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Cross Tattoo Design - The Kinds of Non-Christian Cross Tattoo Design

Updated on June 3, 2012

Cross Tattoo Design Means More Than Christianity

Don't ever hesitate to choose any cross tattoo design just because you're not a Christian or a religious person. There are so many cross tattoo designs you can choose which are not based on any religious meaning behind them. There are even designs which the origins are from Christians symbols, but don't bring any religious meaning. So, having a cross tattoo is definitely not always referring to any religion or any particular heritage.

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Know Deeper About Cross Tattoo Design

Gothic cross is a cross tattoo design which doesn't deal with any religion or particular heritage. But people like to adorn it with Catholic symbol. Usually it is in dark Germanic style and combined with daggers, swords, knives, or barbed wires woven through the cross.The origin of Gothic cross is from the reminiscent of Anne Rice's New Orleans Tales.

In Chinese, Chinese Cross is associated with the Chinese ideogram for the word. Chinese people have a legend which believes that God made the world in the form of a cross. The Ankh is also very popular. It is also called as the Handheld Cross. You must know this kind of cross if you love mythology. In Egypt, It was believed that the Ankh is the key of life which was used by the gods to awaken the souls of the dead to be alive again in a new life. You can see this in Egyptian tomb paintings. This is obviously has a great cultural meaning for Egyptian.

Have you ever seen a cross in the history of tribes across North and South America? It is the Native and Mesoamerican cross. The cross represents the four winds or tree of life. What about the cross in the logo of German Army? Have you ever noticed it? It is an Iron cross. Actually, it was a symbol of Teutonic Knights in the 14th century. Then, in 1870's, it was transformed to be the symbol of German Military and handed out to the soldiers. In the 1960s, this design was popular among American surfers, but now, it is popular with bikers. Iron cross means strength and honor.

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More About Cross Tattoo Design

Aztec cross is a unique one. This cross looks like a four-petal flower. Actually, Aztec cross is the simplification of Maltese cross. It has a square center with four trapezoids facing in the four directions. Greek cross or equilateral cross symbolized the sky and the god of Anu in the Chaldeao or Assyrian. It was associated with sun-worship in the history. If you like constellation, you might have heard about a constellation that is only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. This constellation inspired a cross tattoo design called Southern cross. This cross is used in many flags, like in Australian flag, Brazilian flag, Samoan flag, etc. It is also used in rebel flag. A flag which was used by the Confederate States in the American civil war.

There is a cross design which was restricted in WWII and in the Nazi party. It is Gammate Cross or also known as the swastika. If you trace this cross back, you can find it appears in almost every single culture and religion throughout the history. You find it in the history of India, or Mesoamerican, or even throughout the African history. Awesome, huh? Another unique cross tattoo design is the Tau cross. This cross can be both in Christian or non-Christian category. Why is that so? Because Tau cross is also used in Pagan religious symbolism. The shape of the cross represents the hammer of Thor. Tau cross is the cross and emblem of of the god Tammus. People worship the cross with a bird perched upon the horizontal arm. It was found in an ancient Mayan inscription.

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Add A Personal Meaning To Your Cross Tattoo Design

There are so many ornaments you can combine with your cross tattoo design. A very well-known one is the star and stripes as in American flag as a background. People usually use this for a patriotic meaning. If you like floral designs, you can use vines, thorns, roses, lilies, or any other kinds of flower. Hearts can be a good ornaments to your cross tattoo design as well. If you get the tattoo for memorial purpose, you can have stone texture on the cross and add a name and/or a date of someone's death, or anything you want. A tattoo is also popular to be used as a media to honor a dead soldier and to express grief. This picture is an example of a cross tattoo for memorial purpose. This one is without the date or years.

You can find thousands of cross tattoo designs and gallery of tattoos photos through the link I recommend below. Meet new people who knows best about tattoos or anything you need in getting your dream tattoo. Forums can be the best place for that. Hope it helps.

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Which style do you like most for cross tattoo design?

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      workfromhome555 6 years ago

      Wonderful Lens! Love the information on tattoos..How to Remove Tattoo at Home

    • pufek77 lm profile image

      pufek77 lm 7 years ago

      I like most of all cross with wings.

    • JanezKranjski profile image

      JanezKranjski 7 years ago

      I like Celtic cross designs the most.


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