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Cute Ways to Propose

Updated on August 18, 2014

Marriage proposal ideas with a bit of wit

Skywriting too overblown? Diamond ring in the chocolate mousse too risky? (Word to the wise: Chefs don't want that responsibility!) What you're looking for are some cute ways to propose -- ideas with charm and style to suit your fun-loving soon-to-be (fingers crossed) fiancee.

Here, some playful marriage proposal ideas that foreshadow a life of sweet smiles & gentle inside jokes for the two of you. Good luck!

(photo: robynejay via photopin cc ~ cropped for size and shape)

newspaper proposal
newspaper proposal

News flash!

Is your girl a dedicated daily newspaper reader? Put your proposal in the headlines. Type up something like "Matt to Emma: Will You Marry Me?" in a headline font over a happy (no crime!) story, maybe on page 2 or 3? (The front page seems a bit obvious, but hey -- it's up to you.)

Now that's news!

(photo: striatic via photopin cc ~ cropped for size & shape)

Proposal Puzzle

Marriage proposal ideas don't have to involve elaborate, pricey props or venues. Try a simple idea like this "proposal puzzle." The background hue is changeable, so you can choose her favorite color. Or why not change the background to a photo? Plug in a nice shot of the two of you together, or maybe just of you on bended knee, or holding some flowers? Ask her to help you put the puzzle together, and watch her face as she gets the message. Your future kids will make you retell this story again & again ....


Winter wonder

Are you proposing on a cold winter day? Try this tip from Scratch your proposal into the frost on her car windshield. (Then prepare to drive her to work, 'cause she won't want to scrape that windshield clean!)

Make a snowman with scarf, hat, etc., and have him hold a "Will you marry me?" sign.

Or write your proposal in footsteps on fresh snow in the backyard. Say "Look how much snow we got..." -- and when she goes to the window to see, she'll get a beautiful surprise.

(photo: -Ebelien- via photopin cc)

scrabble proposal
scrabble proposal

Words of Love

Play Hangman and have the phrase she's guessing be Marry Me. So cute!

Or write it on the fridge, with colorful alphabet magnets.

(Thanks to for those 2 fun ideas.)

Or do something similar with Scrabble. How many points is an engagement worth? ;) You'll just need to cheat beforehand & have the right pieces up your sleeve. What an adorably nerd-a-rific tactic.

(photo: Mindsay Mohan via photopin cc)

cute ways to propose
cute ways to propose

Puppy Love

Okay, I admit I got this one from a commercial. But who could resist a cuddly pet helping to pop the question? If you've got a cooperative dog or cat, Sharpie "Marry me" onto a length of ribbon or a bandana, and tie it around your pet's neck. Warm & fuzzy!

(photo: mick124 via photopin cc ~ cropped for size & shape)

How 'bout it? Do any of these creative proposal ideas appeal? What's your plan for popping the question? No, wait -- don't ruin the surprise!


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