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How Colors Can Be Therapeutic

Updated on May 20, 2010

What can blue or purple do to you on a given day?

One Purple April day in Harvard
One Purple April day in Harvard
Day One: Hub # One
Day One: Hub # One

Which color mostly attracts the opposite sex?

It is indeed true that color adds vigor and vim to something drab and plain. Anything that catches the eye is something dressed up with colour, whether to match it up was the thing of the recent past. Is the trend going to be that colors that were not even thought of to complement, now become to be the latest “hitch” to match? Think of shades of red and pink to match, and true blue to pair with a grinning green. Fashion tends to contradict what they used to have and to hold as a standing rule for all-time about colors. Whatever happened to using colors that harmonize? There was always a question of primary colorsbeing together, except of course for some super hero like Superman who would have all the license to use the red-blue tandem, for the red is never created for the blue.

The purple-ism or purplishness of the times in a society where color matching paid a high price just to be ultra coordinated and be ‘together’ so to speak, unmistakably fascinates the eyes of a beholder and a catcher. The trend follows that every other person has something purple on her or him. On a particular spot where traffic just got out of work or to catch a bus after five pm and weave away or push over of the mix-n-match of the array of hues of purples and violets and lavenders and fuschia out there, that one nonchalantly queries as to “Why purple?” Could it be that this color is 2009's colour?. All of a sudden there was and is a sporadic spur of purple shades of any wardrobes from hats to purses to back-packs and even belts. Yet if one pays close attention to the pattern, there’ll be purple shirts, tops, and bottoms, and even purple highlights and hair-dyed base any day of the week, male and female. What a perplex idea this is. Not too long ago was when we associate the color purple to death or a funeral. In fact, for the Lenten season, which is sacrificial and mostly doing penance for salvation, the places of worship would be donned with purple with the priest and his sash and vest all purpled and silked.

On the other hand, the complementary colors on that basic and traditional color wheel which are orange, green, and purple need not have to be used together, except in things that are abstract. But, as one grows up-he or she would most likely have been exposed and are so used to the colors that really match and it matters. Yes, it wouldn’t be good to look at, not to mention the outside world smirking and pouting just because one’s colors today aren’t well-coordinated. The earth colors would have to team up with brown and khaki, orange and shades of creme and yellow and beige. Green and its family of light and dark emeralds go excellently with the brown-browns and the green-patched camouflage. Yellow and gold can go with purple and sometimes blue. Of course, the all-time, year round, never out-of-fashion worn-out favorite, never-go-wrong blue jeans would match with any color of top, or shirt, or blouse- that denim would flexibly go with any colors.

As one shifts attention to the other colors that behooves drama and contrast, it would be the color of black. Of course , there is no such thing as dark black or light.

black, but maybe the blackest of black or stark black. This black color to most trend-
setters is the ultimate base to being the be-all and end-all to contrast with any colors except of course with color brown. Mr. Black and Ms. Brown should never get together for they should not and would not look good together. As was always the belief, black is the “absence of all colors”. This means that black is never a color at all. Most fashion-conscious people always adhere to wearing black because it is ‘misunderstood’. Black is used for tux, for very formal outfits, for dress shoes, and for other occasional affairs and yet often times associated with gang affiliations.
When you think black, you think of smoothing colors that go well with black like
the greyish of gray and whitest of white. This combination may all seem so formal or less formal but one never goes wrong when worn in a job interview, or a conference, or a business proposal. White, so to speak, is the “presence of all colors.” If my memory serves me right, a teacher once said that if “ you turn the color wheel quickly enough, it will be a splish-splash of spiraling whites.” White may be bright and may be that light and may enhance the contour and size of the wearer. Nevertheless, most of the colored colours all go with white. Only the very light shades of creme, off-white, and beige would make the combination too dull. The grey on the end of the bargain seems to always stick to black. When one’s hair turn to salt-and-pepper because mainly of old age, thw white in the hair is never described as “white” but gray.

What about colours from the garden of freshness and greeneries. Colours that are considered as pastel display a certain kind of femininity. Pastel colors depict sweetness and smiling warmth, and youthful passion. The colors may come with a brush of mixed colors to create designs or prints on skirts that hang flowingly or a spring dress with floral bouquets that come in pastel paints. Dots and stripes may also be lined-up with colors that show straight lines and checkered plaids.

The idea that everybody knows that should the top be adorned with prints such as floral splatters, checked strips and stripes, and dotted multi-colors, the bottom should be strictly plain and plain or vice-versa. Colors do play rainbow-friendly to a mix-n-match style which is still a common knowledge to women of the times. Really, this is a closet-saver yet when most women try to organize or revamp their wardrobe as to what season of the year it is, it is not just by tops and bottoms and over-alls but they always consider colors depicting their mood, the times, and the weather.

Now, purple and then, violet- yet black is in and will always be. White for all times would always remain part of one’s wardrobe- for all seasons. The basic primary and complementary colors are the utmost reason to be the springboard of Crayola’s coming up of “new” colors that enhance and add tints to the all-basic red and blue and yellow. The colors of the earth bring life to the evergreen flow of autumn. Yet, not to forget the pastel colors that lighten up someone else’s day.

Are we ready to create a new generation of colors that really complement each other? Who says that orange can match with red? Is this going to be forever, or another trend that is short-lived? Whatever the answer is, we stick to the fact that colors from the old beliefs still stand and will always be. Old school, baby boomers, happy hubbers - we make it a point to be color-coordinated, because this is where the fun begins- harmony in color and matching was, is, and will be pleasantly be welcoming to the eyes of the world.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very nice article. Extremely well written. It is a very well developed essay. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's a good article

    • SimPly RaRe profile imageAUTHOR

      SimPly RaRe 

      9 years ago from California USA

      Yes, that's rightm, Berttttt- that was the shot taken right after the Raregems and you and Au went to visit Niagara Falls--both of you are one great super host and hostess-thanks for dropping by at the HUb

    • profile image

      Bert D 

      9 years ago

      Hi Millie its good to see in tne picture with a with colourfull flower clock it refresh me during your short visit with your friends in Toronto keep in touch missssed you!!!!!!!!!

    • SimPly RaRe profile imageAUTHOR

      SimPly RaRe 

      9 years ago from California USA

      sweetie pie-Hi! Yes, colors do add to your lifestyle- it makes life more alive, and it helps go through living with ease.....So, fancy or not- that's really free-willing for you.

      Anyway, my pix was taken in a park close to the Niagara Falls- it really looks like in Disney, ha? Also, a flower clock that works and on the dot...thanks for visiting! SPRR

    • SweetiePie profile image


      9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I really love color and I must admit to wearing pretty much any one that strikes my fancy. This is probably not the best modality for dressing, but I enjoy doing this!


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