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Cool Laptop Cases - Best Buy Options for 2015

Updated on January 1, 2015
Cool Laptop Case
Cool Laptop Case

Cool and Rugged Laptop Cases For All Your Needs

Are you looking for a Cool and Rugged Laptop Case to keep your laptop protected whilst carrying it around?

When you buy a laptop, it's important to have the right case for carrying your laptop and its accessories. You want a Cool Laptop Case to go with the type of person you are!

If you travel frequently or take your laptop everywhere, you want more rugged features to ensure that your case will stand up to the wear and tear and adequately protect your laptop.

Whether you are choosing a laptop case for style or choosing one for durability or both, you can find everything you need in laptop case if you know what features you need.

Choosing Your Laptop Case

When you are looking for a Cool Laptop Case the first thing you want to make sure of is that you are buying the right size case. If your laptop is 17" wide, you'll need a bag to accommodate a 17" wide laptop, but also a case of a thickness to fit your laptop. Some laptops ore very slender, some are thicker, so width of your case is a consideration.

Choose a material that you prefer, whether leather, canvas or hard-molded. Leather is very popular, so If you prefer leather you will find a variety of styles to choose from. Remember that leather will become more "distressed" or scuffed with frequent use. There are also synthetic leather materials that have the right look and feel but wear better. Real and synthetic leather will also be slightly heavier than fabric.

Canvas and nylon laptop cases are more lightweight than leather, and are easier to care for, but these materials wear out faster. Make sure the stitching and seams are reinforced sufficiently to keep shoulder straps and handles from ripping through the fabric.

Your third option is a hard case, made of molded metal, usually aluminum, or plastic. These can be either heavy or light depending on the material, but with the right interior padding they offer significant protection from falls or other damage.

Regardless of your case material, padding for shock absorption is very important. While there is probably no case that will protect your laptop from a serious fall, your case should at least minimal protection of your laptop if falls off a chair or desk. Look for padding along the bottom as well as on the sides, to protect the spine of your laptop where the ports are located. Additional pockets either inside or outside the case can increase the shock-absorption. Balance the need for protection with the weight and bulkiness of the laptop case overall.

Look to see how much space is available for carrying accessories for your laptop. Super-thin cases seem to ignore the need to also carry a power cord, mouse, USB hub, or other accessories that you need to have with your computer. Look for a case that has compartments for these items so that they aren't simply shoved into the main area of the bag where they cause bulk.

How much interior or exterior storage space you need will be an individual decision. Some people prefer to use their laptop case as a briefcase instead of carrying both while traveling, and need many pockets for paperwork, file folders, and more. Make sure the case you're considering has enough storage.

Finally, style is probably as important as all of the above to most buyers. Choose a case that matches your sense of style, whether sleek and expensive for the executive, or casual canvas for the college student. With both the right structural elements and appealing style, your laptop case will be not just a great accessory but a worthwhile investment to protect your computer.

Absolute Necessities In A Women's Laptop Bag

For many women who carry laptops daily for both business and personal use, having the right laptop bag is as important as having the right handbag. Function and style are equally critical - women don't want to carry those bulky, boxy grey or black laptop cases you find lining the walls in office supply stores. No, a women's laptop bag needs to blend with a woman's style, and be an extension of her taste jut as her clothing is.

It's no wonder then that in response to the demand for stylish women's laptop bags, a beautiful and dazzling variety of laptop cases just for women are now available. Whether you shop online or offline, at Neiman's or Target, there are laptop bags in all shapes, materials, sizes and colors to suit every need. Styles range from sophisticated and subtle leather to hot pink plastic - and of course, you will need more than one to choose from depending on your mood!

Women's laptop bags come in all kinds of materials, including leather, heavy fabric such as canvas, and plastic. Some women may choose a hard case, such as aluminum or other hard material. Women's cases can now be found in just about any kind of material you might want.

Along with style there is still a need for functionality. There are some basic features you should look for in a women's laptop bag. Padding inside to protect your laptop is important although it does add bulk.

Try out the bag's shoulder strap too; straps for women's bags should be narrower, and also padded. Interior pockets can be few or many according to your need; do you also carry your phone, or makeup in your bag? Most women also carry their handbag, but some like to pile everything into one, so decide which works for you.

At a minimum, you'll need space to add your power cord, mouse, headphones, USB hub or other accessories you need to have with you. Finally, interior or exterior document pockets may be important, if you also carry files or papers with you, or just want room to stuff in a magazine.

As with women's handbags, prices can go from inexpensive to outrageously expensive. Depending on the size and the materials, and whether it's a brand-name bag, you can spend quite a bit of money for a laptop bag. Expect to spend at least $50-100 for a bag with the minimum features, but of course you can spend much more than that if you have the budget.

Now that women carry laptops everywhere, the market has just exploded with a huge variety of shapes, styles, and colors in women's laptop bags. You'll be certain to find one that matches your style.

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