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Corioliss – A Brand to Consider?

Updated on May 9, 2013

So many for a girl to choose from!

These days there are a huge range of hair straighteners on the market. From bargain basement plastic ones as cheap as £10 to blow the budget professional ones at £150. As with most things my philosophy is usually to plump for something around about in the middle and that's how I discovered the brand Corioliss because for around £90 you can grab yourself a fab little hair straightener with some great features. Corioliss have been around for almost 10 years now and have won many awards for their hair tool range including a 'Best Buy' and 'Best Creative Hot Tool'. Their range extends over 3 full size straightening irons including the really popular Corioliss C2, and they also do a baby straightener or travel straightener which is great for the hand bag.

Corioliss C2 Red Leopard
Corioliss C2 Red Leopard

The difference between the Corioliss C1 and C2

The Corioliss C1 is about half the price of the Corioliss yet both come with some fab little functions that make them both worth considering if you are looking to purchase a set of irons. They both have Far InfraRed technology that heats the hair gently from the inside hence it is less likely to become dry or damaged during styling. They also possess negative ions in their Titanium plates which helps to reduce static in your hair and leave it glossy and shiny. Both have variable temperature controls which I think is really important in a hair straightener because you need to find the correct temperature for your hair. My hair is quite fine so for example I need to use less heat than someone with thicker coarser hair. The difference between the C1 and C2 though is the speed that the Corioliss C2 heats up. It takes just 20 second to reach 210°C which is great if like me you are always in a hurry. The C2 also comes with a 30 mins auto sleep mode in case you forget to turn them off - yes that's me guilty as charged! Perhaps best of all though the C2 has a remote digital control panel so that you can actually see what settings you are using without having to stop straightening.

What about the C3?

The Corioliss C3 also has the standard features of the other Corioliss models in terms of variable temperature, negative ions and Far Infrared heat technology but the bonus with these is that they have an extra-long titanium straightening plate. This is great for longer hair and makes straightening an easier and quicker job. Expect to pay around £115 for this model though. All the full size Corioliss straighteners have 1 inch floating plate making it really easy to get right up near the root of the hair giving a really sleek look."

Corioliss has had a Baby!

The baby of the family is the Corioliss Baby SXE and at only 20cm long and 120g in weight this weeny little thing will easily fit into your handbag. Great for adding a bit of glamour on the go whilst retaining the fab quality you would expect from Corioliss these mini straighteners will heat up to 200°C within 30 seconds. These baby straighteners are also great for styling short hair so are really popular with the boys too. With dual circuitry they will be fine to travel out of the country and they also have titanium plates and negative ion technology.

Funk it up with some Fab Designs

Corioliss seem to have the colour thing sussed. They understand that us girls are all unique and we want our styling wands to reflect a little bit of that too. Check out their funky designs on each of their model ranges. I love the Red Leopard though I'm not quite so sure about the purple zebra personally but I am sure that would suit someone. But wait for it girls, if you like a bit of something special there are two gorgeous irons from Corioliss you may want to get your hands on. Firstly the Gold Leopard C3's might tickle your fancy. The Gold colour is not brash, just sophisticated, but if you want to stand out from the crowd than take a look at the C2 Crystal (at the top of this page) which has BLING written all over it. This is a styler to treasure and at the price you certainly will need to treasure it! But come girls aren't we worth it??

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