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The Best Colored Contact Lenses for Blue Eyes

Updated on March 29, 2011

You may be born with blue eyes but have always wanted to change them. Maybe you were meant to have green or brown eyes. No problem. Today, you can alter the color of your eyes to match your mood, your clothing or even your favorite color. The simple solution - colored contact lenses.

Ask Yourself: Enhancement Or A Complete Make-Over?

If you wish to change the color of your eyes, you need to first consider the type of colored contacts lenses. How extreme are you willing to go? Do you want colour contact lenses that enhance your natural eye color? Do you wish to totally alter your eye colour? Contact lenses are available to do either.

Consider the look you wish to present to the world. If you want something that is truly unique, you can do that with the right colored contacts. In addition to this, you can just softly alter the color of your blue eyes to make them darker or make them appear a lighter color. In both cases, you will find contacts that can help you to create the look.

Colored contacts can make your brown eyes blue. Cosmetic contact lenses can also turn your blue eyes brown. If you truly want to go wild, crazy colored contact lenses are also easily accessible. They are available in various creative types including cats’ eyes and brilliant designs. Now those are truly different colored eye contacts. If you just want to have fun, contact lenses such as these are a great choice.

For many people, choosing more than one type of contact lens makes sense. For example, when you are heading to work, you may not want that cat eye contact lens. On the other hand, you may want to use those contacts for your nights out on the town. The key is to have several pair, even if it is just about changing the look of your eye color and not changing the actual eye. 

Narrowing Down the Colored Contacts By Type

Essentially, colored contact lenses come in 2 basic types: enhancement and color. Both of these types of colored eye contacts are referred to as tint lenses. Enhancement tints are colored contacts lenses that do not alter the actual color of the eye. They do exactly what their name indicates. The enhancement type of color contact lenses increases the brightness of your eyes.

Enhance the blue

If you wear enhancement colored contact lenses, your blue eyes will be bluer. You can also make your green eyes greener. In fact, enhancement colored contacts lenses are ideal for those with blue and green eyes. They work with your natural eye color. They do not change it.

The enhancement type of colour contact lenses is available to everybody. There is both prescription and non prescription colored contact lenses. There are even colored toric lenses in the enhancement tint. Do, however, be cautious in your decision to wear these color contact lenses. Some individuals, due to certain eye conditions may not be able to wear them. Always follow the correct procedures to ensure your colored eye contacts are clean and sterile.

(c) kisdagrrl at photobucket
(c) kisdagrrl at photobucket

Change color completely

If you wish to change your eye color completely, you need to look at opaque color contact lenses. Examination of a single colored contact lens will reveal the difference between these cosmetic contact lenses and the enhancement type. Even cheap colored contact lenses of this type can alter the appearance completely.

 The colored contacts are opaque. They do not brighten your eyes. They change the actual color. Contact lenses of this nature are fun. Contact lenses of the opaque type are also a way to alter your entire facial appearance for that special occasion. You select the colored contacts you prefer. Go brown or green. Choose hazel contacts lenses.

There are many different types of opaque colored contact lenses. Select from a line of purely cosmetic contact lenses. These fashion contact lenses are ideal for those who like to change their eye color with their wardrobe. Various companies manufacture a complete selection of these non prescription colored contact lenses. Check with your eye doctor or go online to find out who and where.

For those suffering from astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia, there is not reason why you, too, can’t sport inexpensive or cheap colored contact lenses. Colored toric contact lenses are obtainable. You may even be able to try on a pair of free colored contact lenses just to see if they work. Do not let your eyesight condition affect your desire to join in the fun. Contact lenses are made for everybody.

(c) charmcaster at photobucket
(c) charmcaster at photobucket

Crazy Colored Contact Lenses

You can opt for enhancement contact lenses. You can even shop around and find cheap colored contact lenses. Maybe you want to make a statement using fashion contact lenses. Yet, if you really want to make those baby blues stand out, try crazy colored contact lenses. These are truly unique. You can wear 1 colored contact lens to create an unusual effect. With such styles as Vampire reds, Zombie whites, cat’s eyes and Banshee eyes, these are truly fun contact lenses.

You are unlikely to find free colored contact lenses of this type. They are available as non-prescription colored contact lenses. Various companies also manufacture prescription ones. Some are colored toric contact lenses. These allow you to have fun and sport the latest fashion contact lenses at Halloween.

Free colored contact lenses are not always available, but you should be able to purchase a type suitable for you. Talk to your doctor, first and see if he or she can make a recommendation. Shop online and you will be sure to find the ideal pair of colored contact lenses for you.

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      me 6 years ago

      i just bought some brown ones for a pretty high price and they don't make a difernce what so ever so not pleased

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      Great Post on color lenses

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      Coloured eyes always attracts. Thank u for sharing useful tips.

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      Om Prakash Singh 8 years ago from India, Calcutta

      Good one however if I had a pair of blue eyes then I would not go for any lens they look so beautiful them-self.

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      nlhouser 8 years ago from Central Nebraska

      Good article,Julie-Ann. One of the few on this subject that covers it all.