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Designer Bag

Updated on August 10, 2015

Great Designer Bags

Have you ever noticed someone else walking along with a really great looking bag and wondered what it was about it that made it look so amazing? Chances are its a top designer bag from one of the big brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. I bet you probably wanted to have a bag like that, right?

This Designer Bag lens has been created to put you in touch with a huge assortment and variation of very cool, designer brand evening bags, hand bags, make up bags, cosmetic bags as well as many other types of bag. Its an accessory that you may be able to do without, but will your ego allow it?

Designer bag shopping is extremely popular online as some of the top names as well as bargains can be found amongst the vendors.

This lens exists in order to raise the profile of some of the better online stores selling all kinds of designer bag as well as to point you to some extremely sweet bargains. So if you're looking for a great designer bag online, this is a great place to start!

Miche Bag is the newest sensation to hit women's fashion! A designer handbag that has an interchangeable shell which allows women to own as many handbags as they want, all without busting the bank!

This ingenious designer handbag means that you can swap shells to go with any outfit you are wearing. They are really easy to change around to suit your choice of the day and cab literally be transformed from one bag into a completely different one in a matter of minutes!

This is a great innovation for people who like to have a great looking bag but don't want, or simply can't afford to have a wardrobe full of different bags. So the possibilities with Miche designer handbags are endless!

There is a pretty good article about them over at my blog at this post: Miche Bags.

This is most definitely one to take a much closer look at!

5 Great Reasons to Have That Designer Bag!

...Or Why You Gotta Have THAT Bag!

Designer Bag

While you were out shopping, or maybe surfing on the internet, you may have seen the handbag, tote or purse of your dreams.

Did that bag call out to you, saying "BUY ME?"

Well sometimes you should listen to your heart and treat yourself to that absolutely gorgeous designer bag. Here are five great reasons why you should get it.

1. There's no need to worry about size. Unlike all forms of clothing, that designer bag will fit you whether you are a size four or a size fourteen. Yep, that designer bag fits perfectly, no matter what. Which means if you mess up your diet and gain weight or even lose weight, whatever happens, that designer bag will fit you.

2. That one designer bag will work with many outfits. You get plenty of mileage and it'll last for years. When you divide the price of the designer bag by the number of times you'll use it over the next ten years or so (if it's a classic design), the price no longer seems so intimidating.

3. That designer bag is all about top quality. High quality materials are used to make it. The lining is stitched in expertly. Everything about a real designer bag screams perfection. When you carry a designer bag like this it shows that you know you deserve nothing but the best.

4. First impressions count. Carrying a designer bag is all about your image. When you walk into a room full of people, their eyes scrutinise you down to the last detail. The clothes you're wearing and the bag you're carrying count in that initial assessment. So a coveted designer bag will increase your presence no end.

5. You need that designer bag! Ok, bags are practical as they carry all the things you need wherever you go. It's true, a girl can never have too many bags. You need the right bag for the right setting. An evening bag is essential for formal dinners or to match your cocktail dresses. A spacious, practical bag with lots of compartments are necessary to help you get organized. So naturally, as you need these bags, they might as well be well made bags that'll last for years - designer bags.

The only problem with designer bags is that they can be very expensive. If you are on a budget, don't be tempted to buy one of the fake designer bags that are hawked on the black market, because anyone who really knows their bags can spot one a mile off and you could end up being seriously embarrassed!

Instead of buying them cheap, have a look at some of the online stores below. For designer bags on a budget, these stores offer the real thing for discounted prices.

So now you can carry a real designer bag with you for far less than you might imagine!

Another great and well established online store is where you can find a huge range and every type of bag, from the designer bag to other great accessories. is certainly high fashion!

They are a premium online store of authentic, high end luxury designer handbags. As well, you can also purchase top quality purses, wallets and other leather accessories of brands like Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga, JP Tod's and more. They pride themselves on providing top notch customer service, guaranteed satisfaction and a unique selection of products.


Their prices are extremely competitive and their range is huge, so if you're looking for something specific, this is the place to go. To visit the official website for more info, simply click the banner below:

Find Some Great Bags at Amazon

Amazon is just the place to shop for some of the most amazing bags online. Check out some of these examples below:

Real or Fake? How to Tell The Difference

2nd October 2007

Fake designer bags and purses are being made in China by the shipload and imported into the US and Europe - and it's seriously big business.

It's also seriously criminal.

The people that buy these fake designer bags believing they're the real deal are victims of crime. Maybe they think they're getting a great deal on an authentic designer bag, but sooner or later they'll discover they've been duped.

The fake designer bag they just bought is relatively worthless and they have no way of getting their money back. That's because the criminals that peddle these fake designer bags never stay in one place for long.

So first of all, how do these fake designer bags get into the country in the first place?

One way which has been discovered is that the labels are not attached until the bags arrive in the US. Officially it's still legal to import bags if they just appear like designer models, as without the label the manufacturer cannot be implicated.

So all the smugglers have to do is import the fake designer bags minus the labels and then add them when they've arrived safely in the country.

Because of this, consumers should learn how to protect themselves from being hoodwinked by this scam. The best way is to learn how to tell the difference between a a fake designer bag and the real deal. Here's how.

The first thing to notice is there's usually a big difference in quality since the people who make fake designer bags can't afford the high quality leather and other materials that go into making a genuine designer bag. So look closely at the materials the bag is made of and look at the quality of the stitching too.

Next might sound obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't think of this. It's the price. Fake designer bag sellers usually try to attract customers by setting their prices much lower than what you'd pay for the real designer bag> in a store. Yet people still buy the fake bags because they think that they're getting a great deal.

