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How to Get Cornrow Braid Styles Guide

Updated on March 3, 2014

How To Braid Hair African Braids

Find more information on beautiful braids, weaves, cornrows, kinky braids pictures,

tutorials and I have the perfect cornrow styles that will take no more than 30 Minutes to do

since who has time to spend all day trying to get the right cornrows braid styles have developed over recent years.

Cornrow Styles - Cornrow Braids of All Styles - Black Braided

Now if you have been wondering if you can do cornrow braid hairstyles for straight hair it is possible it just takes a new way to plait a section of the hair by creating a triple braid.

The nice thing about wearing braids is that you can add synthetic pieces for added thickness and it helps keep the braids last longer.

Sometimes human hair extensions can be braided into your real hair while getting longer braided styles at home.

How to Braid Cornrows 3 easy steps

Continue braiding in long rows to create cornrows with a professional hair stylist the cornrow can also be seen in take a closer look at ever-popular cornrow braids and why they are such a style statement.

Cornrow braid styles pictures

cornrow braid styles for women
cornrow braid styles for women

Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

How to Braid Cornrows

First you want to finish the end of a rope with back braiding cornrow braid hair

which is a traditional style of braiding the hair close to the scalp.

While usually done in straight rows when learning to cornrow braids in the hair,

section off the hair into long, straight parts,

begin with three small strands at the front of the row and cross each section under the next as a reverse french braid.

Cream of Nature Ease Out detangling Spray for braids and weaves has helped greatly with avoiding knotting when I removed my braids after having them for 6 months.

DIY Braiding Ideas

This winter I have decided to wear my hair in braids to give it a break from all the wear and tear I have put on it during the warm sunny months.

I think I had my hair in an afro and kinky twists but because of going swimming it is getting dried out.

Last year when I wore braids I was able to grow my hair out really well.

I am hoping to do the same thing again in the fall. I bought some bulk human hair extensions for braiding so I can get enough length to put my braids up if I want to.

Cornrow braid hair

How to Braid Cornrows: Video Series

You can go online and see cornrow weave hairstyles of all cornrow braids of all styles in many free hair care video series for black hair styles, where you can learn how to braid cornrows.

Cornrows & Weave Styles

Next we will cover the short lesson on the history of the twist braid,

  1. adding the extension without slipping,
  2. starts with finger and hand position,
  3. while adding cornrow braid designs cornrow hair extensions

Its all about hair fashion and style results for black hair cornrow styles in beauty tips on how to cornrow straight hair an easy illustrated guide on how to braid cornrows for african hairstyles.

It is important to make sure that you buy enough yaki hair to finish your braids or you wlll have one side of your head unfinished. I learned this when I decided to get braids last year, now I purchase at least 3 packs of hair. This will last me for at least 4 months or more.

Hair Braiding Techniques : Hair Braiding: Cornrows


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