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Cruciani Bracelets

Updated on March 30, 2015

Bracelets that are Taking the World by Storm

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself, your friend, sister or girlfriend, this year you can not go wrong with the popular Cruciani bracelet. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs, so everyone can choose their favorite one. Or two. Or more. Cruciani bracelets can be worn separately or in sets of three or more. Made popular by fashionistas and celebrities in Italy, the trend quickly transceded the European borders and spread all around the world

Cruciani - Made in Italy

Fashion Fenomenon

Cruciani is a fashion company, that was created in 1992 in Umbria Italy. Primarily making garments and cashmere sweaters, they later added pashminas, shoping bags and bracelets to their assortment. Cruciani garments are made in Italy, which is a rare fact for many of the companies this days.

Celebrities Wear Them too!

Dita Von Teese, Heidi Klum, Bar Rafaeli and Michelle Rodriguez are amongst the ones that were spoted wearing Cruciani bracelets. As we can expect, the trend that has spread to Hollywood is bound to take the country by storm. And I am one of those who can hardly wait, since I really love those bracelets. I have only one in red myself, but I sincerely hope that Father Christmas has read my wishlist :-)

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Not Only for Girls

Italian Men are Making the Cruciani Bracelets Popular too

Even though the Cruciani bracelets are more popular with women, it does not mean, that boys can not wear them too. The variety of colours and motifs makes it possible for men to choose a more manly colour and design. Or not. And go with cheerful and vibrant colours. Cruciani bracelets are made for having fun and that is the most important.

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Favorite Models

Cruciani with Damiani

Almost daily Cruciani introduces new models. This past year they have been collaborating with Disney to make theThe most popular new model from the year 2012 was the model Cruciani made with Damiani jewelers. They have added some gold to the already favorite four-leaf clover bracelet. The Cruciani with Damiani bracelet is made of macrame lace and has the central and the final closure four leaf clovers are covered with a gold plaque. The one on the closure is a bit smaller and has "Cruciani with Damiani" engraved. The price for this beautiful piece is EUR 179.

There are many variants available:

- white gold bracelet is available in dark green, black, oil, powder, pink, blue avion and cerulean.

- yellow gold bracelet is available in rope, mauve, brown, olive gold, burgundy, gray, purple and green flag

- gold bracelet is available in beige, plum, gray, lavender, cloud and ash.

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