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Deciding to Chop Off Your Hair

Updated on April 5, 2016

Before my extreme hair cut - My hair weighed me down...

Before my hair cut my excess of hair weighed my face down... Now with shorter hair my face is framed which makes me look and feel more professional!
Before my hair cut my excess of hair weighed my face down... Now with shorter hair my face is framed which makes me look and feel more professional! | Source

Thinking about cutting off your flowing locks?

Most of my life my hair was extremely long... like really, really long! The kind of long where my hair settled below the waistline of my pants that I was constantly sitting on and yanking my neck backwards--- ouch!!. I am not sure if it was out of laziness that I allowed it to grow to such lengths, or if it was my security blanket in which I could hide behind...

Having my hair that long, people didn't really seem to see me as a person, it was as if I was a walking hair mannequin -- for years no one seemed to see or comment on anything about me, other than 'that hair'... for me, conversations over my appearance were always safe and easy... I never got: did you lose weight or nice sweater... I didn't have to chat about the weather or about how my day had been. No, there really was no conversation other than 'Oh your hair!' -- no matter who I was speaking with, be it friends, family, acquaintances or strangers in the grocery store.

"Really long hair kind of steals your individuality, you identity and becomes a barrier between you and the world, which seems to make you void of anything identifiable feature other than your hair." - Lou

Thinking back, I believe that I was self conscious over my image, not that I had to be. I was of average weight, height and blessed with normal physical features. Still, insecurities over my self image burdened me everyday. Thankfully that is part of my past that I got rid around the same time that I decided to chop off my long flowing locks!

Other people in your life, may be attached to your hair too - It is be important to prepare younger family members for the up and coming hair transformation.

This was a few hours before my extreme cut... my youngest spent most of her free play time with her fingers nestled in my locks, attaching 'pretties', here and there...
This was a few hours before my extreme cut... my youngest spent most of her free play time with her fingers nestled in my locks, attaching 'pretties', here and there... | Source

My youngest daughter...

My youngest daughter had never known mommy with out long hair. When I would rock her to sleep she would play with my locks, when she would wake up, she would nestle herself into my hair... My hair had become a security blanket for my sweet, youngest child, so the day before the big cut I let her spend some time 'Doing mommies hair'. And when the day came, she was at the salon with me looking at the hair dressers magazines. Though not fully developed in speech, she knew mommies hair was going 'bye-bye' and she helped me pick out my new style. We would flip through the pages and I would as her: Is this mommies new hair? She would shake her head no and we would keep flipping... It was actually this sweet child who picked out my style in the end! She found a photo of a lady (who looked like me) and shook her head yes! I reconfirmed: Is this mommies new hair? And again she (Sofia) nodded her head in approval, so we went with it!

My husband had known me from the time that I was 18 -- I had long hair then, and now into my 30's, nothing much had changed... My two older children both were a bit upset with me for the decision to chop the locks, but after a lot of discussion I had their go ahead as well. So with everyone on board I proceeded. All four of my family members stayed for the first few snips, checking that it was really going to happen, and though I wish it wasn't so... It was really hard on my children. The hairdresser was fantastic and gave them reassurance. I have her to thank for helping them see the magic in the transformation that I was under going.

The cut and color took a lot of time, instead of waiting from start to finish, my husband took our kids out and about and returned to watch the final touches... SUCCESS! My babies loved it!


My decicion to chop my locks - And what drove me to that choice...

It was a long time in the coming... My hair was quite long and had become very time consuming... It took a lot of time to brush and had to get brushed multiple times a day. It had to get washed at least every second day and required at least two large handfuls of shampoo to wash and about a fifth of a bottle of conditioner to keep it manageable!

The breaking point for me came when I was in the shower... I dropped the soap. There are a lot of jokes out there about dropping the soap in a shower... I used to get a good laugh at some of those stories... Until the day I made my very own 'Dropped the soap in the shower' story....

So, I dropped the soap, went to pick it up, retrieved it very easily, went to stand back up and nearly ripped the scalp off of my head! My hair had went straight down the drain and got tangled! So there I was. The shower is running and I was stuck there, bent over at an odd angle and my hair was lodged down the drain as if I had just used an entire crate of crazy glue to keep it there!

Enough was enough. That was the defining moment. As I worked at untangling it, the thought of grabbing a pair of scissors seemed oh so appealing, I knew, right then, right there that it was time!

