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Cute School Bags, Backpacks, and Messenger Bags for Girls, by Room It Up

Updated on July 27, 2013

Cute Back to School Bags for Girls: Fun Designs from Room It Up

Many companies that market school bags use the same fabrics and materials across a number of design choices, and this is the case with Room It Up, which allows you to find your favorite style of school bag in the pattern you prefer...featured below are many of the cutest choices!

Tween girls are especially fun when they decide on things like school fashion. I'm always amazed but rarely surprised at their color preferences. My teen daughter has an eye for wild and crazy color combinations, and these kinds of bags are really her sort of thing. Of course, she carries this over into wardrobe choices as well. Whether it's going to serve as an overnight bag for a summer trip or a back to school pack, the options in floral book bags are great.

Backpacks or Messengers: Which Room It Up Style Is Best?

Your daughter's age and point in her studies may be the most important issue in picking out a good school bag. During elementary school, the carrying load is usually significantly less strenuous than in upper grades. Although middle school students may have lockers, there is often little time to stop and exchange books between classes. As a result, more stress on the back because of a heavy backpack can take place at this level.

A messenger tote is ideal for protecting that back, placing weight in the front for a more even distribution when the messenger is carried crossbody style. Less strap slipping is an added bonus. You'll appreciate that it can be carried on the side as well, better for those times when the load is light.

Backpacks are great for lighter loads, and if your daughter loves a particular backpack style, all the better to pick what she likes. Help with organizational strategies as you work on figuring out which pockets are best for pens and pencils, where water bottles fit and how to keep calculators or tech tools safe from bumps and drops.

Cute SoHo Swirl BackPacks and School Bags for Girls - Floral Design Bookbags

Whether you are interested in the SoHo Swirl Messenger Bag, a traditional backpack, or in a coordinating lunch bag, you will find these, and many, many more options at Amazon. Great feminine choices for the girl who would like a floral book bag for back to school. You'll find that options fluctuate greatly from year to year. Room it Up is a great company for creating a lot of coordinating goods, though, perfect if your daughter loves to match things.

Room It Up Soho Swirl Backpack
Room It Up Soho Swirl Backpack

Purple floral motif is pretty and fun.

SoHo Swirl Roller Duffle
SoHo Swirl Roller Duffle

A feminine floral duffle is an excellent option for the student athlete or for the girl with lots of heavy duty school books to manage.


Confetti Dot School Bags - Cute School Bags in Purples and Polka Dots

If you love polka dots, you'll love the Confetti Dot School Bag pattern by Room It Up. Room It Up includes storage cubes for your room, and other home items. If you love purple, then Confetti Dots provide great purple book bag choices.

Confetti Dot Messenger Bag
Confetti Dot Messenger Bag

Messenger style bags are great for easing the stress on a girl's back during school.

Room It Up Confetti Dot Crossbody Lunch Tote
Room It Up Confetti Dot Crossbody Lunch Tote

This lunch tote is the perfect complement to the series.


Room It Up in Leopard Book Bags for Girls

Find Room It Up Leopard Style School Bags for Girls: Very Cute!!!

Leopard school bags for girls are definitely fun and definitely in. The pink highlights are perfect for equipping her to express her wild side a bit. You'll find coordinating components like lunch bags, lap desks and messengers as you work your way through the collection.

Room It Up Leopard Lunch Tote
Room It Up Leopard Lunch Tote

Leopard lunch tote with pink highlights coordinates with additional products from the room it up collection, great for tween girls needing a fun theme for middle school


Cute Seein Spots Designs in Girls School Bags

The Seein Spots School Bag Designs are an explosion of pink and turquoise colors, very girly, and very cute school bags.

Room It Up Seein Spots Messenger Bag
Room It Up Seein Spots Messenger Bag

Seeing spots is a great motif for the girl who loves very bright colors and very strong contrasts. Perfect for casual and school use or as a travel tote, this is a fun option to coordinate with a shoulder tote or lunch pack...check out related items when you view this bag.


Bright Bloom by Room it Up

Bright Bloom is a bright, pretty floral school bag style.

Room It Up Bright Bloom Tennis Backpack
Room It Up Bright Bloom Tennis Backpack

Bright and summery, this is the perfect option for the pool or the beach in summer, providing your daughter with more than just school use from her bookbag.


Houndstooth by Room it Up

The striking black and white of the Houndstooth school bag design by Room it Up is found in many of the school bag styles, as well as in other complementing school products.

Houndstooth Messenger Bag
Houndstooth Messenger Bag

Black and white is very trendy, and this is a more sophisticated option to consider for the high school student or for general use.


Which Cute School Bag Style is Cutest

Vote up your favorite in the Room It Up line of cute messenger school bags for girls! The styles change frequently from year to year, but you can express your preferences right here.

Do you love any of the Room It Up motifs in Girls' School Bags and Accessories?

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