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Danskin Leotards

Updated on August 30, 2011


Danskin are a quality brand who have been producing affordable and comfortable dancewear since 1882. But you don't need to be a dancer to wear Danskin, they make excellent apparel that can be worn for sporting activities, casual wear and as fashion items.

If you're familiar with wearing leotards you will know that unless you get a great fit from a well made leotard, you're going to be uncomfortable. Danskin aim for comfort in all their products, so providing you buy your correct size, there'll be no more pulling and repositioning of twisted seams that make for a really uncomfortable wearing experience.

Whether you're looking for a leotard for dancing, sports, keep fit or fashion, you're sure to find a Danskin leotard below that fits both the bill and your body!

Danskin Leotards For Shape

Something that lots of women don't realize about leotards is that they make a great alternative to expensive figure slimming underwear. Leotards aren't designed for the purpose of this, but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to achieve a more streamlined figure, especially around the waist area, a leotard can help a lot.

Wearing a Danskin leotard under clothes pulls you in and gives support. It isn't going to make you drop a dress size or lose inches, but what it will do is streamline any lumps or bumps and give a more toned impression. A Spanx bodysuit in the same style as a leotard will set you back on average around $84. If you're looking for an affordable option to pricey slimming underwear you may find that a Danskin leotard is an option.

Danskin Leotards For Little Girls

I pretty much lived in a leotard from the age of 5 - 11. I was obsessed by gymnastics and my parents would take me to every class available. I had a range of leotards but some would be so uncomfortable to wear that they verged on painful.

We discovered Danskin quite early on through recommendation and my parents never bought me another brand after that. They were super comfortable and I don't ever recall the embarrassing act of having to pull the leotard down because it had ridden too far up my butt cheeks during gym moves. Danskin leotards stayed in place and didn't create hungry bum syndrome!

These Danskin leotards for little girls are perfect for gymnastics or ballet. Something I used to find useful was wearing one underneath my school uniform in the winter as they hug the skin and keep you warm. Leotards with snaps underneath are obviously best for this as you don't need to take everything off to go to the bathroom.

Celebrities In Leotards

In the world of celebrity, especially in music, leotards have come and gone as fashion trends change. Right about now though, they are high fashion items that are gracing super high profile performers on both stage and screen.

Kate Bush was one of the first music artists who took the leotard from the gymnasium and ballet studio to the screen in the late 70's. Leotards became a fashion statement overnight, they were no longer just apparel for dancers or gymnasts, leotards were in fashion.

During the early 80's leotards became part of high street fashion thanks to the kids from Fame. Fitness clothing such as leotards, leg warmers and sweatbands went from rehearsal studios around the globe to mainstream attire.

If you're buying a leotard for dancing, sports, fitness or fashion, Danskin leotards are high quality items that are easy to care for and keep looking great wash after wash.


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