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Best sturdy velcro sneakers without laces for boys and toddlers

Updated on October 19, 2015

PUMA Speeder Illuminescent V Light-Up Sneaker

Puma Glow in the dark velcro sneakers for kids.
Puma Glow in the dark velcro sneakers for kids.

Sturdy Sneakers with no laces for boys - toddlers

Boys are always playing and running around. And one thing they definitely do not have is patience...Then velcro sneakers without laces for boys are a great alternative. No more waiting, simply loop and hook the running shoes with no laces and go. No more stumbling and walking around with loose laces. Velcro sneakers are funky and safe.

Velcro, or loop and hook closure is wildly used in shoe design. There are a lot of sport shoes with velcro closure you can buy, Amazon is one of the on-line stores that has a great variety of cool velcro sneakers for boys.

Puma velcro running shoes without laces for boys - New velcro sneakers for boys by puma

Puma has a great selection of velcro trainers for boys. If you are thinking of buying some kids sneakers with velcor closure, my personal choice would be Puma. They are highly recommended, and most of them have great costumers reviews on Amazon.

As a kid I always used to wear Puma soccer shoes, loved them and wear them out like an old record. I loved and still do the puma logo, the big cat jumping with elegance and power.

Kids love animals and big cats like lions, tigers and pumas. So what could be cooler than having a big cat that supports you.

And yes, Puma velcro running shoes do have the grace of a big cat. Personally I love the Speeder Illuminescent Velcro Fashion Sneaker by Puma. They've got 46 reviews !! and a score of 4.5 stars from the 5 at Amazon.

If you want to buy velcro sneakers for boys online my advise is to buy Puma, but that's a personal opinion from a Puma lover ;-)

Nike Air Diamond Turf 2 velcro sneakers for boys
Nike Air Diamond Turf 2 velcro sneakers for boys | Source

Nike velcro sport shoes without laces for boys

Nike velcro outdoor running shoes for kids

Nike is well known for it's innovative designs, funky colored sneakers and the famous nike-air an Free run series. Nike covers sports and out door activities from the highest olympic level up to casual footwear. From tall guys to toddlers. If you are looking for sneakers without laces Nike is well worth looking into. My personal favorite are the Nike Air Max Express although I do not own them. But they are some great funky sneakers for tough guys.

Nike has several other kids sneakers with velcro Cool running shoes without laces and no hassle

For instance :

Nike Kids Free Run 3

Nike LunarGlide 4 Little Kids.

and the

Nike Air Diamond Turf 2 (GS) Boys Cross Training Shoes.

New Ballance sneakers without laces for boys
New Ballance sneakers without laces for boys

Best velcro shoes for boys

Top velcro shoes for boys

The two most famous brands on the market for velcro sneakers for kids are Puma and New Balance. They both make great and comfortable shoes. And although they are two of the big companies on the market, you've got some funky running shoes by other brands as well, like Saucony,Keen,Skechers and Geox

In the end though it's personal taste and experience. As said I'm a Puma fan, but that doesn't mean the other brands aren't making any good shoe ware. On the contrary.

cool velcro sneakers for boys
cool velcro sneakers for boys

What is the best for kids ? Lace up or Velcro sneakers

Velcro walking shoes for boys

Lace up sneakers are great in many ways and you do have more choice. With laces running shoes you have endless possibilities in designs. That said though, for toddlers, small kids and big kids velcro running shoes are great and safe. Laces are easily stumbled over. And kids love to play and run. Running with loose laces can be dangerous and kids are not always aware of there loose laces. Velcro is easy to fetch, secure and gives the kids feet a lot of comfort. You can easily adjust velcro enclosures on running shoes, just as you like fit.

Voltaic 3 V from Puma velcro running shoes for boys
Voltaic 3 V from Puma velcro running shoes for boys

Where to buy sturdy velcro sneakers for boys

Buy online velcro sneakers for kids

You can buy velcro sneakers for boys in most shoe stores nowadays, but if there isn't a shoe shop nearby, buying velcro sneakers online is a great thing. I'm living on the country side for instance and do not always have the time to go to the nearby city to do some major shopping.

I find Amazon a great place to buy sneakers and other shoe ware for my boys. If you know the size of the shoes, it's simply a matter of looking at what Amazon has to offer, which is a lot. And if they do not properly fit, you can easily return the running shoes.

Velcro closure shoes for boys

Velcro closure running shoes for boys

The hook and loop connection, or Velcro connection was invented by a Swiss engineer, George de Mestral. The idea of the hook and loop closures came to him after a day out with his dog in the Alp mountains. His dog had seeds of burdock all over his fur. His own coat was also covered with the burrs. At home he took a closer look and put the seeds (burrs) under the microscope. He saw that hundreds of "hooks" caught on anything with a loop, like his clothing, the fur of animals and hair.

As great minds he translated this image into an idea and saw the possibility of these characteristics for practical use. After much trial and error he found a way to manufacture hook and loop closures that could be used in the fashion industry.

He patented the Velcro enclosure in 1951, but it took a while before when the fashion industry saw the great possibilitiues.

NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff, Expedition 17 flight engineer, thinks about his next move in a game of chess that holds together thanks to velcro.

What is your favorite running shoe ? - cool velcro sneakers for kids and infants

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