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The Cropped Pant Is Back, Get Your Crop On

Updated on December 19, 2010

Cropped pants are going to be super in this season, cropped pants with nice long cuffs that emphasize just how very cropped the pants you're wearing really are. Cropped pants can sit anywhere from ¾ length to almost all the way length (the elusive 5/6th length), but they must never extend all the way to covering the ankles, for if they should do so, they can no longer correctly be called cropped pants and must be hurled into the abyss of the full length pant.

I should probably admit in the interests of full disclosure that I am not personally a fan of cropped pants. They look to me somehow incomplete, as if one is wearing pants that are just a bit too short, as if one got dressed out of the local pre-school's dress up box. But when it comes to fashion, my opinion is as worthless as a skittering crab's is to the ever retreating tide, so if you like cropped pants, and moreover, if you like being on trend, then you should definitely wear them.

I have selected a few interesting pairs of cropped pants for your perusal. May you be inspired by their croppedness.


Stella McCartney Cropped Button-Cuff Trousers

These are interesting cropped pants and I rather admire the button detail on the cuffs, which to my mind, have something of a military appeal with their long straight rows. I have only one or two objections to these pants and they are as follows. One, if you happen to be anything less than a semi-emaciated model, your thighs will probably look massive in these pants. Two, their standard price point is around $700, which strikes me as ludicrous for a pair of grey pants.


Robert Rodriguez Cropped Cargo Pant

What's not to love here? The puffy premenstrual pleats that sit around the hip and thigh area? They are more flattering than one might think, not being entirely skin tight they'll allow you to move and also disguise the actual curve of your hips and butt, which is useful if you are self concision about these curves or wish to hide them from the glares of less fashion conscious onlookers. These pants cost just under $300, putting them at the vaguely reasonable end of the 'spending too much money on clothes' spectrum.


JNBY Wool Cropped Pants

Probably my favorite out of the bunch because they're a little bit contemporary, a little bit Steampunk. As with the Robert Rodriguez cropped pants, you could comfortably wear a diaper under them, which may be important on overnight missions or during rough time traveling sessions. These pants lack a distinctive cuffing effect at the ends of the pants, but they shouldn't be penalized too heavily for that. They look comfortable, functional and fashionable – a rare fashion trifecta. They're also the cheapest of the bunch at a mere $225.


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