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Best Men's Watches 2015 - Cool, Funky, Unique Watch Review

Updated on January 14, 2015
I like Nixon's Newton series of watches which displays time in a unique way.
I like Nixon's Newton series of watches which displays time in a unique way.

Unique Men's Watches for 2015

I've spent quite a bit of time looking at watches and quite frankly there are many out there that are just too boring. In this post I'll take a look at 7 uniquely funky watches for men that are both unique in style and how the time is displayed.

Before you leave be sure to vote in our poll for the coolest men's watch and leave a comment with any watch you feel should be featured on this page.

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Men's Watch
Nixon 51-30 Chrono Men's Watch

What a Unique Watch Says About a Man:

I don't like wearing normal watches. To me it's entirely boring and if it's too over the top it can make you look like a used car salesman.

Whether or not you like it, people judge you before they even get to know you. You can be the coolest guy in the world, but if you have a boring look, then maybe others will wrongly assume it's not worth getting to know you. A unique watch helps to show your individuality. A cool watch shows that you can go casual or sleek.

For the Businessman:

You're unique just like everyone else, but you have clients so wearing something too unique might not be ideal; however, your watch doesn't have to be boring. A skeleton watch or one with a big face could be just the conversation starter that you need.

Want to wear something a little more funky?

Just because you have to take work a little more seriously doesn't mean that you can't wear something more funky. When you're out and about feel free to express yourself.

Below I've listed a few of my favorite watches for all personality types and occasions.

Stuhrling Men's Skeleton Watch
Stuhrling Men's Skeleton Watch

Best Value Skeleton Watches for Men 2015

Stuhrling Zeppelin Z2

I love how exposed the internal workings of skeleton watches are. I own a few of the Stuhrling watches and as a geer head, they are some of the funnest watches to wear. Also these watches aren't overly pricey and Stuhrling is a Swiss manufacturer who is dedicated to quality so overall you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The skeleton watch I've chosen to feature is the Sturhling 206B.33152 Leisure Zeppelin Z2 which has a unique five piece case design made of the best surgical-grade stainless steel available. I really like the over-sized watch face and window which show the watches engraved 20-jewel mechanical automatic gears.

Additional Details include; a black lizard embossed genuine leather strap with gunmetal clasp, water resistant up to to 50M (165 feet), a protective krysterna crystal on the front and the back, and the steel has been treated with black ionic plating.

Top Rated Cool and Unique Watches for Men

Because of their unique designs and style Nixon and Neff watches are both really in right now. On some of these watches there's a strange part of me that actually likes that it takes longer to read them or that I have to read them in a different way than a conventional watch.

These watches don't all come with a lot of special features, but they offer something completely unique as far as style is concerned. The featured Nixon Newton watch comes in 7 colors and is made of Rubber, Polyurethane, and a Polycarbonate Buckle. It also has a Luminous Light feature that lights up the room pretty well.

Overall if you're looking for a conversation piece or something to go with your unique personality, then this could be just what you're looking for.

Nixon 51-30 Big Face Watch
Nixon 51-30 Big Face Watch

Uniquely Designed Big Face Watches for Men

Available in 9 colors, the Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch allows you to look classy and fresh with its unique number system and finish. It's water resistant at up to 300M (984 feet) and has a tide subdial that lets you know when it's time to head out for the surf.

Personally have warn it on several occasions I like how the double locking clasp keeps it in place, and it feels like it has as much quality as watches many times its price. If you're looking for a watch that works whether you're at the beach, at the office, or at a party, then this is one you should definitely look at. Having seen this in various colors I also highly recommend the matte black, gun metal, or dark wood as your base color.

Overall the Nixon 51-30 is a good watch for the price and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. I've listed some more of my favorite big face watches below and in the voting list.

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