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Designer Silk Lingerie

Updated on February 13, 2016

Silk Lingerie

A perfect gift or self indulgence, there is nothing to beat real silk lingerie (in my opinion).

Silk is smooth and soft against skin and is excellent for those sensitive regions of the body where only something gentle should be worn. Although silk feels like a delicate fabric and should be handled with care it is actually quite strong and hard wearing. It also has some unusual thermal properties which means that it will keep you warm in a cold climate and yet still be cool to wear when the weather is hot. Now how cool is that?!

But the best "property" of designer silk lingerie is the glamour and the way it can make you feel so special.

If you are buying this kind of luxury then you also need great service which includes specialist knowledge. This is as much about service as it is about price and product and means finding a niche site that can supply that level of individual service. One such site is Originally called Ever-so-Sexy and started online in 2006 it rebranded to Essili in 2015. At Essili there is a huge range of luxury silk lingerie. with the beautiful lingerie creations of designers, Jane Woolrich, Diane Rubach, Liliana Casanova and Sonata Repalyte.

Diki by Diane Rubach

The Diki Lingerie brand gives customers a fabulous choice of silk lingerie and silk sleepwear including:

  • silk bra sets,
  • basques,
  • silk chemises,
  • pyjamas,
  • nightdresses and silk negligees.

Each Diki garment is made to customer order and is tailored to the customer's measurements to ensure a good fit. This is ideal for anyone who has an unusual body shape and cannot easily find lingerie that fits well.

Diane Rubach the designer behind the brand Diki, is recognized as a leading lingerie and nightwear designer and is well known internationally for her beautiful designs, having regularly exhibited in London, Paris and Igedo-Dusseldorf.

Essili sells the Diki designs to customer all over the world.

Silk Camisole Set - Camiset - Leila by Diki

A silk camisole set like the Leila design shown above is a great alternative to a nightdress or pyjamas. The Leila set has Swiss lace inserts both on the French knickers and on the cami top that goes with it. It comes in sizes up to UK20 but is made to the customer's own measurments. From initial order to shipping takes up to 28 days but urgent orders can sometimes be rushed through.

Do you like the Leila camisole set?

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Liliana Casanova

French Couture Lingerie

Paris is synonymous with high fashion and so it is not a surprise that some of the most beautiful silk nightdresses and negligees on offer at Essili are from the Paris based designer Liliana Casanova. All the designs are made with silk satin or silk muslin and trimmed with Calais lace. There are seductive styles and also demure designs so that there is a silk nightgown to meet everyone's tastes.

There are delicate silk slips or chemise which can be worn under clothes or as a short nightdress and long flowing gowns with matching silk negligees that are as beautiful as any ball gown and will have you floating around the bedroom in a cloud of glamour.

Sonata Lingerie

Lace and silk combos to break your heart!

Sonata Repalyte is the designer behind the brand Sonata Lingerie and is in some ways the odd one out of the designers featured here. The others make garments that are mostly silk satin or silk chiffon with a lace trim but with Sonata it is the other way around. Sonata Lingerie garments are made of lace and trimmed with silk. Each garment is hand made and even the swing tags attached to the garments are hand written. This is luxury designer lingerie luxury with the personal touch.

Delicately pretty lace knickers trimmed with silk and a sun ray design in silk ribbon at the back is a signature garment for Sonata. The most immediately recognisable Sonata lingerie garment is the lace bodysuit. What is often called the signature garment of a designer. There are several styles of lace bodysuit now available at Essili as well as a gorgeous all lace robe and some really beautiful cream coloured lace lingerie that would be perfect for the bride on her wedding day.

Jane Woolrich Design

The ultimate luxury designer lingerie.

I've intentionally left this designer until last. Jane Woolrich is a UK based designer of fine nightwear and lingerie, so successful that she has actually won an award for her contribution to UK exports. Her garments are prized by the wealthy and fashion conscious the world over.

Each Jane Woolrich garment is individually made in the UK by one seamstress dedicated to making the perfect lingerie creation in silk and lace. The name of the seamstress is shown on the swing tag. A little personal touch in an impersonal world.

Jane Woolrich has established herself as one of the leading designers in luxury sleepwear and silk lingerie for over 20 years. Her designs create elegant, sensual, romantic garments that are made to measure so that they really do fit. With styles to suit every woman at any time in her life a Jane Woolrich nightdress or lingerie set is the ideal gift or self indulgence, designed to make a woman feel really special.

At Essili you can see all the colour options and many designs that are not available elsewhere. Alone among the online outlets, Essili lets you pick and mix the silk and lace colours to create your individual garment just the way you want it.


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