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The Cozy & Stylish Columbia Women's Fleece Jacket

Updated on November 13, 2015



Why I Love Fleece Jackets For Women

I use fleece a lot. They replace jumpers and cardies. They are used while out trekking or walking, in the house for keeping warm and for cozying up with the cat and watching movies. They are used for shopping and for working on the allotment. I use them under my waterproof jackets when out.

So my first rule for fleece is you can never have too many. My second is they must cover a lot of criteria like warmth, softness and practical use. Fleece come in all shapes, sizes, colors and thicknesses which fortunately for me means they can be used all year around and in different situations.

Fleece Jackets Should Give You Warmth

Warmth is a major issue for me having lived in the place from hell for two years and being in danger of hypothermia being cozy is vital to my sense of well being. So fleece must have a good cozy rating which this fleece does. Though I never rely just on a fleece. If out and about or walking I layer with thermals etc. This fleece is both warm and lightweight.

Showing the Columbia Women's Fleece

It's Slimming

Now if you are super slim this might not be an issue but I love the two panels down the front as it draws the eye along the body making you look slimmer. Also because of it's shape you you have a larger bust it fits better and doesn't look silly.

Pockets are a must, I just hate jackets without pockets. These are large and deep and have zips (also preferred as I lose things else!).

Color is Vital to How You Feel

For me color is a simple choice. There are only two colors that I love for fleece and that is a berry/claret type color or a dusky purple. This fleece has both of these colors, however it also has a range of other colors to suit other preferences.

My sister likes and looks better in autumn colors and some skin stones would suit the lighter or the stronger colors so with 22 colors to choose from there is something for almost everyone and you are less likely to find yourself in the same colors as someone else.

The Cozy and Stylish Columbia Women's Fleece Jacket is Perfect for Winter Walks or Relaxing Indoors

Columbia Women's Benton Springs Classic Fit Full Zip Soft Fleece Jacket, Beet, Large
Columbia Women's Benton Springs Classic Fit Full Zip Soft Fleece Jacket, Beet, Large

I chose the Columbia Women's Fleece Jacket because it comes up to my exacting standards where fleece are concerned. I have a lot of requirements.

This would be one fleece of choice because it covers all my needs for a fleece. It is warm, soft, cozy and keeps you happy. It comes in many colors unlike some fleeces and it comes in colors I like. And it doesn't cost the earth.

I always tease my sister about how fussy she is with handbags but when it comes to fleece I am just as bad. I expect the best in all areas which is a big ask of any fleece.

My criteria for fleece cover color, warmth, cozy feelings, design, practicality and comfort and price. To name but a few. This fleece covers all these things and is hot on my list of things to get for my fleece.

The Style & Shape of The Columbia Women's Fleece Jacket

Must be both Practical and Stylish and Cozy

Most of my fleece are more the traditional bomber shapes i.e they bell out then tie at the bottom. I can live with this however having one that is "fit and flare" is much better as it fits you your shape better and gives you a waist thus reducing added bulk which any woman can do without especially if prone to add a few pounds!

This is both an elegant and practical style.

I don't mind half zips and sometimes they are better but for practical use the full zips are great as it makes removing the fleece easier. I have a frozen shoulder so am having a lot of difficulty in removing half zipped fleeces. Also when you are out walking sometimes you just want to open the fleece up but still wear it.


Material Type and softness is Important for Your Fleece

Anyone knows that when it comes to fleece the material is vital. Material should be soft, warm and durable. The Colombia fleece has the softest material that makes you feel cozy.

Women's Sizes Vary So What is Best?

Fleece must be comfortable so there should be no skimping on the fabric or cut. You don't want them hanging off you as they may need to go under a waterproof coat, but you do want to be able to move about after all they should be something that is practical as many people use them for walking and hiking etc. A large Benton's fleece jacket would fit a size 14 person. If you get a jacket that is your usual size you will be able to put it on even if wearing a sweater.

It is best to stick to your normal size that way you will have room for items to go under and it won't be too large.

More Great Colombia Fleece Designs and Colors

These jackets are also in the Colombia range and come in many different colors.

Rate the Colombia Jackets

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    • choosehappy profile image


      6 years ago from US

      These jackets are cozy, stylish and most of all, warm! Love them.


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