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December Birthstone Jewelry Under $100

Updated on December 26, 2013

Celebrate Those People Lucky enough To Be Born in December

If you celebrate your birthdays in the same month in December it is easy to be overlooked. In December are celebrated as Christmas and Hanukkah - and your birthday will be sandwiched between New Years and Thanksgiving. But in any case, you should make sure that your birthday is not totally ignored because turquoise and tanzanite: the dual birthstones of December, are true blue beauties!

Turquoise of course is ancient and infamous, tanzanite just discovered in this century. Both are amazing and gorgeous.

But most important: the December birthstones turquoise and tanzanite are gorgeous!

Parrure Turquoise: photo made available per public domain

December Birthstone Jewelry between $100-200

Turquoise and Tanzanite Jewelry for between $100-200

This is great jewelry that is more upscale: slightly more expensive December birthstone jewelry.

December Birthstone Jewelry Under $200
Lucky December born get two great birthstones for their month: turquoise and tanzanite. Turquoise: long associated with the Southwest and Native Americans a...

Adorn Your Hands

Kingman Turquoise Freeform Blue-Green Ring
Kingman Turquoise Freeform Blue-Green Ring

A true American ring here - from the Kingman Mine in Arizona. This beauty shows predominantly green colors, although there may be some bluish tones. A distinctive feature of this ring is the brown matrix.

Sterling Silver Turquoise and Lapis Filigree Ring
Sterling Silver Turquoise and Lapis Filigree Ring

Blue-green turquoise and true cyan lapis are wonderful together nested in the silver filagree in this ring. Available in sizes six through eight. One feature of this ring is that the silver is rhodium plated so that it does not tarnish. This band is finely designed: the flowers and leaves theme are continued through out the piece.

Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cluster Ring
Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cluster Ring

This winner is made from stones mined from the famed Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Arizona. So reasonably priced - and available from sizes 6-11.


Turquoise is A Timeless Treasure - Turquoise takes more Than a Million Years to form

I really enjoyed this brief video, which explains how turquoise is formed.

Turquoise is not mined, but instead is formed as water drips through rocks that have copper, and other minerals in them. A complex chemical reaction causes the turquoise. All the reactions to the "impurities" become the beautiful veining and colors of turquoise.

For Your Favorite Guy: A Turquoise and Leather Bracelet

Turquoise leads itself to being worn by men as well as women.

A Delightful Sterling Goddess Ring with a Turquoise Made in America

This gorgeous and unique ring is made with re-claimed silver, here in the USA - by New England craftswomen and craftsmen.

The love, respect for the environment and unique goddess/angel figure make this a perfect Mother's Day gift.

Butterfly Jewelry Natural Turquoise Double Heart Designed .925 Sterling Silver Butterfly Pendant Necklace with Rhodium Plated on delicate sterling silver chain.

This exquisite and clever double heart turquoise pendant necklace is perfect for our December Valentine.

The turquoise heart necklace is available in either a 16 inch or an 18 inch chain, and the silver is coated with sturdy rhodium platinum for long lasting beauty.

Turquoise is one of the oldest protection stones, believed to guard against negative energies and promote good fortune for the wearer. It has been used every where from the Native American lands to Egypt.

Turquoise Pentacles

Turquoise is Unique and Exquisite with Pentacle Jewelry

The pentacle is a special symbol in ancient Earth based religion or Wicca, and these turquoise pentacles are outstanding.

A Stunning Sterling Silver Pentacle with Moons Cuff Bracelet Accented with Genuine Turquoise

Sterling Silver Pentacle Head Circlet Accented with a Genuine Turquoise

A Stunning Sterling Silver Pentacle with Moons Cuff Bracelet Accented with Genuine Green Turquoise

Turquoise Sets

When You can Just Decide on One Piece of Turquoise Jewelry

When I recently visited Arizona, I learned that much turquoise jewelry is made by Zuni men and women. They learn to work with the stone as a child, and gradually learn the more complex patterns through a lifetime of craft. Now I will always associate Native Americans with the natural turquoise jewelry. I have found some wonderful sets of jewelry for you in both green and blue stones. Natural turquoise makes lovely jewelry don't you think?

Genuine Turquoise Lucky Elephant Pendant Necklace and Earrings Set

Turquoise Necklace and Earring Set ws0814TQS

Montana Silversmiths Vintage "Turquoise Drops" Jewelry Set

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What are your Thoughts about this lens? - Comments from anyone Welcome

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    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 3 years ago

      My mining granddad wore a Kingman turquoise ring just like the one you have pictured here. The band and set look very similar too. I wonder if the same craftsman made them both. I think I have the same silver dream catcher earrings on my turquoise site as you have here. I will go change them for something else. I actually have this pair of earrings. See you later.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 3 years ago

      @sierradawn lm: Wow - what an intriguing response! I love it that you know so much about Egypt - such a fascinating culture. I am proud to feature your lens on mine.

    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 3 years ago

      I am so green with envy that you get to have a turquoise birthstone! My birthstone is topaz but as that is just not at all my color, Dad found me a saphire colored topaz ring. I wish my turquoise lens was a polished and pretty as yours. But I am Squidworking very doggedly to get it there. When I do, may I feature this lens on mine? I will get it pretty enough for you to be proud of first though.

      To many of the vast peoples in our wide world of man, gems and stones possess magical qualities. And after all, magic is merely a lovingly cultivated, profound understanding of cosmic resonances. String Theory is tantalizing us with visions of each rock, each gem stone, producing a resonant physical vibration that we respond to. Imagine tuning forks.

      In Ancient Egypt Turquoise represented celestial joy. The âneteruâ -(a word that translators admit they are unable to accurately translate)- were called The Turquoise Ones. âMiningâ for turquoise in Ancient Egypt was an elaborately ritualized, and deeply sacred task. One well known site where Ancient Egyptians âminedâ turquoise was at Mt. Sinai. They erected a representation of Hathor (Het Heru) at this site. Both the color and the turquoise stone were sacred to her, and were her signature colors.

    • profile image

      Top_Tanzanite 4 years ago

      I love your December birthstone

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 4 years ago

      @HardyGirl: Yes, I especially love turquoise, and I give a lot of it - even to non-December babies.

    • HardyGirl profile image

      HardyGirl 4 years ago

      I love turquoise and tanzanite and wear them both...but I wasn't born in December! Beautiful choices here.