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Designer Shirts

Updated on August 10, 2015

How to Find the Best Designer Shirts

Designer Shirts are the garments to be seen in these days. Designer shirts come in many styles, shapes, colors and of course brand names, from Lacoste, Burberry, Chanel, Calvin Kline, Boss etc.

What a person wears can define them in many areas. Whether it be in the process of getting a job or attending a job interview, giving a presentation to a group of executives or a group of shop floor workers, or simply going out and socializing, the kind of shirt you wear speaks volumes about you and your personality. I like cool looking shirts that are well made, great quality and look fantastic.

This is where I talk about them and show you what's what in the world of designer shirts!

The Best Designer Shirts

What are the Best Shirts to Buy?

Designer shirts of all labels, styles, colours, designs and sizes are available everywhere you look these days. They are highly desirable not just for wearing at special occasions, but to make you look your best wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Ok, there might be a few exceptions to that, like you wouldn't wear one of your best Lacoste dress shirts to go to work on a building site, or while painting your house. Well, you get the idea.

There are so many designer labels to choose from as well, which really makes it a hard choice especially when you only have finite funds with which to make your purchase.

Sure, you don't want to spend a whole lot of money on burberry dress shirts or other designer shirt only to get it home and realise you look terrible in it. Well, in the main, that won't happen like it would with a cheap shirt as designer labels are made to look good on just about anyone. Bit still, what looks great on a hanger in a shop might noy look so great hanging on your body!

What is the tip I'm going to give here?

Try the thing on first if you are in any doubt! Ok, that sounds like a no brainer, but there are still plenty of people who will buy an expensive designer shirt and wait until they get home before they try it on!

Well, let's assume you've bought the perfect designer shirt and you can't wait to wear it. What do you do? Hell, put it on and strut your stuff down the street! Flaunt that cloth man! Show yourself off to the world and feel like a million dollars! Hell, that's why you bought the thing ain't it?

Ha! You should remember to, like put on your pants and some shoes as well before you breeze through your front door and into the street...

How to Spot a Fake Designer Shirt

If you've ever wondered how to spot a fake designer shirt, here are some tips on looking out for a real bargain as opposed to a real lemon!

First thing you should be aware of is that fake designer shirts are flooding the market these days with cheaply imported shirts coming from the far east where labour is cheap and plentiful. Fake designer shirts get through customs and around the laws by not having the designer labels attached to the garments.

Once a consignment of fake designer shirts has gotten into the country, the labels are reñattached to the shirts and viola, pretty authentic looking designer shirts ready to be distributed to market stalls and pan handlers everywhere.

So when you're strolling through an open market and you see a stall with hundreds of designer label shirts seemingly for sale at incredibly low prices, your internal bullshit meter should be in the red and alarm bells ringing loudly.


Authentic designer shirts come with a designer shirt price tag no matter where you buy them. If you do happen upon authentic designer shirts being sold very cheaply, chances are they're stolen goods and you could be prosecuted if caught buying them.

Usually though, when you see designer shirts being offered at stupidly low prices and they're not stolen property, then they're fakes.

So with that mindset, you can now go about and take a closer look.

The first thing you'll notice is in the quality of the stitching. Fake designer shirts have loose threads and less than perfectly straight stitching. Check the buttons as well. Authentic designer shirts have top quality buttons fixed firmly to the shirt. Fakes usually have substandard buttons because they can't afford to put good quality ones on and still make a big profit.

Look at the label itself. Is it stitched into the fabric carefully and almost invisibly, or is the stitching coursely done and even badly finished off?

Some things you can't check visually like colour fastness - some really cheap copies use cheap dyes that will run in a washing machine and the colour will fade after just a few washes. Of course, by then its too late.

But you can still buy a fake designer shirt and pass it off as the real thing if you're just going to wear it walking down the street.

But if you get close to anyone that knows the difference, your ruse will quickly be uncovered and embarassment city awaits!

Cheap Shirts

Cheap shirts are on the whole exactly what they say they are. Cheap shirts!

Cheap shirts are ok for wearing when you're not all that bothered about how you look. Maybe they're ok if you do a job that doesn't warrant wearing an expensive shirt, say if you're low down on the company ladder and not likely to get noticed by your bosses.

However, by wearing cheap shirts in that situation will almost guarantee you'll never get noticed by your bosses! It might sound like a catch 22, but if you break out of the circle and turn up for work in an expensive shirt, you increase you chances of getting noticed many-fold!

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