar.

Stand Collars:

A stand collar looks the same as mandarin collar. This style of women collars do stand upright from the neckline. The collar band that is used to make it stand can be narrow or wider to make the collar folds back to itself when someone wears it.

Flat Collars:

The type of flat collars include sailor's collars and Peter Pan collars. This collar is one of the easiest for a dressmaker to design. The collar rest flat at the neckline.

Jabot Collars:

This is a very trendy collar and one of my favorite. The collar is designed in such a way that the point of the fabric square drape as ruffles. The jabot collar can be attached to a round neckline or a v-neckline garment.

Blouse Collars:

As there are many styles of blouses for women, there are also types of women's blouse collars on them. The blouse collar can be rounded, v-neck pointed or any style depending on how you want the blouse to look like.

Detachable Collars:

Detachable collars can come in the form of a shirt collar, round neck or even v-neck. Most of the detachable collars have separate colors from the color of the shirt or blouse you want to wear it with. Some detachable collars use studs to fasten it to a shirt.

Tailored Collar Sewing Tutorial Video

Shapes Of Diferent Types Of Collar

The different types of collar comes with various shapes. Just like everybody has different face shapes, so the collar for any clothing should be chosen so as to fit the shape of the face of the wearer. If you have a round neck, you should choose a flat collar dress or shirt. If you have thick, short neck, select collar with v-neckline, roll collars will fit ladies with thin long necks.

How To Make A Shirt Collar Video Tutorial


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you BriMaureen, I'm glad this hub was of help to you.

    • BriMaureen profile image

      Brianna Clark 5 years ago from Murfreesboro, TN

      I recently learned about collars in my Apparel Selection and Evaluation class, and I found this article to be a very interesting read! I enjoyed it.


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