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The Best Diabetic Slippers For Women

Updated on January 15, 2013

Women's Diabetic Slippers That Are Both Protective And Feminine

It's hard to find good diabetic slippers for women in stores - they aren't very common in the first place and those that are sold are designed to appeal to men in particular or be unisex.

For women with diabetes I've outlined a selection of some of the best diabetic women's slippers for sale on Amazon. People with diabetes have serious foot care needs and around the home the best way to meet those needs is to protect them.

All the slippers below are designed for the unique needs of a diabetic with swollen, wide, or deformed feet. They all are at least a little bbit girly if not obviously made for women.

In the photo is the Propet Women's Cronus House Shoe. This is a sturdy house shoe or diabetic slipper that is going to be one of the best slippers you can buy to keep your feet protected.

For more on why sturdy house shoes are preferred over loose and flimsy slippers click this link to jump to the bottom of the page.

The Best Diabetic Women's Slippers

Top Quality Slippers For Unrestricted Budget's

The slippers featured below are the best slippers you can buy to protect your feet from diabetic foot injuries. The diabetic foot is vulnerable to easy injury around the home and these protect the bottom of the foot, the toes, and provide adjustable straps and fitting features to ensure the best fit possible. They may cost a bit more than your bargain brand cheap slipper found on your local Walmart shelf but they will be better for you in the long run by far. Brands you can trust include Foamtreads, Propet, & Footsmart to name just a few. Below are a few alternative options from other well respected brands.

Propet Women's Cronus Comfort SneakerCHECK PRICE

FootSmart Women's Wrap-Around SlippersCHECK PRICE

Foamtreads Women's Kendale SlipperCHECK PRICE

A Few More Top Quality Women's Diabetic Slippers

These are not my favorite diabetic house shoes but they are excellent options for any woman with diabetes who has foot care concerns.

Cheaper Diabetic Slippers For Women

These Slippers Cost Less But Aren't Quite As Good

I you have good foot health or early stage diabetes these slippers may be fine for you. If you can always opt for the best slippers though - they will protect your feet the best and keep them the healthiest in the long run.

Isotoner Women's Microterry ClogCHECK PRICE

Foamtreads Women's Jewel SlipperCHECK PRICE

Daniel Green Women's Tara Washable SlipperCHECK PRICE

Why The Best Diabetic Slippers Are More Expensive

The list of slippers above is a great starting point for any women with diabetes. Feet are always a source of concern with diabetics as they age. Neuropathy and small artery diseases slowly cause injuries to become more frequent and healing times to lengthen. It is no surprise that diabetics are the group of people responsible for the vast majority of amputations every year.

Many doctors will suggest slippers be worn in the home due to the injuries and infections that can happen at any time. A simple stubbed toe can be devastating to a diabetic with poor foot circulation. A barefoot scrape and resulting infection can result in a festering wound, a foot ulcer. It happens quicker than you believe possible.

I strongly suggest diabetics, especially those with advanced or long-term diabetes, to not only wear slippers but to wear adjustable fitting house shoes. These are more substantial slippers as can be understood by looking at the slippers featured above. These slippers have thicker soles and more toe protection and the adjustable straps make fit better even on those with wide, enlarged, or deformed feet.

The Best Slippers For Diabetics

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Diabetic Slippers For Women With Very Poor Foot Health

If you have advanced foot deformities then you may want to see this page for more extreme options as the slippers featured above may not provide enough room for foot size or shape.

Best Extra Wide Slippers For Swollen Feet, Diabetics, Or People With Poor Foot Health
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Search For More Women's Therapeutic Slippers On Amazon

Propet Women's Cronus Comfort Sneaker

Foamtreads Women's Kendale Slipper

Foamtreads Women's Jewel Slipper

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