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Five Pairs of Crocs That Aren't All That Bad

Updated on October 25, 2014

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not a fan of Crocs. The day I consider myself a fan of Crocs is the day I give up and start wearing sweatpants on dates.

But the other day someone whose fashion sense I trust mentioned that her feet had been hurting her so badly that she was looking into buying a pair. I was beyond incredulous until, out of curiosity, I started looking around their site and realized that not all Crocs look like Crocs anymore. Here are five pairs that won't make your eyes bleed:

Crocs Loafters
Crocs Loafters

Crocs Wrap Colorlite Loafer

Okay, am I crazy, or are these saddle shoes kind of adorable? They're made from what Crocs calls Colorlite, for a reason that escapes me, because it's just their house-brand of imitation leather. If you can figure out a way to hide that "Crocs" tag on the side, you've got a decent pair of loafers with a really comfy footbed. They'd work for the grocery store, without any shame.

Crocs Cap-Toe Flats
Crocs Cap-Toe Flats | Source

Crocs Women’s Cap Toe Flat

There's nothing much distinctive about these flats, which is kind of the point. (When Crocs tries to do something "funky" is when it can get really, really bad.) They're inoffensive, incredibly comfortable ballet flats. Wear 'em for a day of walking when the rest of your outfit speaks for itself, and your shoes are okay just blending into the background. The Crocs will never make the man, kids.

Crocs Snow Boots
Crocs Snow Boots

Women’s AllCast Luxe Duck Boot

Ohhh God help me, I kind of love them. With one caveat: those laces need to come out ASAP. These are $125 boots, and those are the bright white round shoelaces a kindergartener wears. Replace them with a brown or black flat lace (bonus: unlike round laces, flat ones actually stay tied) and you have shoes no one's going to guess are Crocs. Unfortunately, there's that $125 thing.

Crocs Flip-Flops
Crocs Flip-Flops

Crocs Crocband Flip

Full disclosure: I'm a pretty ardent flip-flop hater. They're hard to walk in, they do nothing for your rear-view, and nobody needs to see that much of anyone's feet. But hey, if you like them, these don't look any worse than any other pair, and they have massage beads in the footbed, which sounds nice.

Crocs New York Skyline Shoes
Crocs New York Skyline Shoes

Crocband™ New York Skyline Clog

Okay obviously no, not really. Because these are horrible. It's the traditional whywhywhy that is the Crocs shape, and what is that blue and orange combination that's happening. These are really horrible and I should hate them and I should hate the world that they exist.

Except,'s the New York skyline. And I'm a New York girl.

Maybe just for the beach?

NO, Hannah.

And yet they made the list.

For the Love of God, No.

Unless it's the boots, don't you dare. Don't make me come down there.


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