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Cute Snuggies For Winter

Updated on November 11, 2013

Snuggies - The Best Way to Stay Warm this Winter

As winter sets in and the weather gets colder, it's no surprise that many of us like to huddle beneath a blanket to keep warm. Snuggies are the best way to keep warm this winter without limiting movement or activities. Essentially a blanket with sleeves, Snuggies keep you warm and covered, while still allowing you to read, eat, drink, change the TV channel, use the computer or anything else you want to do. You can even get up and walk around while wearing a Snuggie (be careful not to trip over it, though!)

I got a Snuggie as a gift last Christmas from my aunt, because she knew I was always complaining about the cold but forever using the computer. It was the perfect solution and one of the best gifts I've ever received! Now I can stay warm without running the heating bill up too high, and it doesn't limit my computer use or stop me from reading my books.

There are many different Snuggies to choose from in various colors, patterns and styles (some even have hoods and pockets), for both children and adults. They are the perfect solution for staying warm inside this winter and keeping the energy bills down. Ideal for curling up on the couch with your favorite book and a mug of hot chocolate, or for just relaxing while watching the TV, a Snuggie is the ultimate multipurpose blanket (I like to wear mine to bed for extra warmth!)

Image used under the Creative Commons license via OakleyOriginals on Flickr.

Snuggie with Monkey Design

This cute official Snuggie with monkey design not only keeps you warm and free to move around, but it comes with pockets, too! Ideal for keeping your hands warm if needed when you're not busy, or for storing things like your mobile phone if you're sitting down reading or using the computer.

Animal Print Snuggies

Animal print Snuggies are among the most popular on the market. They're stylish, cute and comfortable (I have a cow print one!) Take a look at some of the best sellers below and see if any of them take your fancy!

Do YOU Have One?

Do you own a Snuggie?

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Snuggies For Kids

Kids will LOVE huddling up in their Snuggie to settle down and watch the TV. Do you have or know a child who is crazy about Sponge Bob or Dora the Explorer? There are Snuggies for them here!

Fun Character Snuggies

These fun character Snuggies would make a great gift for anyone this Christmas. From Superheroes to Hello Kitty, Rainbow Brite to Harry Potter... Treat someone to something fun and unique this year! There's a wide range of fun and comical Snuggies to choose from. Here's a selection below that you can purchase buy clicking the button beneath.

Spiderman Comfy Throw Blanket With SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

DC Comics Originals - Batman Hooded Cozy SnuggieBUY ON AMAZON

The Joker from Batman Comfy Cozy Blanket with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Superman Comfy Throw with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Wonder Woman Comfy Throw with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Mickey Mouse Comfy Throw with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Hello Kitty Comfy Throw with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Rainbow Brite Comfy Fleece Blanket with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Comfy Throw with SleevesBUY ON AMAZON

Snuggies for Him

While most Snuggies are unisex in design, some men can be more picky than others! Here is a selection of cool designs that would be a great gift for a guy in your life. They're great for women, too!

What do you think of Snuggies?

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    • audrey07 profile image


      5 years ago

      I think they look cute on kids. But I just can't see myself wearing one, for some reason. Maybe I have gotten too used to my old-fashion robe.


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