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Comfortable Shoes for Women

Updated on November 25, 2014

Most Comfortable Shoes Women Want

Best brands in most comfortable shoes women love featured here. Love to shop online shoes? If comfortable shoes a necessity to you, then you own shoes that make your feet happy.

As a teacher who spends long days on her feet, comfortable shoes are crucial. While I don't claim to be a fashion expert, nor am I usually picky about brand names, I DO know about comfortable shoes and which brands are most reliable for wear and comfort.

You CAN be wearing shoes that keep your feet happy AND at the same time are stylish and attractive. Many like to buy SAS shoes online, for example. They're here, along with many other quality brands for you to shop online shoes. Comfortable walking shoes for women and you can find discount women's dress shoes and you can even buy running shoes online.

Your feet need your support.

Put them in quality containers.

Most Comfortable Shoes Women Love

Many advantages in top quality comfortable shoe brands await your feet.

Your feet are amazing... In an average lifetime they'll walk, run, hop, skip and jump around 100,000 miles.

Brand names in comfortable shoes make a huge difference! Sure they cost more than the discount shoes, but my feet are WORTH it and so are yours. Cut costs on fashion in clothing like blouses and pants and such, for as long as they fit, they won't give you pain just by wearing them. Shoes WILL!

Another advantage to quality brand name shoes is that they will LAST! Why buy cheap shoes regularly that hurt your feet when you'd likely spend the same amount of money (or even less) on ONE quality pair that will last for years and years before showing any wear? Some of these brands are even guaranteed for life. Can't beat that.

POLL: YOUR Favorite Shoe Brand - Which is your favorite of these most comfortable shoes for women?

Below is a list of some of our featured most comfortable shoes for women. Do you have a favorite brand?

Which brand below is YOUR favorite in a comfortable women's shoe?

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Why Shop Online Shoes?

Quality women's shoes such as the brands found here are reliable for size.

Normally we might consider trying on shoes to be a MUST prior to purchasing, and it many cases, this is true. However shoes made by more high end manufacturers tend to run very true to size - much more so than do the models from discount stores. I've bought the brands on this page online for years, and rarely have had a problem with the wrong fit.

These brands come in sizes expressed both in American and European numbers, and once you know yours - it will not likely differ. That's because these quality brands do tend to stick with a quite uniform model in sizing.

Save your feet and shop online shoes. You are on your feet so much already. It's not necessary to be on your feet for most kinds of shopping.

The following brands of shoes are all first rate in both quality and comfort.

Merrill Women's Shoes on Amazon


Merrell knows how to create happy feet.

You can't go wrong with a pair of Merrill Shoes or boots in comfort to last and last. For more than 26 years, Merrell has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality performance footwear for more than 26 years.

Originating in Vermont, Merrill began creating high quality hiking boots and was popular among outdoor enthusiasts. As their needs changed, so has Merrell's approach to addressing those needs. Over time, the concepts of "outdoor" has broadened to include all types of activities and environments - both natural and urban.

True Story about Merrell Shoes: A man I know works in a machine shop and complained SO much about his feet. Long hours standing on concrete floors in a shop with no A/C took a toll. He'd soak his feet every day after work just to cool them down, and usually pulled his shoes off at lunchtime as well. During hot weather, he developed a horrible rash on his feet.

So I got this grumpy ole man a pair of Merrill shoes and we couldn't believe the difference! The rash is gone and he no longer needs to remove his shoes at lunch or right away after work. In fact, he doesn't want to remove them at all, even after the very first day wearing them. (His are Merrell Ventilators, an athletic style great for hikers with lots of support and made to let heat escape).

Favorite ECCO Boots

Flexible and warm suede upper, while the padded insole offers arch support. The rubber outsole is textured for grip. All-day comfort can be found in this cozy ECCO boot!!! Usually I don't care much for boots since they tend to be so heavy, but this one is my favorite!



At ECCO, form follows function & comfort over conformity.

Ecco brand shoes originated in Denmark when a guy named Karl Toosbuy started a revolution in footwear. Tired of having his feet mold to his shoes, he felt that the foot should lead the shoe and not the other way around. Makes perfect sense to me.

I know from experience that Ecco shoes can be relied upon for extreme comfort, having worn the same pair of Ecco shoes regularly for over 10 years of being on my feet as a teacher. Ecco makes a wide selection of styles in dress and casual shoes as well as boots and sandals.


Clark has both style and comfort down to a science. Clark Shoes began in England with a flash of inspiration and the invention of the very first sheepskin slipper. Since then their state-of the-art facilities and love of shoes has brought them to be not only the number one shoe brand in the UK, but also the world's largest casual and smart shoe company.


