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Darth Vader Shirt Collection

Updated on October 1, 2014

Darth Vader T Shirts

Welcome to the Darth Vader Shirt Collection - the best place to choose your favourite Darth Vader themed t-shirt.

The first time I saw Darth Vader in the opening moments of Star Wars; Episode IV, A New Hope, I instantly knew he was evil, who wouldn't? With his black outfit, hideous mask, dreadful breathing and booming voice nobody could mistake that this was the bad guy - perhaps the most recognizable and dreadful bad guy that cinema has ever seen.

Darth Vader's now iconic mask lends itself perfectly to reproduction on t-shirts and is instantly recognizable by Star Wars fans and those who are not (who are they?). Wearing a Darth Vader shirt is guaranteed to get a comment from those you meet - I hope you enjoy browsing this collection of Star Wars clothing.

Before I Display The T Shirts - Who Exactly Is Darth Vader?

Darth Vader Poster on
Darth Vader Poster on

Actually, it is a little difficult to believe that there is anyone around who does not have some idea of who Darth Vader is. The Star Wars movies and associated series have become such massive successes that images from them have become pervasive throughout many cultures, in advertisements and on various products, so that even if you have not seen any of the movies, you are likely to know that Darth Vader is the bad guy from the Star Wars movies.

Episodes IV, V and VI

Darth Vader first appeared in Episode IV; A New Hope. At the time we only knew him as the black-clad, wheezing baddie with the commanding voice who could choke people at will, using "The Force" and fight with a light saber. As the series progressed, fans became aware that the character had a dark backstory and it turned out that he was Luke Skywalker's father and had been on the side of good in the past.

Episodes I, II and III

When George Lucas revisited the Star Wars series fans were very excited to learn that they would discover Darth Vader's dark past. In these movies we find out that Anakin Skywalker is a young boy blessed with a very strong affinity to "The Force" who is trained to become a Jedi. However, his emotions are such that he is unable to be dispassionate and he is gradually tricked towards the dark side of "The Force" and becomes the cyborg the whole world knows as Darth Vader.

If you would like the full and lengthy history of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader please select this link: Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader Video Clip - If You Only Knew The Power Of The Dark Side

Before looking at the Darth Vader shirts, here is a video clip of Darth Vader at his best; fighting a lightsaber duel with Luke Skywalker, telling him that he is Luke's father and doing his best to promote the Dark Side.

Darth Vader Space Villain T-Shirt
Darth Vader Space Villain T-Shirt

Come Over To The Dark Side Of The Clothing Store & Look At The Darth Vader Shirts

Darth Vader With Red Lightsaber And Death Star T Shirt

Darth Vader & Death Star Shirt

Amazon Price: $17.99

This is one of my favorite Darth Vader shirts here because of its retro style, showing the Sith Lord as I remember first seeing him in the original movies. This will probably be a favorite with Star Wars fans of my age (I was 6 when the first movie was released in UK) because of this and it makes a great gift for older fans of the movies as well as newer converts. Of course, the Death Star is an iconic image and name too, so having that in the background makes this shirt even cooler than it might otherwise be. The style of this shirt is finished off with a classic Star Wars frame and logo and the design is inevitably reproduced on a black t-shirt.

I Want You For The Dark Side T Shirt

This cool Darth Vader shirt features a classic illustration of the villain, reaching out with a pointed finger. Underneath are the words, "I want YOU for the dark side" - a play on the famous army recruitment posters from the past that most people are familiar with in some shape or form. This humorous t-shirt will be popular with Star Wars fans and raise a smile wherever the wearer goes, such is the universal recognition of this character and the wordplay.

Expressions Of Darth Vader T Shirt

Star Wars Men's Expressions T-Shirt, Black, X-Large
Star Wars Men's Expressions T-Shirt, Black, X-Large
This t- shirt features nine "different" expressions of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. This is a very amusing t-shirt that makes fun of the fact that Darth Vader's face mask is incapable of showing how he feels. Further humor is derived from the fact that it is very doubtful that this space villain ever felt cheerful, sleepy or happy. This is a funny shirt for Darth Vader fans that displays classic images of the Star Wars baddie.

