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Colorblock Dresses for Women

Updated on August 29, 2013

Figure-Flattering and Fun!

These dresses are bright, colorful and fun. They also continue to be in high style this year, and there's no sign of us tiring of them any time soon.

That comes down the fact that colorblock dresses are extremely flattering no matter what body type you have.

The style uses bands or blocks of color alongside each other to create a dramatic effect. The blocks can be contrasting -- as simple as black and white -- or complementary colors close to each other on the color wheel, like pink and purple.

Check out the informative videos and links below on how to use the style with confidence.

Of course, it helps a great deal to have a basic sense of what's going to suit your figure, but if you stick to the usual tenets you won't have any trouble. Just look at the dress in this intro for a great example.

Scroll through and pick out the best dress to suit your body type. You'll find all you need here to help you make best use of this fashion trend.

Image Credit: sewyerown at under a Creative Commons Licence

Ultra Figure Flattering!

bebe Ottoman Colorblock Bodycon Dress Sweater Dresses White/black-s
bebe Ottoman Colorblock Bodycon Dress Sweater Dresses White/black-s

Designer dresses from bebe are always on trend and never more so than with this colorblock dress. Just look at how the clever use of areas of color create an hourglass look.

This dress is made of 80% rayon, 15 % nylon with 5% spandex for shape and fit. You can wear this dress with confidence and it is fine for all sorts of occasions, from the office to the night club.


Video Fashion: See how these look on real people!

Click below on the video you want to watch....

Striped Mini Dress by bebe

bebe Colorblock Stripe Bodycon Dress Tubular Black/white-p/s
bebe Colorblock Stripe Bodycon Dress Tubular Black/white-p/s

This striped dress will suit a petite figure very well. The horizontal stripes accentuate a slim waist and make the most of a small bust and small hips. Ladies with slightly fuller figures should be careful about horizontal stripes - use chevron or vertical stripes instead.

Many primarily of rayon, the dress has 5% spandex to give it a stretchy feel for a great fit.


Strapless Party Dress

G2 Fashion Square Women's Colorblock Draped Strapless Dress
G2 Fashion Square Women's Colorblock Draped Strapless Dress

Colorblocked with white and ruching, the style really draws the eye to your narrow waist. This is a great dress for a party, which you can accessorize with black shoes or booties and simple gold or silver jewelry for the best effect. It doesn't need anything more than that.

For those occasions when you need a change, pair it with a bright red jacket, red shoes and purse and see how it looks and feels.


eBay Also Offers Really Great Bargains!

Bid on current limited-time auctions like these....

Do you like this look? Did you find a dress on this page that you are going to buy?

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    • LaurieKristensen profile image

      LaurieKristensen 4 years ago

      @LadyDuck: Thanks so much! :o)

    • profile image

      LadyDuck 4 years ago

      A very nice selection of dresses. You have good taste.