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Cool Rings For Men

Updated on August 24, 2017

Cool Rings for Cool Guys

Are you a guy that likes to wear rings? Are you a woman that likes rings on men? Well, maybe if the ring is cool enough?

Honestly, I hadn't paid too much attention to rings for guys until I started dating a guy that I would definitely say was on the cool side. Even though he doesn't wear rings much, one day I saw this really cool mens ring that I knew would be perfect for him...alas it was out of my price range for me to give it as a gift to him and so I put it out of my mind for the time being. But I started wondering what other cool rings were out there for guys. Ones that were masculine, maybe rugged or tough, but definitely ones that were cool and that a guy would actually love to wear. So here are a few of the ones I found that I thought my guy or other guys might really like. Whether you are looking for a gift for a guy or are a guy looking for a ring for yourself I hope this helps guide you to find a cool mens ring that is the right fit, in terms of style, for you.

The ring up above to the right is a Black Titanium Ring with Stainless Steel Cables and Screw Design. It is one of my most favorite of the rings I have found.

Combination Lock (Spy) Ring

R&B Jewelry Unique Stainless Steel Spinner Combination Mens Ring Band 10mm Black
R&B Jewelry Unique Stainless Steel Spinner Combination Mens Ring Band 10mm Black

This ring reminds me of Mission Impossible. Enter in the right combination (that you previously set) and disassemble it into many parts. How cool is that? A great ring for a spy...or maybe not an actual spy because I don't know what an actual spy would do with it. It just seems fun to take apart, play with...and very cool looking. Choose your anniversary as the combination that unlocks it and it also becomes a romantic reminder...maybe it will help as a memory tool to remember that important day too. Hmmm.


Tungsten Carbide Inlay Rings

I really like the looks of tungsten carbide rings inlaid with other materials such as carbon fiber or even wood. Some have a high-tech, slightly sci-fi feel. Others, like the one with a dragon design inlay, has a cool fantasy feel. Ones like these are choices that a guy with a "geeky" side to him might enjoy. Then there ones with wood or riverstone inlay that might appeal to a guy who loves nature as well as the sleek modernity that the tungsten carbide gives the ring.

Apparently Tungsten Carbide is ranked the second hardest material next to diamond on something called the Mohs scale. Just thought I'd throw that fact out there.

Bling Jewelry Double Wood and Tungsten Wedding Band
Bling Jewelry Double Wood and Tungsten Wedding Band

I think this would be a nice choice for the guy who is the more outdoorsy or earthy type. For some reason I imagine Johnny Depp wearing something like this goo.


Black Link Chain Steel Mens Ring

I like how on this ring that the stainless steel links, with hardened black rubber, that are riveted at the ends, reminds me of a bike chain. It’s not quite the same look, more just reminiscent. And it conjures up images of Harley motorcycles or the custom cycles that a guy friend of mine in Arizona makes. Wear it with black boots, jeans, any color t-shirt…and a leather jacket is purely optional.

Hi Voltage Generator Steampunk Ring

This might be a fun ring for a guy who is a fan of steampunk, or who at the very least knows who Nikola Tesla is. The description for this ring playfully gives it a nice steampunk Victorian sci-fi background, stating its wrapped copper wire pattern, and it's odd numerical markings and decorative bolts show it to be an unusual power generator for "Victorian hi-tech gadgets."

Do you like rings for men?

Are men's rings cool? Or should men not wear them?

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Cool Rings for Guys on eBay

You never know what will show up below in the listings for eBay as it is set to search for newly listed stuff all the time. So it might not always show what I would think would be a cool ring for a guy...but that's part of the fun of searching on eBay for things. You're more likely to get something different too.

What’s the coolest mens ring you’ve seen?

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