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Concealment Clothing! It Just Makes Sense when You Travel!

Updated on January 29, 2015

Daytona Beach Shores...My Kind of Vacation

A Nice Relaxing Sit Down on the Beach...My kind of vacation.
A Nice Relaxing Sit Down on the Beach...My kind of vacation.

A Study Abroad Trip, Going to A Friends Wedding, and A Summer Vacation at the Beach

A Lot of People I know are traveling- its just something that we all do: For Fun, To Rest, To Get Away, For a Special Occasion, For Education, and Just to Relax.

Here are a few examples of this:

Recently, my husbands's cousin just returned from a trip to Italy. She was able to participate with the study abroad program at her college. Not only did she get to visit where her family's roots in a small village called Cercemaggiore, but she was also able to see the new Pope in Rome. Also a friend of mine is getting ready to go to a friends wedding in Playa Del Carmen (Mexico). Even my baby sitter's family is driving to Washington DC with her family. A friend of mine is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania...

As for myself, next week,I am going to Daytona Beach Florida for a 10 day summer vacation. A nice relaxing vacation..(RELAXING Being the Operative Word here)....No studying, no climbing any mountains, no driving around from venue to venue...Just a Nice relaxing time on the beach.

Concealment shirt are great for carrying your passport, your credit cards, your cash and other important valuables you don't want to lose.
Concealment shirt are great for carrying your passport, your credit cards, your cash and other important valuables you don't want to lose. | Source

Make Travel Safer and Smarter. Don't think about your valuables. Just Think about having fun

When traveling, one thing you don't want to have to think about is your passports, money, atm cards and other valuable items. What type of vacation is one where you worry about all of your stuff and someone pick pocketing or stealing it? Not a very good one.

That is where travel concealment clothing comes in. Hidden pockets where you would not accept to see them.

In the picture you can see the concealment shirt being worn. We did it this way so you can see it but you can wear another shirt over it. Our concealment shirt functions as an undershirt. It wear comfortably tight to the skin, therefore hiding it. There are multiple pockets for various items as well as accessibility for yourself.

Soft zippered pockets offer even tighter security as well which are seen below.

So What Can You Carry in Your Concealment Clothing when you Travel?

  • A Passport
  • Travel Documents
  • Licence
  • ATM Cards
  • Cash
  • Valuable Papers
  • Chapstick and lip balm
  • snacks
  • watches
  • jewelry
  • a cell phone
  • make-up
  • important keys

Multi-purpose shirts for many uses

When a  Travel Concealment shirts and tanktops fits you properly, you won't even remember that you are carrying your important stuff on you too.
When a Travel Concealment shirts and tanktops fits you properly, you won't even remember that you are carrying your important stuff on you too. | Source

What are these shirts made of?

Shirts are constructed with a very breathable polyester blend. Much like the "compression shirts you often see. These have special concealed pockets.

Who Else Uses This?

Concealment shirts were always popular in the military and law enforcement fields. As you can imagine an undercover agent, for example may need to keep a weapon or something else hidden and out of site. But concealment shirts have a much broader purpose too, especially ones for travel.

Now you see this type of material and shirt design everywhere. At the gym, on someone who is cycling, rock climbing, mountain climbing, a runner, you name it. Great especially for athletes...who like to carry a minimal amount of stuff on them. They are often referred to as compression shirts also. Now we have one's with easy storage of items that work effectively for safe travel.

I Really Don't Need To Hide Anything But This Shirt Can Help Me!

You Bet. Simply going to the gym, cycling, going for a don't have to "conceal" it or any items. It's just nice to pit your key somewhere for instance. I used to be paranoid because I would go out for a run and put my key in my sock. If I wasn't constantly worried about losing it and checking my leg, it would jab me if I sidestepped to avoid a puddle...

I Don't Travel Much or Workout, So What Else Is It Good For?

Have you ever gone to a party with lots of people, maybe a seminar or class when you did't have a safe place to leave stuff if you left your spot.

I just went to a wedding and I couldn't comfortably dance because I was worried about my jacket resting on my chair. My phone and wallet are too bulky for my suit pants. My wife has it worse; she's got a dress with no pockets...

It's Great For Students too!

These guys are in a class-room regularly. Then it's off to the gym, or library, or cafeteria. I would loved to have on of these when I was back in school. Not to mention, going here or there, hating to sit on the bulky wallet (not that it had much money in it in those and using your ID card for everything, needing a few small bills for food, copies, and things.

You May Think You'r Safe...

My parents have neighbors that traveled abroad. The like to do this kind of thing as do many of us. The are retired and now have the time to travel. They were telling my folks how they were somewhere on a boat tour when a seemingly harmless younger gentlemand asked to change seats with the gentleman. Little did they know that his pick-pocket buddy was in the empty seat awaiting his arrival.

Next thing they knew, his wallet was gone as well as his cash and cards!!!

Where do we keep our valuables during travel....

When You Travel Where Do You Keep Your Valuables So that they Are Safe?

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    • Arc4life profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Florida

      Thelma to get more information, you can go to:

      Very cool products for safe and protected travels.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 

      5 years ago from Germany and Philippines

      Wow! This is a great idea for travelling. I might find something like this in a shop nearby. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful;-)


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