Wear Danskos once, and your feet will LOVE them!

Dansko is footwear HEAVEN! These are the most comfortable shoes, sandals and clogs with an artful look. You can wear Dansko footwear without any discomfort worry for the entire day.

In fact, many Dansko collections have been awarded the the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. This is the leading professional organization representing the nations Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, and the seal is used to designate footwear, hosiery and other foot related products that promote good foot health. Dansko shoes make you WANT to walk!

Birkenstock Women's Shoes at Amazon


You can't go wrong with Birkenstocks.

While you likely know of the famous Birkenstock sandals, did you know that Birkenstock now manufactures shoes of all different styles? Yes, workshoes and casual footwear are now available with the same contoured foot-bed that made the Birkenstock sandals so famous.

Birkenstocks originated in Germany, but are now made in the USA!. This shoe company began over 40 years ago when the founder, Margot Fraser, wanted to share the comfort and health benefits of Birkenstock footwear. She had visited a German resort a few years earlier and tried on her first pair or Birkenstocks. She was extremely impressed at how good they felt and did some research, finding that the original Birkenstock contoured foot-bed was invented and manufactured in Germany by Konrad Birkenstock in 1897. In fact, the family has been shoemakers for over 230 years - more than two centuries of creating and perfecting a tradition of walking comfort.

Then in 1966, Margot began importing Birkenstock footwear from Germany in small amounts and thus Birkenstock USA was born. The business grew every year and today, Birkenstock USA has enjoyed enormous success and continues to grow with many different styles of sandals and shoes.

New Balance

New Balance athletic shoes are top quality and American made.

New Balance makes excellent quality athletic shoes. Best as a source for athletic wear more so than casual or dress shoes, New Balance is a company of note in that their shoes are made in the USA! When we can find top quality athletic shoes of all kinds that are American-made, then why even consider brands made in other countries?

Notice that each shoe style has a model number, and it appears on the heel of the shoe. The higher that number, the higher the comfort and quality. Last time I bought a pair I was going to buy a lower number that was on sale until I tried on one of those with a higher number on the other foot. HUGE difference that is well worth the extra money. Your feet will thank you. I call mine 'clouds' cause that's just how they feel on my feet, like walking on a cloud.

My Favorite KEEN Shoes

Wet or dry, this shoe is rugged and comfy... a perfect warm weather shoe for active wear or every day. If you like canoeing, sailing or other water sports, Keen is THE shoe for you. They're also great for bicycling and gardening. Get 'em wet or get 'em dirty, no problem. These shoes are rugged and made to last.

See more KEEN Shoe Styles here.



Best active wear & waterproof sandal on the market, KEEN!

KEEN began with the invention of an unusual sandal that protects the toes. Not the cutsie kind of sandal for some women, but if you need your feet protected for active wear, this is the best sandal available. Later KEEN expanded to many styles of comfort shoes for rugged wear.

KEEN developed a unique, waterproof system for shoes that breathes, letting vapor out while letting water in. Beyond sandals, KEEN now makes boots and athletic shoes with lightweight insulation, superior support and traction and a three-layer system to keep feet warm and dry. KEEN footwear makes a run in the woods feel like a walk in the park.

Check out this funny KEEN Shoe Review from Amazon: "9,999 shoes later, I found my love! ... I don't care if they had bright flashing fuschia blinkers and a whoopie cushion to boot. These shoes rock." December 11, 2007 Horndogger "H.Doggy" (Alaska)

My favorite pair of hiking boots is also KEEN brand.

Crocs Shoes - Comfortable women's shoes, waterproof and very lightweight


Crocs shoes have come a long way since they first manufactured a waterproof gardening sandle.

I remember when Crocs became all the rage, and I simply found the original style to be an ugly shoe. However, Crocs has earned a second look, since they've now come out with a wide variety of shoe styles that are both comfortable and attractive.

Crocs are a perfect shoe for those who suffer from the painful burning of foot neuropathy since they are so light weight and cool to the touch. Burning foot pain? Try Crocs.

Fly London

Have you tried Fly London shoes and boots yet?

Many women find Fly London shoes shoes and boots to be the most comfortable shoes ever, even for those with problem feet! Fly London shoes and boots are made with a wedge support that cushions the foot and protects it while at the same time providing an attractive and fashionable style.

Skechers - Skecher Sassies - LOVE this SHOE!

