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Luxury and popular designer handbag purse brands most women love

Updated on October 2, 2011

This article is part II to three most popular designer handbag purse brands with women. Women's handbag is not only for storing her items; it is a fashion statement that matches her outfit and mood. Her closet is full of different handbag style from different top designers. If this is what you see with your significant other, you can come to the conclusion that she loves designer handbag purse. This article talks about more designer handbag purse brands that appeals to women.

Gucci. The top Italian handbag fashion house is an expert at making leather handbags that every woman love. They come in many styles that appeal to different tastes. Their logo is both classic and easily recognized by a woman that knows fashion. A good gift for her should be from the Gucci factory store where you will save lots on this luxury brand.

Prada. This is another brand that is loved by women. They are an Italian fashion house that has a variety of products such as leather goods, shoes, and clothing. The fine leather handbag is refined and finely crafted in Italy. Not only does it come in rich colors, the leather is high quality and extremely soft to the touch. The bag is for a lady that loves fine leather goods and wants only the finest products that top designers have to offer. Prada bags are not cheap and most leather handbag sells for around $1000 at regular price. A fine Italian designer leather handbag is a subtle luxury that women love.

Hermes. This fashion house is legendary and is considered the very top among premier designer handbag purse. A woman that owns a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag from this exclusive French designer will treasure the bag forever because it simply never goes out of style. At Hermes, every bag is made by one craft’s person from beginning to end and is inspected carefully before sending it to the customer. Because it is hand made in France, the waiting list is long and you will have to wait several years to get one of these bags. Not to mention the outrageous price that they charge per bag: at least $8000 and up (for exotic leathers).


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