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Despicable Me: Minion Costumes for Kids

Updated on November 10, 2015

What are minions?

Well, the definition of a minion is one who is devoted to serve his or her master/mistress relentlessly. However, what we are referring to here are the Minions in the wonderful movie Despicable Me. These endearing little creatures are small, yellow and cylindrically shaped. These little guys have one or two eyes and are filled with wide eyed wonder and innocence. Children seem to love them because they are so much alike in their demeanor, in other words children can relate to them.

Minionize your kid

Costumes are a wonderful way for children to express themselves. They can indulge in their world of make believe and become anything they want. The Minion costume is no exception. Children love the world of make believe, and the world of Despicable Me combine them and let your child act out their favorite Minion character. The act of dressing up and pretending makes a child’s life exciting; this is something that every child needs to do to enhance their development.

minion costumes for kids, children, minions
minion costumes for kids, children, minions

Who are they?

The Minions have very little self control and seem to be very impulsive. These lively minions can be annoying at times; they follow a character by the name of Gru. Gru get along with his minions, treats them well and seems to appreciate what they do for him.

You will know a minion by the goggles and blue overalls they wear that carry the emblem of Gru on their chest. These amazingly interesting characters that can double as glow sticks, and survive without air; they are very loyal and eager to please. Minions are willing to help with any task set before them by their leaders Gru and Dr. Nefario. They come across as a bit simple minded, however; they can make many different things such as weapons and computers. They are also capable of operating the weapons and even driving.

The language that they use is very basic, they speak in actions not words and they combine a strange jabber with different human languages. For the most part humans cannot understand a minion’s language.

Make your own minion costume

minions, minion costumes
minions, minion costumes


Minions love bananas and apples, they call the papples. Just the site of an apple or banana can cause frenzy because they love them so much. These lovely little characters are very childlike in their actions and attitudes. They find just about anything funny, they love to try new things and experimenting with things. Just like many little boys the Minions find anything to do with their buttocks greatly amusing, there isn’t much that will not entertain one of these creatures. These guys love spitting, frog legs, bunnies, building things and potatoes. What they seem to hate the most is when Gru leaves something unanswered for them. They like to have concrete things to work with.

Minions are very childlike and silly in their actions and sense of humor; they are known to laugh at anything. This is the main reason that children seem to love the Minions so much, they are very much alike in their thinking and actions.

Do you like Minions?

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