The bottom line is: Stop and Think!

You need to realize that it's highly unlikely a genuine designer bag that usually sells for around a thousand dollars will be on sale at a flea market for one or two hundred dollars.

If the price difference is that great and it seems that it's too good to be true - it is!

It's most likely to be a fake.

More Ways to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

7th October 2007

When buying a designer bag, you need to be aware that there are lots of fakes around, so here are some more ways you can easily spot a fake designer bag from the real thing.

1. Watch for the lining - sometimes it isn't stitched in, but glued on. The same goes for labels.

2. The material used can also give the game away. For instance, if the signature plaid of a Burberry bag is even slightly askew, it's a fake.

3. Some manufacturers of fake designer bags do take the time to stitch the lining into place. In these higher quality fakes, look for threading that is pulling in places. A real designer bag will have near-perfect threading.

4. Do some research before you buy so you know where a genuine designer bag is manufactured. When buying, always ask where the bag was made. If the seller can't tell you, chances are its a fake. You can also look for a label. If you see "Made in China" run a mile.

5. The price is always a dead giveaway. Fake designer bags range in price from $40 - $360 (£20 to £180). Classic monogram Louis Vuitton bags cost from $800 (£400) to well over $2,000 (£1,000). Any less and you're not getting the real deal.

6. Genuine Louis Vuitton purse snaps are monogrammed. Replica Vuitton makers often omit that detail.

7. Look closely at the handles of a Louis Vuitton. They should be made of an entire strip of natural leather. When first purchased, the handle is light tan in colour. Over the course of a few weeks, it should oxidize and turn into a darker, cognac colour. Fake bags don't change colour like this because the handles are usually painted.

Also, the stitching on the handles should be of yellow thread and should be clean and consistent. The sides of the handles should be a shiny, glazed red.

8. The zipper pull of a Louis Vuitton bag should be brass hardware which is heavy to the touch. Look for a neatly imprinted "LV" symbol on it.

9. The "LV" monogram should have a flower pattern and irregular brown lines through the gold-coloured letters. Fake Louis Vuitton monograms can be a solid colour or look too green or too orange.

10. Always ask for the bag's ID. There should be a card with the style number and name inside the bag.

Generally, common sense should tell you when a designer bag is real or fake. Always ask lots of questions of the seller to ensure they know what they are selling - often sellers of fakes haven't a clue about them - they just want a quick sale and to be rid of you so they can scam their next customer.

If in doubt, simply walk away!

Designer Bags on eBay

Have you ever thought of using eBay to find some great bargain priced designer bags?

It's even easier that you thought with our help as we've done the leg work for you and created links to specific lists of designer bags that are on sale online at some very attractive prices!

We have a new website that is exclusively dedicated to designer bags with an individual page for each designer bag brand, such as Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Chanel etc. Because of the way Squidoo lenses are designed, we can't reproduce the code on this page to display the live eBay windows, so each link below will take you to a specialized page on our website. Just click the link for the designer brand that interests you and you'll see a new page or tab open with a great inventory of designer bags in all shapes, sizes and prices, live and in real-time!

PS: We've just had to remove some of the links to individual designer bag brands hosted on our main site to comply with Squidoo's rules on outbound links, so if you don't see a design label in the list above, that doesn't mean we don't have it. Please visit our site and see the many design labels that we have on sale right now!

We're adding more designer labels to the above designer bag list on our main site, so if you don't see a label you are interested in, either come back again soon and we'll probably have it, or better still leave a comment in our guest book below and tell us what you'd like to see in this list and we'll get it for you (if its possible to get, of course!) Don't be a stranger!

We hope this list, which is far from exhaustive is useful to you and gives you yet another take on searching for designer bags online.

Fake Gucci on YouTube! - 23rd October 2007

Here, Lenny gives you the lowdown from the streets on a fake Gucci bag. It's a bit on the humorous side, so if you're worried about the authenticity of your own Gucci Designer Bag, you best have a look see!

FranklinCovey USA & FranklinCovey CA

FranklinCovey offers a wide variety of high-quality products to suit the up-and-coming as well as established business professionals of today.

Their deluxe day planners and leather binders, uniquely designed business bags, handbags, designer bag and a huge range of accessories are all top quality and at very reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, we are no longer affiliated with FranklinCovey, so all banners have been removed!

When You Don't Want to Buy It, Borrow It!

Updated: July 8 2012

Designer bags and fine jewelry often come with a price tag so high that only a lucky few are able to carry them.

Bag Borrow Or Steal changes all that.

Bag Borrow Or Steal is a subscription-based program. It allows its members to pay just $9.95 a month and they can borrow designer handbags and jewelry from a vast virtual closet that's brimming with thousands of selections coming from over 130 top-name designers.

Each member simply finds her dream designer bag or jewelry, borrows it, and returns it for another whenever she's ready for something new.

This is a cool idea in that rather than buying a new designer bag or jewelry online, you simply rent it and then return it after your big night out!

This means prices are very affordable for you to be able to sport that great new look for any special event that you have planned.


Mmm... we used to have some ad banners for you to click on to visit Bag Borrow or Steal, but we are no longer affiliated to this company. Shame.

Find More Great Bags with Amazon Search

Here is a great feature for finding more great bags on Amazon!

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      It's so hard to find a designer bag that isn't fake these days! But some online sites guarantee 100% authenticity. One of which is Brandsfever, which I shop on quite often.

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      eventtalk 7 years ago

      Great article and advice. I would have never have known to look for some of the things you mentioned to determine a fake. You should look at a new site and see if what they are offering is authentic. They have a guarantee, but it's still the internet and you can't touch the bags yourself.

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