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Majestic Crown Tattoo Designs

Updated on July 2, 2014

Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos are a popular choice for those seeking to have a tattoo inked on their body. They can be designed in a simple manner all the way to a very ornate piece of tattoo art.

Being a symbol of majesty, rule, spirituality and authority, crown tattoos can stand alone or be included in a number of scenarios that work really well with it.

While I haven't included any in this particular article, the crown tattoo can be used as it is seen in a family crest, and those can be beautiful. I didn't include them here because they're one of a kind and very personal.

In this article we'll look at crown tattoos in order to generate some ideas and creativity to help you decide if it's the tattoo design you would want.

And if you just enjoy art, you'll enjoy taking a look at the crown tattoo are below.

Most Popular Crown Tattoo Designs

In studying a number of crown tattoo designs, it surprised me to find out that the most popular seems to be a crown included with an individual letter.

I'm assuming it stands for the first letter of someone's name, but that's just a guess. Whatever the reason, when the font is nicely done, it really works well with the crown. A couple of those are shown in the tattoo gallery.

Crown Tattoo with 'Z'

We'll begin our look at crown tattoos with several examples of crowns including a letter in the design. In this case we have a letter 'Z' in the tattoo design, and while the crown looks great, the 'Z' is somewhat a disappointment, as it's very ordinary looking in contrast to the crown design. Still a good tattoo though.

Crown Tattoo with Letter 'S'

Here we have a very interesting crown tattoo with the letter 'S' included. As you can see, the letter 'S' in this case is far more compelling than the letter 'Z' in the above tattoo.

On the other hand, I prefer the crown above to the one below, some because of the studs on the crown, but also because the bottom shadow on the tattoo below seems to be off a little bit, taking away from the overall quality.

What appears to be a propeller on top is a unique touch.


Crown Tattoo with Letter 'B'

This crown tattoo with the letter 'B' is really done well. The crown is done well, and the scrolling 'B' running up through it coming out of the top is great.

Very Detailed Crown Tattoo

I'll admit from the beginning that I have no idea what this particular crown tattoo represents. I don't know what G Town means, although one of you reading this could add it to the comments to enlighten the rest of us.

The overall theme seems to be that of luck, although the cross and the crown as it relates to that has me guessing as to how it fits together. The tear coming from the middle of the eye adds more symbolic mystery to the tattoo.

Although there are too many elements in this tattoo for my tastes, it definitely captures my attention; generating curiosity as to what it is trying to say.

Crown, Diamond Tattoo

Usually I can easily identify what a tattoo design is saying, but with the one above, and now this diamond, crown tattoo, I have experienced a rare two in a row that I'm not getting as far as the meaning goes.

As to the design, it looks great, especially the diamond. The off center crown looks odd, but it's close enough where it may not be noticed my most people.

Not a bad tattoo, but I would have preferred the crown to have been the same ink color as the diamond.

Crown Tattoo on Foot

The crown tattoo design placed on the foot below looks good, but for some reason the tattoo seems out of place by itself there. I really don't know why I feel that way, but I do.

It could be because a crown is placed on the head, and placing it on the foot takes away some of that sense of authority, power and majesty associated with the crown. It seems that's behind my response more than just where tattoo itself is placed, as foot tattoos can and do look great.

Crown, Wing and Sword Tattoo

Now this crown, wing and sword tattoo looks fantastic. The shadowing on all three elements is awesome, and the lettering below, which is Greek, adds to the majestic look of the tattoo design.


Crown Tattoo with Large Letter 'R'

This is quite a crown tattoo below, with the literal size of the crown and letter 'R' adding to the authoritative feel of the design. I think the muscular arms of the man with the tattoo add to the sense of strength inherent in the crown theme. Nice tattoo.


This crown tattoo gallery was a lot of fun to put together. The subject matter lends itself to some great tattoo designs, and my only regret is I wasn't able to include many other crown designs in the grouping.

Even so, you can see why a lot of people choose a crown as the center of, or least part of, their tattoo design choice. It's a great image to have inked on your body.


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    • Eric Prado profile image

      Eric Prado 5 years ago from Webster, Texas

      WOW! Awesome Tat! I love it! =)