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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Updated on July 5, 2011

How about giving a gemstone where a certain kind of cutting process is applied, this is what a cushion cut engagement ring is. Popularity was evident on this particular cut back in the 1870s so it is actually an old design. The design of the stone is pillow shaped cut hence the name cushion cut, the main feature of this is to focus on the clarity of the gemstone which is in some cases brighter than your ordinary gemstone. Having been a design way back in the 1800s it is considered an antiquated design with the right amount of romanticism involved.

The stone which is centered on a four prong setting is considered a classic look; the whole concept is to get a big gemstone to connote elegance, that’s why a diamond is an ideal pick. The cushion cut engagement ring starts off by chipping it to a near square or a rectangular look. The price would skyrocket once it is shaped like this.

It would also double the price and elegance once the diamond can light up with brilliance and even though it is rectangular in shape the corners  would be rounded in nature and a the facets would give off another extra dose of brilliance on the diamond.

Usually the kind of gemstone is one of the factors that affects the price of an engagement ring, others include; the setting of the ring, the metals used and finally the craftsmanship. The possibilities for gemstones on cushion cut engagement rings are endless we have; synthetic diamonds, emerald, canary yellow diamond and sapphire. If in case you decide to get a cushion cut engagement ring you have to be very creative in searching the available sources as you can’t find this kind of cut in your ordinary jewelry store.

Most of it are made to order and through your personal specifications, after the choice has been made other options will come into play like choosing what metal to be used like; platinum, silver or gold and once the craftsmanship is delivered excellently you’ve got one brilliant cushion cut diamond ring. The internet would be a great help in finding a cushion cut diamond ring that would is set to your personal standards. This includes pictures, specifications and a complete information on the varieties that are available. Convenience will be the best offer of an internet site that specializes on cushion cut engagement rings, while for others who would like to see and touch the real thing a visit to a jewelers shop is the answer. Diamond is a girl’s best friend and for a man to profess and express his undying love a cushion cut engagement ring is the gift that can manifest that love.


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