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Diablo Rotary Tattoo Machine

Updated on December 30, 2014

What do you get your soul-mate for a gift? I wasn't sure of the answer to that but I did know mine happened to be a tattoo artist and I happen to be one of those people who likes to buy 'necessary' gifts (for work or home). I tried to look for reviews for tattoo machine’s and couldn't find what I wanted to know about these things: simple reviews from consumers.

With that in mind I’ll be reviewing this one with the help of my boyfriend, Ross, who happens to be a professional tattoo artist (Creative Visions, Monterey). He has been using the machine for about a year and has even purchased a second!

Photo Gallery

Tattoo by Ross GrajewskiSteampunkDiablo Machine2013
Tattoo by Ross GrajewskiSteampunkDiablo Machine2013

What makes it so special?

I asked: What do you like about it? Here's what he had to say:

It’s versatile; it's adjustable to run anything from a single lead of liner to a 50 mag (which means it’ll run any group of needles no matter what the size, unlike other machines on the market!).

It’s lightweight so it’s easy on the hands. You don’t realize how heavy and repetitive a motion is (and how much damage it can do to your wrists) until you’re doing it for hours at a time.

It’s consistent, keeping steady on the skin when you’re tattooing. There's less need to go back over lines- this makes it more comfortable for the artist and the customer and saves time.

It’s affordable without being cheap. The parts are made sturdy but the price is kept down enough that it’s within the grasp of most professional artists.

"Just don't call it a gun." - Ross

Kami Unboxing!

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    • RussnJo profile image

      RussnJo 4 years ago

      That is a gorgeous tattoo! I can imagine how tattooing would be hard on the wrist and how this lightweight machine would be really nice.