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College Fashion Tips

Updated on October 3, 2011

Wardrobe Must-Haves:

  1. One business outfit with clean business shoes: Even if you already have a job and aren’t anticipating an interview, you never know when an opportunity will present itself and the last thing you want to do is show up in shorts and sneakers.
  2. Raincoat: Umbrellas are good for rainy days but people tend to forget that college students need convenience more than anything. So instead of using an umbrella with a handle use a raincoat that you can pull on like a jacket (not a poncho because those are hard to take on and off quickly). Now you can have both your hands free for anything else you might need to carry in the rain.
  3. A warm jacket or sweater: Even in Florida, and especially out of state, there are days that require a few layers to keep warm; even in the dorm it can get pretty nippy so bring your favorite sweater.
  4. At least one formal dress/suit: Who knows, maybe there will be a lovely gala that you’re invited to or you’ll be presented with an award at a very special social dinner. Either way you’ll want to look your best.
  5. Sneakers/comfy walking shoes: Probably the most obvious of all the college necessities, shoes you can walk in are a must as most campuses are not the size of your high school.

Leave ‘Em Behind:

  1.  Excessive jewelry: Outside of special occasions or outings, there’s really no need for trendy jewelry. Wearing too much can be distracting and irritating in class and they’re impractical as far as efficiency and time management for getting to class on time.
  2. More than one pair of sunglasses: Protecting your eyes is a good thing but a new pair of sunglasses for every outfit is unnecessary. You’re most likely going to have them get stolen or lost and then that would be a sad waste of valuable money.
  3. Fancy hair accessories: Sure they’re cute and fashionable, but honestly you won’t have the time to use them as often as you’d like; plus these can also be really annoying for students sitting behind you in class.

What Will You Miss When You Go To College?

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    • Violet Wood profile image

      Violet Wood 6 years ago from South Florida

      Very good point! Cardigans and light sweaters are wonderful since you can take them and off and put them on as needed since inside and outside temperatures often vary no matter what the season.

    • profile image

      Patricia McEven 7 years ago

      Sweaters are definitely great investment to our wardrobe especially during the college years. Sweaters not only can help to keep us warm and comfortable on cooler days or winter months, but they are also versatile to be matched and mixed with different outfits to create fashionable apparels. My favorite choices used to be cardigans and twinset sweaters as they offered great versatility.Comfortable sneakers are also great choices as we definitely do a lot of walking during our college years. I used to have at least 2 pair of sneakers in my campus.