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dental nightmare in overseas!

Updated on January 9, 2013

Dental nightmare!

Who wouldn't want a white bright tooth which automatically leads to a cute smile? I do! And my desire for a cute smile and white teeth ruined both my look and my teeth, not only from outside but also from inside!

The joint between my front two teeth was attacked by tooth bacteria long time ago, about 5 years ago, and the size of the area damaged by tooth bug was smaller than a piece of cumin seed. As I didn't wanted the bacteria to grow and damage more of my teeth, and also to get rid of black disgusting look of the affected area, which was very noticeable, I went for tooth filling (removing the area of tooth damaged by bacteria and filling the area with new tooth composite). The change in the color of my teeth after filling was not perfectly matching to the colour of my teeth, but for some reason I felt better than before and was more confident with my smile. However, after few years the color of the "composite filling" started to turn really dark black again giving my whole cute smile an ugly look. For the second time again, after few years, I decided to visit dentist again so as to restore back my white smile.

As always I was scared with the tooth job, but his words "I can make your teeth look 100% white and natural" and the illustrative photos of various people sold me. However, the question that I should have asked was "what can be the complications", but I didn't, and as a result I am suffering to the extent which has made my life terrible.

What he did to my teeth has unbelievably destructed my teeth's life. Where I was supposed to have just fillings, he totally reduced my teeth to a more than a half size of what it was originally. In other words, instead of repairing the area damaged he tried to repair the whole teeth. Then he glued the artificial thin teeth in the front of my original reduced teeth. For the first three months my smile, followed by new teeth, was absolutely perfect, as I wanted it to be. But then followed the nightmare, my teeth began to smell disgusting, it would stink so bad that I was not able to put up with the smell and had to keep chewing mouth fresheners. I would always remain nervous in front of people, so much that I would be scared to talk in front of anyone.

Followed by the ugly smell, one day one of my artificial teeth came out. I was shocked! As the teeth came out i saw the inside part of the artificial teeth was filled with green yucky substance (I guessed it was the remaining of the food collected whilst I used to eat) which smelled disgustingly horrible. I also saw that one of my original reduced teeth had some black spot, I was pretty sure that it had attracted tooth germs again. To my horror, I attached the artificial tooth back to it temporarily and rushed to see another dentist in desperation. I felt like crying.

This dentist suggested that I cannot leave my artificial tooth loose like that as i might swallow that tooth which can be dangerous (well I don't want to go for operation by swallowing artificial teeth!). He then suggested me to go for crowning (attaching artificial whole teeth to my originally reduced small teeth). Sadly, the price to do this procedure is extremely expensive. And also crowning needs more reducing of my original size which obviously is not good for my teeth's overall health and there are negative effects as well. Now having no option, I am saving money for this procedure. I am so worried.

So this is my story where I am suffering for such a petty reason. By totally reducing my whole teeth instead of just doing the little filling he totally destroyed my teeth and my smile. Well, a lesson learned- never go for any procedure at all without doing enough research as unexpected trouble might make way towards you!


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    • rosika profile image

      rosika 6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment problems are really scary which are most of the time ignored. I can understand about when you say that they drilled your teeth more than you wanted which has happened with many people..We cannot rely on anybody's hands and we need to try and prevent the problem from occuring as much as possible before it deteriorates. I will definitely check out your articles on dental advices!

    • Faceless39 profile image

      Faceless39 6 years ago from The North Woods, USA

      Rated up, useful, and interesting. What a horrifying story. Unfortunately things like this happen in the medical field. I had an unhappy dental experience as well where they drilled more than I had agreed.

      Veneers only require a very slim layer of enamel be removed, less than a millimeter. If they weren't bonded to the teeth properly (ie etching the teeth first), bacteria could definitely live behind the veneer layer--actually it's ideal for them.

      Don't give up hope, and work with what you have. Stop by my profile page and read my dental advice if you wish. You can't help what's happened to you, but you can take excellent care of your teeth from here on in.

      All the very best to you!