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Cupcake Bath Bomb

Updated on January 21, 2015

Cupcake Bath Bomb

What exactly is a cupcake bath bomb? It is a fancy, yummy-looking (but not edible!) bath product. These wonderful, fizzy treats look so good you won't believe they are really supposed to be dropped into the tub.

Cupcake bath bombs make great gifts. They are a great addition to any gift, holiday gift basket or Christmas stocking. They will make a special girl or woman feel pampered, loved and cherished. Some pampering at home is always needed.

Have a special lady on your list? Women will love these! Have a little princess that loves to be pampered? This will make her feel girly and very special. You can not go wrong with a cupcake bath bomb. These pretty little goodies make great treats as "just because" gifts, stocking stuffers and more! The possibilities are endless.

Teen and pre-teen girls love to get gifts for each other for every occasion. I have two teens and they are always on the hunt for something cool to give a best friend. This would work great! Pretty, original and fun!

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Fizzy Baker Cupcake Trio Bath Bomb Gift Box
Fizzy Baker Cupcake Trio Bath Bomb Gift Box

Why get her just one when you can give her three?


Spoil Yourself or Someone Special at Home

Home spa products allow women to spoil themselves luxuriously at home. And let's face it, from kids to work to house cleaning.....we deserve it! From fuzzy slippers, to face masks, to special treats such as cupcake bath bombs....women work hard and deserve a little indulgence.

If you know of a special lady who deserves some pampering. Or of a little princess who just likes to feel fancy. Why not spoil all of the princesses (and the queen) in the house? Pamper everyone! These are pretty and fancy.

Fizzy Baker Birthday Bath Cupcake
Fizzy Baker Birthday Bath Cupcake

Thinking of buying one of these pretty little bath treats as part of a birthday gift? There is actually one made just for the birthday girl! This makes a great gift for a girl of any age!


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