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Girls Dakine Backpacks Reviews - 2013 Best Backpack

Updated on April 24, 2013

Forget Black And Khaki - Get Dakine Backpacks For Girls

Until now if you wanted a sturdy, durable backpack for girls you had to settle for those ugly black or khaki backpacks the guys carry. Or even worse - camouflage. Ugh!

Sure they were made out of quality fabrics and they'd hold up on a year-long trek through the jungle. But what girl wants to walk to school every day carrying a backpack that looks like it was made for some guy named Rambo?

Well, now you can ditch the drab and pick up one of these pretty, feminine Dakine backpacks for girls. The bonus? They're just as sturdy and durable as Rambo's backpack. But they're a heck of a lot prettier!

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Dakine Design Qualities That Make Them The Best Backpack On The Market

  • Wide, padded straps

    The design and placement of the straps on Dakine backpacks makes it seem like you're carrying a backpack full of feathers. The wide, padded straps don't cut into your shoulders and they distribute the weight so well that even if you're carrying a fully-loaded backpack you'll almost forget it's there.

  • Durability

    The Dakine backpacks for girls are available in a wide variety of feminine fabrics but looks can be deceiving. For all their colors and patterns these are extremely durable backpacks. The straps are securely attached to the body with no loose stitching. Drag 20 pounds of books or groceries around for months at a time and this bag will still look like new.

  • Excellent Zippers

    You can always tell a quality backpack by the zippers. A poorly made pack has zippers that catch on the fabric of the seams or zippers that you have to strong arm to get them to close. Dakine uses superior quality zippers that always move smoothly. The fabric extends over the zipper, too, to prevent catching and to provide additional leakage protection should you get caught in the rain.

  • Plenty of Space

    Again, some backpacks can be deceiving. They look big and bulky but once you put open them up and there's no room inside. Dakine backpacks have plenty of room. Carry home all your books and you'll still have plenty of room to spare for your laptop. There's even a roomy zippered pocket on top where you can store small essentials like sunglasses, keys or cash.

  • Feminine and Pretty

    Leave those khaki and camouflage backpacks for the guys. Dakine has a wide variety of backpacks for girls in pretty colors and feminine prints and they're just as durable as those macho packs - just a lot prettier!

Dakine Girls Crystal Back Pack

The Dakine Girls Crystal Back Pack is available in 10 different colors and patterns so you're sure to find at least one - maybe more! - that suits your fancy.

The padded laptop sleeve fits up to a 15-inch laptop or notebook and provides ample protection, even if you're loading your backpack with tons of books. It also has an exterior organizer and document pocket for items you want to be able to get to fast and a small zippered compartment on top that's lined with fleece to protect your sunglasses or other tiny valuables.

Click through the link to see the other patterns and colors and you'll never want to carry that khaki backpack again!

What To Look For When Shopping For Girls' Backpacks

  • Comfort

    Having wide, padded straps is a must but it's not the only thing to look for. Most backpacks are designed with broad-shouldered men in mind and they also don't take into consideration other variations between the male and female anatomy. Dakine backpacks are designed to be carried comfortably by women and girls - not big, strong brawny guys.

  • Durability

    Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're carrying a lighter load. Look for sturdy stitching, quality fabrics and zippers that won't fall apart the first time you reach into the pack.

  • Protection

    These days you'll want to look for a backpack that has a padded pocket for your laptop or notebook. And since you're carrying electronic devices it also pays to look for one that's waterproof with shielded zippers to prevent water from leaking into the backpack if you get caught in the rain.

  • Capacity

    The purpose of carrying a backpack is to make it easier for you to carry everything you tote around every day by allowing you to carry it on your back. Only you know how much room you need but it's also important to get a well-designed backpack, like a Dakine, that distributes the weight evenly to prevent injury and make your life easier.

Dakine Backpacks For Girls

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