The hair: Cut, color and style

Time required: 1.5 hours

Cost: $150

Be brave

I found the hardest part of my choice was actually to stop being so darn cheap! Once I got frustrated enough with tangle that my hair was causing in my life, getting my bottom into the seat of the stylists chair actually became a happy thought! The next hardest thing, that I had to focus on was preparing my family (we had young children) -- by the time I was done getting everyone ready for the transformation I was more than ready to have it done and over with!


If you are having any second thoughts, remember, there is a reason, or few that brought you to 'the chair'. Breath... And know... The sound of the first few snips those scissors going threw your hair may be traumatizing... But it is really the worst part! Once the scissors make contact there is no going back and your will soon be free from the weight of your hair...


With the next few snips... You will likely begin to relax... It is basically a done deal now... No gong back!

When the deed is done and the locks are gone... Give yourself a little pampering ~ A little color can make you feel really fresh... It did for me!

The end result? Feelings will likely vary with each and ever person... My story had a happy ending... I loved my hair cut and so did my family! I had originally wanted something completely off the wall, but between my children, husband and hair stylist we found the right style for my frame and life.

Real hair from your head to someone elses

Donating your hair, or selling it to have real hair wigs made for others can help someone going through a hard time in their life.

It can be traumatizing to have lost your hair due to cancer, Alopecia (like my oldest daughter), or any other condition that has an effect on your hair, young or old. Having the opportunity to have your very own hair, from someone else's hair can be life altering in many ways...

Thinking about donating your hair - To a good cause?

Pantene Pro-V, a company well known for their hair products sponsors 'Beautiful Lengths'... Where you can donate your hair to for a good cause... Or talk to your hairdresser, they often have a source in which they would happily refer your hair donation to!

Donating your hair

Would you, could you, did you? Donate your hair??

See results


How long is your hair?

See results

My hair transformation was a success - For both me and my family...

The daughter who was so attached to my hair? Now loves how easily she can add 'pretties' to mommies hair and I have an easy to maintain style.
The daughter who was so attached to my hair? Now loves how easily she can add 'pretties' to mommies hair and I have an easy to maintain style. | Source

How to deal with long hair - While you have it...

Long hair takes extra consideration in a persons everyday life... There are products out there to specifically deal with long hair and help it to me more manageable and easier to tend to.

If you have long hair, which I have had, I fully suggest looking into long hair specific products that will keep your hair healthy and strong...

Please share your thoughts or experiences

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    • marieryan profile image

      Marie Ryan 17 months ago from Andalusia, Spain

      I'm considering going in for the "chop" myself, as I feel my long hair is sort of dragging my features down a bit as I'm getting older.

      It's certainly not as long as yours was, so I don't think donating is possible, but such a lovely idea.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 20 months ago from America

      Your hair looks very nice. I still have longer hair than most in my age group. I just hate cutting it. Short hair to me is a pain to take care of.

    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 2 years ago from London UK

      You look fab - I have long hair and I cut it a bit yesterday because it was getting on my nerves. I think I'll cut it again tomorrow - you've inspired me. The real reason why I have long hair is because I can't afford to go to the hair dressers :( and short hair needs frequent cutting to look good. My dream hair cut would be like M Monroe - I love those loose locks. Great hub.

    • Hairdresser007 profile image

      James Jordan 3 years ago from Burbank, CA

      It looks great! Congrats on this change!

    • profile image

      Ibidii 3 years ago

      I was in a coma for 6 weeks and my hair got all tangled and a rats nest. So I let them cut the ponytail off. My hair was so long I could sit on it. The pony tail went to my grandson who has alopecia from his syndrome. He is a dwarf and has a lot of other issues as well. He does not want the wig for now as he gets too hot with the ones he has tired. So it waits for him when he is ready. Great story and sorry you got stuck. You look cute with both long and short hair. Your daughter is cute too, looks a lot like my youngest daughter when she was that age.

    • AcornOakForest profile image

      Monica Lobenstein 3 years ago from Western Wisconsin

      That was one heck of a breaking point! I've donated my hair several times and it's almost time again. I'm just waiting for it to get a little longer so after the donation, I have enough hair left for a style I like.

    • profile image

      jen09 writes 3 years ago

      Love the soap story. I've been thinking about cutting mine but it has been this way as long as I can remember and I guess I am a little afraid of change.

    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      I am so sorry but your shower story was so funny that I could not stop giggling. Being a natural born clutz myself I can so imagine it happening. Your hair is beautiful short or long.