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Fashion – all about color blocking, matching colors and more!

Updated on February 19, 2012

When it comes to fashion, color blocking has been pretty hot ever since last year. If you are a woman that loves to follow fashion trends, the color blocking trend is great for upcoming spring and summer. In comparison to the dull winter colors, you will be able to select a variety of bright and neon colors for the color blocking trend. This hub talks about several ways in which you can hit the marks with this fun fashion trend.

The easiest way to hit the marks with the color blocking trend is to buy items that have already done the homework for you. It is somewhat difficult to select your own pieces. Many designers have items that are part of the color blocking trend that will make you look good. For example, you can add a splash of color with a good colorful handbag. This is an effortless way to follow the color blocking trend and look great at the same time. If you want a very colorful outfit without looking busy, you can get a dress that follows the color blocking trend. For those that don't want to look too colorful, you can choose a pair of shoes that with several colors for a little bit of color in your outfit.

If you want to create your own unique look for the color blocking trend, you will have to come up with your own color combinations. Let's start with the easiest type of color schemes. When you have lots of colors in one outfit, it tends to look really busy when not paired correctly. You should start with just two colors in the beginning. It is very easy to pair a bright color with a neutral color. For example, you can pair bright blues or greens with khaki color. See below for more details. Many bright colors can go with solid black and look great. Again, see below combinations for more details and ideas.

When you want several colors for the ultimate color blocking look, it is good to pair three colors together. Although it is kind of tricky to pair three colors together in one outfit, it can be done so that you look amazing in the end. The safest way to pair three colors together is two similar bright colors and one neutral color. As a rule of thumb, it is better to never pair certain colors together. For example, red and green in one outfit is just bad. Other combinations such as blue and orange or yellow and purple are less bad. In other words, complementary colors (colors that are opposites on the color wheel) are not great together. Those that wish to challenge three colors pairing should do it by using two similar bright colors and one neutral color in their outfits for the safest choice. For example, you can choose baby blue, electric blue with a neutral cream color. This particular color combination is especially suitable for those that are on the skinner side. Another good color combination is hot pink, bright orange and khaki. This is another example of two brights and one neutral. Pink, purple and black is a very safe combination that tends to work for many women. Some women can pull off bold looks; one example is a combination of yellow, green and dark blue. This is a very cool and fashion forward look that can be pulled off by a trendy lady with the right pieces. Again, see below color combinations for ideas. As fun as color blocking can be for your outfits, it is important to remember not to exceed three colors in your outfit. Anything more than three is very busy for the eyes.


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