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Cute Backpacks for Girls: Most Popular Choices

Updated on June 26, 2014

Find adorable backpacks for girls from kindergarten to college.

If you hunt for cute girl backpacks, you have not easy taks to complete. There is a wide range of choices in any possible colors, designs, sizes and prices as well. Here you'll find lovely girls back packs for college, middle school, high school and even for kindergarten girls.

This page lists some of the most popular and best rated cute girl backpacks on Amazon. Why Amazon? Well, to be short, they have the lowest prices, highly rated customer service and if you want free shipping, you have to spend only $35, which is I love about them the most.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Cute backpacks for teenage girls

Teens always look for their own, personal style and when they finally find it, they often change it to another, more cool one pretty soon. Souns like neverending story, but everyone went through that and this is completely fine.

There's the whole range of cute teenage backpacks available online today. You can choose from casual to trendy styles and color options are endless.

17 inch Turquoise Plaid Butterfly Student Bookbag Backpack
17 inch Turquoise Plaid Butterfly Student Bookbag Backpack

This is a great backpack for middle school or high school girls. It features a cute butterfly and flower design and is available in three lovely color variations (pink, purple and turquoise).

The main compartmant and front pocket are closed with dual zippers and the bag has handy mesh pocket on each side that are perfect for storing a water bottle and other items that must be accessed easily.

The bag can hold all school necessities which can be nicely organized thanks to pockets and compartments that the bag provides.

Shoulder straps are padded and you can adjust their length easily according to your specific needs. The bag is made of sturdy material to last for years.

Dakine Girl's Grom Backpack, Blue Flowers, 13L
Dakine Girl's Grom Backpack, Blue Flowers, 13L

Another cool backpack for school girls, this time for those ones who are always on the go. The bag has two straps in the front to hold the skate. Adjustable sternum straps are great for even better weight distribution and supporting the back.

This model is available in 7 color options including azure, blue flowers or black ripstop design. What I like about this bag are the rflective details that makes you much more visible improves your safety drastically.

You'll like the weight of this bag - it is only 1.1 pounds, which is very comfortable and of course healthy for your posture. The Dakine Girl's Grom Backpack can be purchased for about $35 and you get a nice value for the money.

cute backpacks for college girls
cute backpacks for college girls

What brand of girls backpacks is the most popular today?


This is my favorite brand of bags, no matter if I look for a backpack or a travel bag. What I love about their bags?

Firstly they have enormous range of designs and everybody can find a bag that will match his style - from kindergarten to 100 years olds and up.

JanSport 2014 backpacks collection

Secondly, they give a lifetime warranty on all of their bags - that's a big one, don't you think? JanSport stands firmly by their packs, because they lay a big stress on quality and durability.

Finally, there's no problem with returning the bag if you don't like it. I really like this. Since I buy a lot of stuff through online stores, it is nice to know there is no problem with sending it back if the bag didn't meet my needs.

Photo used under Creative Commons from CollegeDegrees360

cute girl backpacks
cute girl backpacks


This page showcases the most popular of cute backpacks for girls - from kindergarten to college. All of those bags were hand picked from thousands of options based on buyers' ratings and reviews, so you can be sure you're dealing only with the top items.

No matter if you look for a backpack for middle chool girl or a little girl, always make sure you buy from trusted retailers, like Amazon, so you can be sure you can easily return the product if you don't like it. Also it is advised that you pick your bag from among leading brands. This way you'll get a quality bag that is worth the money.

Photo used under Creative Commons from Quinn Dombrowski

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