Join The Dark Side T Shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Side Youth Black T-Shirt (Yth Large )
Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Side Youth Black T-Shirt (Yth Large )
Have you ever been tempted to give in to your anger, fulfill your destiny and join the dark side? Whether you have or have not this shirt is one that Darth Vader fans will enjoy. A classic line drawing of his fearful mask is displayed on a black background with the caption "Join the dark side". This is simple and features an instantly recognizable image and caption. Great stuff!

Vader Mask T Shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader Nation Adult Black T-Shirt Tee
Star Wars Darth Vader Nation Adult Black T-Shirt Tee
This Darth Vader shirt displays a rather artistic representation of the villain's instantly recognizable mask on a black background. This is a perfect t-shirt for those Star Wars enthusiasts who like something understated but at the same time classic Vader. When I was a child I had a t-shirt just like this; maybe I will get myself a new one!

Darth Vader Armor T Shirt

Mad Engine Men's Dark Costume T-Shirt, Black, Large
Mad Engine Men's Dark Costume T-Shirt, Black, Large
BE DARTH VADER! With this shirt you can wear the torso of Darth Vader, complete with all its armor and gadgets, as if it were your own. This dark side shirt will certainly raise an eyebrow or two and is a fun one to wear to parties where like-minded people are mingling. This is certainly a t-shirt that I would have loved to wear when I was younger; I can remember a friend of mine having something similar featuring a Stormtrooper.
Your Empire Needs You Darth Vader Poster on
Your Empire Needs You Darth Vader Poster on

Time For A Break From Shopping - Here Are Some Darth Vader Links

I have found that there are loads of websites that are of interest to fans of this iconic villain of the dark side; here are a few of my favorites.

Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Sith - This page is from the Star Wars encyclopedia and contains information, videos and images of Darth Vader. Darth Vader - Read about the conceptualization of this Star Wars bad guy as well as his roles in the movies. This Wikipedia entry also contains a very interesting section on the cultural impact of the character.Dave Prowse - The official website of Dave Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original trilogy although not the actor who voiced the character.Star Wars Technical Commentaries - The Injuries of Darth Vader! The most hard-core enthusiasts will enjoy this analysis of all the injuries sustained by Darth Vader in the movies and books.

Here Are Some More T-Shirts From The Dark Side Clothing Boutique - Vader & Lightsaber Shirt

Star Wars Little Boys' Close And Personal Regular T-Shirt, Black, Small(4)
Star Wars Little Boys' Close And Personal Regular T-Shirt, Black, Small(4)
This stylish t-shirt for boys features a lightsaber-wielding Darth Vader on a dark background - showing the Star Wars villain well and truly on the dark side. This is one of my favorite shirts featured here, due to its simplicity and it is this that makes it a nice shirt for fans who don't want to wear something too flashy but at the same time like the iconic style of Darth Vader and his lightsaber.

Darth Vader T-shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader Free Throat Hugs Men's T-Shirt-Grey (Medium)
Star Wars Darth Vader Free Throat Hugs Men's T-Shirt-Grey (Medium)
One of the most famous scenes featuring Darth Vader is when he uses the Force to crush the throat of an officer who has displeased him and the image on the front of this shirt replicates that. The caption is a light-hearted way of annotating the picture.

Japanese Vader T Shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader The Dark Side Men's T-Shirt  (X-Large/Strawberry)
Star Wars Darth Vader The Dark Side Men's T-Shirt (X-Large/Strawberry)
This stylish Darth Vader shirt features a half view of his head with that of a Stormtrooper behind him, in a frame on a red background. This is certainly a different shirt from many of the others, with an unusual style and the Japanese version of "Darth Vader" makes it unique.

Do You Think That Darth Vader Is The Best Star Wars Character?

Is Darth Vader your favorite Star Wars character?

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Revell Star Wars Easykit Pocket Darth Vaders Tie Fighter
Revell Star Wars Easykit Pocket Darth Vaders Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter Advaced X1 - Darth Vader's Spacecraft At The Battle Of Yavin

If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies you will remember the scene close to the end of Episode IV when Darth Vader swoops into the battle in his super cool tie fighter with the wings that are bent in at the top and bottom; this was the Tie Fighter X1.

As the battle reaches its end Vader, flanked by two regular tie fighters, fly into the trench to pick off the rebel starfighters that are attempting to destroy the Death Star. I can remember getting very excited at this point, wondering if Luke Skywalker was going to be successful but also thinking that Darth Vader's space ship was really cool; when it went flying off out of control after being blasted by Han Solo I could not help wondering what had happened to it and its pilot.

