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Colorful Vintage Wellingtons: Rain Boots with Flowers.

Updated on August 5, 2015

Vintage Wellington boots with flower decoration.

No more army green rain boots. Let's go for an more sunny approach with lovely floral boots. Flower boots you can be seen with. Colorful boots you can even use as dress boots.

What's wrong with wellies with flowers ? Rain boots that even shine when it's raining cats and dogs. What more do you want then a few colorful boots, boots that are almost talking to you. Put me on, put me on, walk with me, walk with me..

Flowers cheer you up and make you happy. Even when it's rainy weather flower boots will let you shine.

I love them, and luckily there are now more flower patterned boots to choose from then ever before. I especially like the designer boots from Nomad. The vintage patterns gives a bit of romanticism into your rain boots. Roses and Sunflower design with a touch of art-deco. Curly flowers printed on high boots are almost a true camouflage for your garden....If only....

I try to get flowers in the garden all year round but that's not always an easy task. Especially in winter time it's difficult to get some color in your garden. And you always need a bit of luck, especially when you do organic gardening as I do, to get some flowers up and coming. So I often think to myself, when there are no flowers in the garden, I still have my flower boots to keep me smiling. Luckily though it's soon becoming spring and everybody knows that spring is the best time for flowers and optimism. Nature awakens and soon colorful flowers can be seen everywhere. On balconies, gardens and parks.

A new season, a new look and new chances.

The funky boot on the left is the Nomad Women's Puddles Rain Boot

Sloggers is another great designer rain boot you might be interested in if you're looking for flower boots. They make great boots and not to expensive. To me keeping the environment healthy counts when I'm buying a product and these boots are made from 100% recyclable materials.

There are other great vintage boots with flower print as well. Like my favorite boot brand : dr Martens boots with flowers

Western Chief Women's Floral Paisley Boot,Pink,9 M US
Western Chief Women's Floral Paisley Boot,Pink,9 M US

warm, comfortable and stylish boots for the garden with flowers on them


Dr martens boots with flowers - Vintage dr martens flower boots

Maybe it all started in the 50's when the youth rebelled against there parents. Previously children became copies of there parents and the freedom of expression was narrow.

But when the Rock and Roll arrived, a new generation stepped forward.

In the Midlands of England, Northampton, the Griggs family was making boots since 1901. They were doing well. Only at hindsight you could see that the Griggs family would start a huge business. They were creative, thinking out of the box and standing out from the crowd. In other words, they were a bit different.

The Griggs family were thinking about the future and adapted rapidly according the changes that came after WWII. Even the more the boots and shoes made by the Griggs family changed when Bill Griggs saw an advertisement in the newspaper. The advert was about a German duo who was looking for a partner to bring there revolutionary idea of a air-air-cushioned sole into practice.

The munich based inventors Dr. Maertens and Dr. Funck were great innovators and together with the Grigg family who had the know how of making boots, it became a golden duo.

Dr. Martens became fashionable under the early skinheads. Not the skinheads of today but the original Ska loving, multi cultural working class youth. From there on the Dr. Martens boots took a own life and worked it way up from working class footwear up to underground boots straight to the Vogue and Fashion Industry.

Dr. Martens still is a name that, because of it's history, is associated with strong reliable boots. Boots that are comfortable and go along for years.

Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Re-Invented Victorian Print Lace Up Boot
Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Re-Invented Victorian Print Lace Up Boot

Amazing ankle boot with flowers by dr. Martens. A true vintage boot with flower design


The History of Doc. Martens. - Dr. Martens boots and shoes. How it all began

Doc. Martens shoes started of with workman shoes, policemen and factory workers. It was soon discovered by the punk scene and skinheads. As a opposite of the hippy movement. Dr. Martens though slowly entered the fashion scene. And funny enough. The Dr. Martin boots with flowers are almost hippy like, opposite the whole punk rebellion.

Rain boots with flowers on them. - Vintage flower boots for rain and heavy weather

The good old yellow wellies are gone. Sorry... Atlthough the old school rubber boots are still hip (not the army green one, for heaven's sake) today you can find rubber boots in many designs. From Leonardo da Vinci printed on them..yes I've seen them up to lovely wellies with flowers.

Wellies with flowers on eBay - Bargain boots with flowers on them at eBay

On ebay you can often get some bargain boots. Although the first on line shop to think about, if you're looking for some nice boots, is probably Amazon. Ebay is still a great and trustworthy place to go for some serious boot hunting. They have some great boots with flower decoration. May it be that you're looking for some funky garden boots, or some cool cowboy boots with flowers embroidered on the leather.

Famous O.J. Dingo Boots - something special for your feet.

Famous O.J. Dingo Boots - something special for your feet.
Famous O.J. Dingo Boots - something special for your feet.

Ideas and comments are always welcome - Thank you for dropping by at by boots with flowers collection

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