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Collars on Women's | Ladies | Dress

Updated on October 15, 2015

Gorgeous Ladies / Women's Collars

Ladies' Collar in Cothing

These are the types and pictures of different dress and shirt necklines for women. As a a fashion designer, i love making different stylish collars.

Collar is that part of blouse, dress, coat or shirt / t-shirt that fastens around your neck.

I use my collar sometimes as an accessory, by making a detached collar that matches the dress i'm wearing. All i have to do is pull it over my head and tuck it in around the neck of the cloth i'm wearing.

So whether you want to travel on holiday or go on vacation, stay at home / house / flat, these glamorous women's fashion collars is for you!

If you are to wear a dress or any type of clothing that has a collar, i would recommend choosing the right collar dress as a women's appearance is a reflection of her inner beauty. You can normally find collars on shirts, blouses, tops, jackets, coats or detachable collars that can be worn with a v-neck or round neck clothes.

Victorian Collar Dress

The picture from the introductory module is a victorian collar photo that i got from Sunshine and Bones : Modern Victorian Collar DiY

Free Sewing Patterns - How To Sew Collars On Women's Clothes

Sewing Instructions On Attaching Collars On Women's Garments

Read free tutorials on how to sew collars on women's fashion clothing:

How To Sew Women Collars On Clothing

Making a collar can be tasking, it doesn't matter the size of the clothes you are sewing on. Collars are among the more trying features for clothing, even sewing a collar for doll clothes.

Many designs for doll clothes include the easiest collars feasible in order to help hobbyist overcome this challenge. But, there'll always be hand-crafters who want a dressier or more fitted appearance. The suggestions listed here will make stitching a collar of all sizes just a bit simpler.

How to sew a woman's dress shirt collar

Free sewing instructions for women's shirt dress

Free Sewing Patterns - Women Pleated Collar

How to make a woman's pleated collar - Free sewing patterns

How to sew blouse collar

Instructions on how to sew a collar on women's blouses

Turtleneck Collar

Turtleneck collar does not fasten, it is usually snug around the neck and it is a high neck collar that is folded over.

Turtleneck Collar, according to the online free dictionary is a high close fitting turnover collar.

Turtleneck is mainly worn to protect the neck against cold weather. I wear my beautiful turtleneck - poloneck during winter season, this keeps me warm especially if it is a bit windy.

I do accessorize my turtleneck depending on the occasion, when outdoor, i prefer wearing my turtleneck sweater with long bead necklaces or scarves. I do also wear my cardigans while at the same time wrapping my detachable collar around my neck, this gives a glamorous look. I wear turtleneck sweater as a day or evening wear, all i have to do is change the necklaces or scarf.

For casual wear, especially evening time, i wear the turtleneck dress with leggings, tight or slim fit pants, and a pair of flat or heeled boots or heeled pumps. Most times i wear the turtleneck with a belt just to give a bit of shape to the waist area.

Fashion Shirts For Women - Ladies / Women's Shirt Collar

Shirt collar is a rounded points of garment that is sewn onto the neck that can be turned down along a fold line. There are many nice shirts for women.

You can wear a dress shirt, button down shirts, or shirt collars detachable. Women shirt collar can be short collar or ruffled collar shirt.

How To Sew A Ladies Dress Shirt Collar - Sew A Shirt Collar

This is how you will sew women shirts dress collar to your garment.

How To Sew A Dress Shirt Collar

Collar Shirts For Women Patterns - Shirts Collars

If you already have a shirt collar blouse, you can have a look at the way the collar is sewn.

If you take a closer look at the collar, you will discover that you may not be able to understand how the designer sewn the collar, especially if you've never constructed a shirt collar before.

So, buying the patterns for the women shirt collar will make the job a bit easier, as the constructing of the collar process is analyzed and the how to attach the collar to the bodice is shown as well.

Shirt Making Technique Book

You can make great shirts and shirt dress by learning the techniques feature in this book.

Great for beginners and professional fashion designers.

Women collar shirt
Women collar shirt

Women's EMU Cabarita Shirt Dress

The Cabarita Shirt Dress is a classic shirt dress made of Merino wool that naturally wicks away moisture and odor. Machine washable. (Belt not included.)

Women fashion collars inspiration as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Loose shirts and the new must-have wear with the 70s wide leg jean.

Shawl Collar

Shawl collar is a collar that is wide and turns down with long rounded lapels and is partially crossed in front.

There is a very beautiful shawl collar top designed by Carol Spier and sewn by Anna Mazur.

I like shawl collar tops, dress or blouse. I just made myself a stylish one few days ago. I'm not so good with camera to show a photo.

City Collar or Country women Collar:

Whether you want to dress for that all time party or just a casual city women dress, choosing a dress with a glam collar is the top look for you.

Bertha Collar

To me bertha collar was made in the victorian time. Bertha collar i discovered was very popular in the victorian era. It is a big round collar covering the shoulders.

Bertha collar has a large round flat shape. If you have ever seen the collar on a catholic sister's dress, that looks somehow like bertha collar.

Mandarin Collar

Mandarin collar is a short stand-up collar and usually have button on the collar to secure the collar.

When a collar has a band that allows it to stand on its own, without the collar fall, this is a mandarin collar.

Some Cook wear this type of collar in the kitchen. US Army Combat Uniform has a mandarin collar.

The most fashionable dresses for women is the mandarin dress shirt.

Sew Easy Fashion Techniques Books on Amazon

Learn how to sew the easy way with these sew easy techniques.

Women's Convertible Collar Dress Pattern - Convertible Collar Garment Pattern For Female

Womens Convertible Golf Polo

Nike Convertible Collar Women's Golf Polo

Women Convertible Collar Sweater

TSE Cashmere Convertible Collar Sweater & Leather A-Line Skirt - Neiman Marcus

This is one of the season's worn dress. You can wear the convertible collar dress, shirt or blouse loose or tucked in.

We all wear convertible collar dress or shirt. The convertible collar has a button in front of the shirt or blouse.

Collars On Ladies Dress And Necklines - Are Collars Different From Necklines?

I can say that the difference between collars and necklines on ladies dresses is not so wide, as the two has something to do with the line near the neck.

I used to confused the two until i started sewing.

A collar is just an example of a type of neckline. The type of clothes neckline you wear can change your outlook, so therefore, necklines play a very important role while designing or buying your garments.

As you know that our neck, i mean my neck is located in the central position of my body, so any neckline mistake will be seen immediately.

When i am choosing my garments with necklines, i first consider my body shape. As choosing a garment with the wrong neckline can ruin the entire look you are trying to achieve.

If you are planning to sew your garments / clothes necklines there are some tips for a neat neckline finish.

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