Here's a shoe that can be worn to work yet feels as comfy as athletic shoes. Love the smooth leather and soft fabric upper with low wedge heel, and the perforation accents keep my feel cool. Dressy casual and lightweight with adjustable strap make this one that I wear a LOT!


Skechers Shoes for Women

LOVE my Comfy Skechers!

A couple of gals I know were talking about how much they adore their Skecher shoes. When one of them actually insisted that when she wears her Skechers, it feels like walking barefoot in sand... well my first thought was SIGN ME UP! So I did buy a pair and after wearing them awhile they've certainly become a favorite. Very lightweight and yet they have support and are attractive.

Skechers makes several attractive styles of very comfortable shoes to choose from. My favorite style is below,but many others can be found from that page so take a look.


Naot makes attractive and comfortable shoes for women.

A friend gave me my first pair of Naot shoes. She suffers terribly from neuropathy, so comfortable shoes are vital for her. For her, even though the Naot brand is comfortable, the shoe felt too heavy on her feet , and made the burning from foot neuropathy even worse. So Naot shoes did not work well for her, but I found them to be perfect. Rugged yet comfy support and attractive.

By the way, if you also suffer from foot neuropathy, my friend found the Crocs slides work best for that. They are very light weight compared to other brands and so the shoe doesn't aggravate her foot burn symptoms.

Naot Shoes for Women

Most of the Naot Shoe line consists of comfy low heeled sandals with mega support. However there are some incredibly comfortable Naot boot styles too.


No wonder you want to buy SAS shoes online...

SAS stands for San Antonio Shoemakers. SAS is an American shoe manufacturer that was founded in 1976 in San Antonio, TX .

They specialize in hand-crafted shoes and also women's handbags. So many women swear by the comfort and support in SAS shoes, and buying SAS shoes online is simple.

Aside from the incredible comfort of SAS shoes, I also like that they are one of the few brands that are made in the USA. American made gets high rank in my book.

Shop Online Shoes on eBay? - eBay can be a great place to shop online shoes.

You BET you can find discount women's dress shoes on eBay! I've found deals for women's shoes many times on eBay. Use the 'search' box and type in the brand you like and size, maybe the style too, for example 'Dansko clogs 40' I've loved Dansko clogs for years. They come in European sizes, mine is 40, and I like clogs the best of the Dansko line.

Or you can choose by category, like boots or sandals, athetic shoes or... you get the drill. The category chosen below was 'athletic shoes' but there are many other shoe categories to search.

Now on eBay you may have to scroll through some junk, cause people do sell used shoes there, but don't let that stop you. You CAN find brand NEW shoes on eBay, so search to find some of the best buys ever in discount women's dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots, etc.

Guestbook for Women Who Shop Online Shoes - What'syour take about this selection of most comfortable shoes women?

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    • CrossCreations profile imageAUTHOR

      Carolan Ross 

      5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      @anonymous: Both Fly London and Dansko have comfortable women's shoe styles that can be worn with dressier outfits. When I was teaching full-time, I wore Danskos most of the time.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Let's see: I have worn the Naot's; I have some ecco boots. And I bought the birkenstock inserts for my other shoes. I would say you have a good list here. I can tell you know the best shoes. I'm currently looking for a flat shoe that is semi stylish yet comfortable. Not sure which brand. I know I want to wear them with dressier clothes. Any recommendations?

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      6 years ago from Central Florida

      I have really wide feet and nothing ever fits me right. I'll have to look these over carefully. May be the solution for my poor aching feet.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 

      6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Great choices here!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens! I just love those shoes that are so smooth that makes you feel like heaven. Foot Comfort Shoes

    • squid2hub profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens

    • bechand profile image


      7 years ago

      too funny "in comfortable shoes" ... a figure of speech that I just learned in the past few years ...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Had a friend who was on holiday in Scotland from Canada. He bought, I believe, a pair of Clark shoes. Something was wrong with them so he contacted the store in Scotland, they said, "Send them back." He did, they then sent them to Eastern Europe, where they were made. They then were sent back to the store in Scotland, and the store sent them back to Canada. Well traveled shoes.

    • Senora M profile image

      Senora M 

      7 years ago

      Cool lens. I need some more comfy shoes!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love going barefoot! If I could, I'd never wear shoes. But, the next best thing is comfortable shoes. You have a great selection here to choose from. I'm saving it to favorites for the next time I need to buy a great pair of comfy shoes. 5*s from me (and my happy feet.) Thank you!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Easy Spirits for me! I do love comfy shoes!

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 

      9 years ago from Vermont

      Merrell footwear is great - I also really like my Easy Spirit Fastbreaks. No more aching arches and tired legs!


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