You can find out all about this spacecraft here if you want all the technical details - Tie Fighter X1.

Tie Fighter X1 T Shirt

Mad Engine Men's Vaders Tie T-Shirt
Mad Engine Men's Vaders Tie T-Shirt
Not only is Darth Vader the coolest villain in the universe, he also flies one of the coolest star fighters too. Certainly Darth Vader's Tie Fighter is a cut above the standard version and on this t-shirt you get to wear detailed plans of this exciting space ship. This shirt is a great alternative to the pictures of the Sith Lord himself. This shirt also comes in a variety of sizes to fit different shapes!
Darth Vader LEGO mini figure
Darth Vader LEGO mini figure

Darth Vader And LEGO T Shirts - A Perfect Combination For Little Boys

When I was a child I loved LEGO and I loved Star wars equally, in fact I still love both of them! If these two had been combined in the early 1980s I would have been in heaven - how lucky little boys are these days.

There are now many LEGO sets featuring mini figures of Darth Vader and these have become so popular that they now feature in computer games and on t-shirts. The following are some of the t-shirts that are available for purchase that feature LEGO Darth Vader illustrations and these are mostly in smaller sizes for youngsters but there is at least one available in adult sizes for people like me to make up for what we missed as kids.

The Force Is Strong With This One

The first thing that is noticeable about this shirt is that it comes on a red background - with most of the others here on black this makes a nice alternative and will be popular with little boys who like colorful t-shirts. The best thing, though, is that a cool LEGO Vader is featured along with one of the character's most famous quotes "the force is strong with this one", something my father was always saying! Of course, the LEGO and Star Wars logos are also displayed here - what a cool gift for little boys who are fans of both of these.

LEGO Vader T Shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader Rules T-shirt Kids Lego Youth Black Tee (Large 14-16)
Star Wars Darth Vader Rules T-shirt Kids Lego Youth Black Tee (Large 14-16)
This is a surprisingly stylish t-shirt which features a LEGO Darth Vader against a nicely designed background on a black shirt. The caption "Vader" is at the top and the Star Wars and LEGO logos are featured at the bottom. This is a great gift for guys like me who loved both of these things as children.

Vader & LEGO Lightsaber T Shirt

Star Wars Lego Big Boys' Darth Vader Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Medium Gray, Large
Star Wars Lego Big Boys' Darth Vader Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Medium Gray, Large
A nice LEGO Vader is featured holding his lightsaber against a background that has further images of his famous mask. This design comes printed on a grey shirt with black trim which is a change from most of the Darth Vader t-shirts which are on black backgrounds.

Use The Force To Fold Your T Shirts - How To Fold A Shirt Quickly

Well, this method does not quite using the force, but it is quick if you follow the steps shown in this video clip. Do you think Darth Vader uses this method to fold his shirts? I have tried it myself and although it takes a little practice, after a while you can fold you t-shirts nicely within seconds.

Bid For Darth Vader Shirts On eBay - Try to Find A Bargain

There are thousands of t-shirt featuring Darth Vader for sale on eBay. You may be able to find a bargain on here or even find designs that are no longer for sale in shops or online. Good luck hunting for Dark Side shirts.

Darth Vader Clips Set To His Imperial March Theme Tune

This video clip is a montage of scenes from the Star Wars movies that feature this iconic villain. You can see him choking "rebel scum", torturing Han Solo, ordering the destruction of Alderaan, taking orders from "The Emperor" and confronting Luke Skywalker in a lightsaber battle. You can also see characters such as Princess Leia and Chewbacca as well as snippets from the battle of Hoth. In fact there are lots of really memorable scenes from the original trilogy here and after watching it I was itching to go back and watch the movies.... for about the 300th time! All of these dark side theatricals are set to the Imperial March that forms Darth Vader's theme tune.

Please leave a comment, at the bottom of the page, about what you thought of the Darth Vader shirt collection. Any comments on Darth Vader in general are welcome too, or your thoughts on the Star Wars movies.

Let Me Know What You Think Of The Darth Vader Shirts

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      you should check out, lots of geek love being spread there.

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      The shirts are cool and a lot of fun.


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